Favorites on a Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

It's so funny how I thought during my maternity leave that I would have all the time to blog and read books and watch Netflix series, and now I'm laughing at myself.  If Harrison's asleep then I'm either trying to sleep or I'm trying to keep up with laundry and washing 500 million bottles.  

I wouldn't trade my current life situation for anything though!

So without rambling further, let me share my FAVORITES with you!

I love wearing lipstick.  I can be having a bad day and pick up a new tube of lipstick and forget all my troubles for a while.  It may sound shallow but it makes me happy!  I recently went to the Mac counter at Belk and asked for a pink lipstick that I could wear every day that would also look good with my skin tone.  The girl pulled a tube from the "frosty" section and I immediately flashed back to junior high make up.  But I trusted her and bought it--and it's been a spring favorite!  It does NOT go on frosted and the color lasts!  The color is called Fabby.

 One of my friends (and coworker) had a baby boy three weeks before Harrison was born and we've been on maternity leave at the same time.  We've been able to meet for lunch a few times and it's been so fun pretending to be a stay at home mom together haha!!!  Last week was her last week off before going back to school so we met for lunch and I had to snap this of these future besties.  They will be at the same preschool when Harrison starts in August!

 And another Harrison picture BECAUSE I AM SO OBSESSED.  Isn't he the most perfect baby?!  I kiss him so much and I know if he could talk he would tell me it's enough haha!

Sunday was the conclusion of all of Harrison's baby showers with a Sip and See at my house.  (I chose not to do showers before because I was scared of a failed adoption--and now I'm glad I waited.)  We had the best time and Harrison slept the entire time just like that haha!  I will do a post on the Sip and See (hopefully) tomorrow because it was so cute!  And you can find my dress here!  Harrison is wearing Auraluz.


  1. Harrison is just so precious - love all his hair!!!

  2. Harrison is one loved little guy! Such a cutie!

  3. Harrison is adorable! I love all that hair!

  4. Gah, I just want to snuggle him!!!! And you are so right about not getting anything done during maternity leave. I totally had a list of things to try to get done during both of mine and I literally did nothing on them. Lol. Also, I spy Chicken Salad Chick!!!! Yummmm!

  5. Oh that lipstick looks like something I need to check out! Harrison is so cute :)

  6. I loved the glimpses of your sweet showers on your insta-stories and it's so fun to have friends at the same life stage as you!!! How sweet you can share those special moments together!


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