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Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy Friday, y'all!!  Today is a post that I've been thinking about for a long time, but I just haven't dedicated the time to doing it πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

Since we spent the first three weeks of Harrison's life living in hotel rooms in Texas, we basically lived with the bare minimum when it came to newborn baby items.  Just the essentials.

I'm going to share what my favorite items were in Texas and then I'll share what we used when we got home (and what would have made life much easier in Texas).

And you'll have to click on the links to see pictures because Momma doesn't have time to post pictures, too ha!

What we used in Texas...

UppaBaby Vista Stroller-- Yes, this is a pricey item, but it was the one baby item I knew I wanted when we first realized that we had to seek fertility help.  I waited until after we were matched (with our first one) and on a Nordstrom triple points day (lol) to order this!  We took this with us to Texas and it was the best thing we did!  Harrison slept in the bassinet every night and we set it in the stroller and rolled it next to my bedside so it would be level with the bed.  We took him on walks using the stroller, too, while we were there.  I will soon be transitioning him to the toddler seat with the infant insert.  Also, the things this stroller company thought of with this stroller and all of the accessories is amazing!  (We have the Gregory Blue Melange color)

UppaBaby Mesa Carseat-- Love this for many reasons, but mainly for the fact that I can take it out of the car and pop it into the stroller without any added attachments.

Jujube Diaper Bag--  I thought this was really small when I first got it (and it was too small for all of the stuff I had to take with us to the airport haha), but honestly, it's perfect for us right now.  It holds everything we need when we go out, and it comes with a padded changing pad.

Boon Grass-- This was a lifesaver in Texas drying bottles with the limited room we had, and now we use two at home!

Carseat Cover-- This is a MUST!!!!  Ours was gifted before we left, but I kept Harrison covered 24/7 when we went out in TX because he was premature and flu season.  I haven't covered him much lately, but I do keep him covered at church.  Basically anywhere there's a large group of people.

Dr. Brown's Bottles--  We used these because they had preemie size nipples and that's what he used, but we have kept using them with his reflux and it's been fine!

SwaddleMe swaddles-- These keep Harrison's arms down (as long as we first swaddle him with his arms straight by his side).  He really sleeps well in these swaddles.

Lou Lou and Co Swaddles--  These are so soft!!  We used these a lot in Texas and they are huge, soft blankets.  I know we'll also use them when he takes naps as a toddler and needs a blanket.  (Harrison has the color linked)

What we used when we got home...

UppaBaby Bassinet Stand-- See how useful that stroller is?  Harrison sleeps in the bassinet from his stroller in our room and it pops in this stand.  When we move him to his nursery (soon 😭) then this piece of furniture will transform into his laundry hamper!  UppaBaby for the win!

Changing Pad-- With having a boy, we've had a few many times of being peed on, and I love this changing pad because I can just wipe it off and quickly sanitize it without having to strip it and wash the cover.  It's huge too so it will grow with him, and it just sits on his dresser!

Sound Machine--  Love that I can control the type of sound, volume, and color from my phone!

Favorite Footed PJs--  Love this brand for his little body right now!  So, so soft!  **I don't do the crazy prints because that's not my style.  We have solids, neutral stripes, and one pair in honor of the British royal family.

Boppy Lounger--  I wish we had this in Texas because it would have been so useful.  I tote this around the house and lay Harrison in it and let him watch the ceiling fan haha!  I've even put it on the kitchen counter while I'm cooking so I can having him right beside me.

I know this isn't a huge list and there are things I've left off like a bottle warmer or baby brezza or monitor, but those are things we either don't use (bottle warmer) or made do without until recently--so they aren't necessities in my book.


  1. Drying bottles in a hotel room is no joke especially with the limited space - we'd just use a wash cloth as a "drying rack" when we traveled but that grass is awesome (we just finally put ours away at 1.5 years). Sound machines are lifesavers - if you need one for traveling they have a small (less expensive) travel version that works just as great!

  2. I have more sound machines than I know what to do with! That stroller is the best - just wait until he outgrows the bassinet and then you put him in the regular seat...stop growing little babies!

  3. They have come so far since the boys were small,. I love the technology for baby items keeps advancing like this! xo


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