Matilda Jane May Release!

Monday, May 1, 2017

My love affair with Matilda Jane clothing began back in August when I ordered my first shirt from a trunk keeper in Texas (who was so helpful, by the way!).  I had never been to a MJ trunk show or even felt the material, but my friend Victoria had the cutest shirt and I ended up ordering it after talking myself into it.

The verdict?  It is my favorite!  
The quality of the material is amazing (and I'm all about buying quality clothes) and I love the fit of everything.  Needless to say, I've bought quite a bit of MJ clothing since then.

Today is the release day for the May line and everything is so beautiful!  Dustin was really impressed with all of the clothes and I'll let you know what was Dustin's favorite at the bottom.

To order from my trunk keeper (who is so, so sweet!!):
Lindsey Upton
Trunk Keeper ID: 350497

Or email her if you have questions:

Dot Your I's Dress
This is the softest fabric ever!!

Into the Blue Dress

Perfectly Paisley Maxi

Open Orchard Top with the Trail Runner Big Ruffles
(Dustin loved this outfit!)

I love the back of this top!

Simply Lacy Top with Trail Runner Big Ruffles

I'm really obsessed with the back of this top!

As a Rose Tank
(And he loved this top!)

On My Mind Top


Which pieces are your favorite?!


  1. All of this release is SO cute on you!! You NEED the paisley maxi!

  2. So many cute options!!! I may be making me first MJ purchase soon. :)

  3. OH MY GOSH I NEED THAT MAXI! Seriously that is GORGEOUS! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it! Ha! I also LOVE that blue floral shirt. So beautiful! What a fun post! I just ordered my niece a MJ outfit for her first birthday, and playing on their website was so much fun! My girls have several of their pieces, but I've never purchased anything for myself yet. It's pretty expensive, but like you said, it's quality for sure! Everything that Hadley had, Sadie has also been able to wear.

  4. That first dress is amazing!!!!!!! I love the color and that shape.

  5. So pretty! Love that maxi and the lace back top. My friend just started selling MJ so I'll have to check it out. I adore all the pretty patterns.

  6. That paisley maxi is GORGEOUS! Oh my word, I would love to have that one!

  7. I love the simply lace top on you! So cute yet simple!!

  8. So many great pieces but that polka dot dress & maxi dress are fabulous! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Soooo CUTE! No wonder Dustin loved that outfit...the Ruffles, the top detailing...darling! The rose tank and maxi dress is gorgeous too but I love them all!

  10. Cute!! I love that maxi and may have to order it!!

  11. That maxi and the last tank you showed are absolute favorites! I've never seen anyone who sells MJ close to me; I may have to order some from your girl!

    xoxo, SS

  12. Loving you in the blue dress and maxi...the dots are pretty darn cute too. That floral top that "he" loved...yes! I've never purchased anything from matilda jane but you definitely found a brand that works great with your little figure!

  13. What size MJ tops are you wearing in the pictures above? And what size ruffle pants do you wear? Trying to decide what size MJ I need to order.

    1. I can wear either a medium or large in MJ depending on how it fits. The ruffles pictured above were a large. The ruffles I own are mediums because I find that they stretch a little with wear and I don't want mine baggy. The white top was a large and the tank was a small and I needed a medium. Hope that helps!


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