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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I was raised in a music-loving family.  Music was always playing in my house growing up.  Cleaning on Saturday?  We had a record playing (probably The Beatles).  In fact, the very first concert I "went" to was when my mom was 6 months pregnant with me and she and my dad went to see Billy Joel.  Even now, my most favorite thing is going to a concert and listening to live music.

I thought I'd try to list all of the concerts (that I can remember) I've ever been to.  I'm sure I'll have to add to this list the more I remember concerts, but for now, here's what I remember!

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My most recent concert--Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dustin is learning to love music as much as I do 😊

Seeing The Avett Brothers

Destiny's Child  (while I was in 5th grade haha)
Gin Blossoms (x2)
Hootie and the Blowfish 
Blues Traveler
Sister Hazel (x3)
Britney Spears
Dave Matthews Band (x2)
Jason Mraz
Elton John
Bob Dylan
John Mayer (x4)
Maroon 5
The Avett Brothers
Miranda Lambert
Florida Georgia Line
Luke Bryan
Dave Barnes (x2)
Joshua Radin (x3)
Sarah Barreilles
Ingrid Michaelson
Cary Brothers
Kings of Leon
Hanson (x2)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ben Rector
Judah and the Lion
Ben Folds Five
Goo Goo Dolls
Foo Fighters
Hank Williams Jr.
Lauren Daigle
Herman's Hermits
Tim Brantley
Cold War Kids
Alabama Shakes

This is all I can think of at the moment!  I know I am missing so many, plus I can't even remember all of the opening acts I've seen.  Some of these names are popular bands or artists, and some are indie artists that I saw while in college.  I have a feeling I'll be in the middle of teaching today and remember a concert I left off and have to add it tonight 😂

Are you a fan of live music?

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  1. Wow!!!! You have been to so many concerts and have covered so many different genres of music. That's so neat! You'll de-friend me after this, but I don't really like concerts. However, I do love live music, so give me a small venue, like a bar or something with a band and it's my favorite!

  2. You've been to a ton of concerts! I enjoy music but it's not something I'm super in to. I don't know the latest trendy songs unless they are country. I'm a total novice music listener haha

  3. So many great concerts!! I love going to see someone perform live! I remember backstreet boys was my first concert and I loved it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Wow! I think you might hold a record! My two favorite concerts were *NSYNC (5th grade!) and George Strait!

  5. Too funny! My mom and dad went to see Billy Joel when my mom was pregnant with me too! Maybe that's why we have seen so many of the same bands! ;)

    By Lauren M

  6. I grew up in a musical loving family too and we were always going to concerts. I don't even think I could remember all the ones I've been to to make a list, your list is absolutely amazing and aren't concerts just so fun! Have a wonderful day

  7. Gah! What a fun list. I saw Judah and the Lion on there and fist pumped a little. I used to babysit Judah and his siblings back in my highschool years. Blows my mind what he is doing now...

  8. Wow!! I thought I had been to a lot of concerts but this list is massive!!

  9. Wow look at you - this is impressive!!

  10. I love going to live music! I was raised the same way there was always music playing, if not on the radio or something my uncles were playing. I honestly don't know how people can stand being in a totally quiet room haha Awesome list of concerts!

  11. I LOVE live music, too!! I actually have a spreadsheet of every single concert that I've ever seen, and I have been wanting to do a post just like this for a long time now. You and I have been to see a lot of the same people! B and I already have 4 concerts lined up for 2017 - Dierks Bentley, Chris Stapleton, The Lumineers, and Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. It's going to be such a great year for music!

  12. YES! I LOVE concerts! I've seen so many of the ones you've listed...even Sister Hazel 3 times too! ha Judah Akers (Judah & the Lion) is from here. Our family and their family have known each other for years. In fact my dad took his parents' wedding pics back in the day. Sweet people! Love this post so much!

  13. So fun!! I lived in Houston and would go to the Rodeo for a few concerts! I loved Brad Paisley, Florida Georgia Line, and Luke Bryan. My favorite concert of all time would have to be Beyonce!

  14. What an impressive concert resume!! It's been a while since I've been to a concert. I saw all the boy bands back in high school - 98 Degrees, N'SYNC, Backstreet boys, etc. I've always wanted to see Garth in concert and I'm sure Florida Georgia Line would be a fun one.

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  16. When I was younger and had no responsibilities I spent a lot of money on concerts. I don't get to do that as much anymore, but I got concert tickets to two concerts for my birthday last week - Bon Jovi - it'll be my 8th time to see them, and Lionel Richie/Mariah Carty - I'm so excited about both of them!

  17. I love live music but have not been to nearly as many concerts as you!!! I've seen George Strait multiple times, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, Pat Green....and I'm sure a few others. Most recently we saw Charlie Robison at a small venue unplugged and it was so good! Bon Jovi would definitely be on my list!!


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