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Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm out of school again this week for MLK Day, so I'm taking this day to get everything done that needs to be done--grocery shopping, laundry, returning a few items, etc.

I had a busy and full last few days!  Dustin and I went to Memphis Thursday night, so I'll be recapping that trip later this week, but for today I'm going to recap my weekend!

 Friday morning we woke up, checked out of our hotel, and headed to breakfast near The University of Memphis because of a friend's recommendation.  It was amazing!  I'll talk more about this later this week!

 We drove through the campus and I noticed they had tons of strangely painted tigers.  The crazy colors must be a thing for them??

 We also drove by the stadium because when you're married to Dustin Shaneyfelt, you'll find any college football stadium.

 Then we went to the Bass Pro Shop at the pyramid.  IT WAS HUGE!!!  So big that they had a lodge inside on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and they were mini cabins.  It was amazing.  Would I want to stay there?  No, not my style BUT I would want to tour those cabins!

 Poor Dustin has a huge head, so he can't wear just any type of hat.  He put this toboggan on and I died laughing because it made his head look even bigger.  He knew that meant it was blogworthy ;)

 Saturday morning we were up at 2:30AM to leave for my first trip hunting.  I took this picture right before I (that's right, I) spotted our first deer.  We saw 8 during that morning's hunt!  I also frequently reminded Dustin that I deserved a trophy for hunting while being sick haha!


 I wish I had a picture of my entire outfit because I looked comical.  I had on Dustin's pants from high school, an old camo shirt of his, and his jacket I bought him last year--all 3 different patterns of camo.

We didn't see anything except a rabbit during our afternoon hunt.  I learned a lot during that day--hunting has LOTS of rules, and it's really hard for me to stay still.  Can you really expect a teacher to be able to sit still for a long time?!

 I'm smiling because I know that once I get home I can shower and use indoor plumbing 😉

Sunday morning was church, lunch at home, and then we spent a few hours deep cleaning the house.  Mr. Shaneyfelt washed baseboards and then told me we needed to get our cleaning lady back for once a month deep cleans haha!

We also watched the Packers beat the Cowboys at the very last seconds of the game 😕

How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend!! I'm impressed you went hunting! Yahoo for Dustin saying you need your cleaning lady back. I would not pass up that opportunity hahaha

  2. You are such a trooper to be up at 2:30 to go hunting!! I'm enjoying this day off by doing a little deep cleaning of cabinets myself! Wish we had a cleaning lady for that!!

  3. Props to you for waking up that early and handling the whole day of hunting! Enjoy the day off!

  4. You're such a sweet wife to go hunting with your hubby! It's fun to do things together :) My husband has a giant-ish head, too. One time I went to buy him a hat and told the salesman his hat size. They assured me that couldn't possibly be right. It was! So he gets really excited when he finds a hat that fits. Looks like your weekend was a good one!!

  5. You were definitely a trooper for going hunting while feeling sick. I would have been looking for (and taking) any excuse not to lol

  6. Such a fun weekend! I can't wait to hear your Memphis recap, it's definitely on my travel bucket list for one day :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  7. I'm so impressed you went hunting! And that wrap in the first picture looks amazing!

    The Lovely Latte

  8. OH! I would LOOOOOOOVE a cleaning lady once a month for a good house deep clean! High five for the hunting trip, don't know if I could do it. Luckily Stephen is FAR from being a hunter, so I'll never have to worry about it! HA

  9. I forgot they made the pyramid into a bass pro! So crazy!

  10. How fun! I've been hunting once but it was duck hunting and way too cold/early for my taste :)

  11. I was off today too. I started getting my house Mardi Gras ready.

  12. So jealous you were in Memphis - I love that place! Did you guys get a deer?? You are a champ for going out hunting so early. I think you need your cleaning lady back, too - that would be so nice!

  13. Wow you had to be up early for that hunt - that's crazy!! Glad you had fun though and I spent yesterday getting everything done as well - grocery shopping is always such a chore LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  14. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  15. Y'all are so cute!! I wouldn't know the first thing about hunting! I was born and raised in the south, but funnily enough nobody in our family hunts and neither does anyone in Brian's family. I hope you have a great short week!

  16. How fun! Hope the rest of your week is going good too.
    The Messy Bun Mama


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