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Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday, y'all!!!  

Dustin and I spent the night in Memphis last night as part of my Christmas present (I will share next week!) and we're headed back home today.  We've got a really busy weekend planned, so before that gets started, I'm going to share a few of my FAVORITE things right now!

 I got an Apple Watch 2 for Christmas from Dustin and have loved it!  I had been secretly wanting an Apple Watch since my sister got one last year, but I had never vocalized that.  Dustin did great with that Christmas gift, and he even proved his love for me after I opened it and he told me I could exchange it for a different color if I wanted!  💕💕  I exchanged it for the gold watch and bought a cocoa band.  This gift has been  a FAVORITE because it does everything--tracks my workout, lets me check my texts, and lots of other things that I'm still learning haha!

 I shared this Monday, but I'm still obsessed with this jumpsuit.  I gravitate toward blue clothes because I have blue eyes and it always makes them pop.  Plus if you could reach through this computer and feel the fabric, I think you'd run out and buy one of these yourself.  

Horrible picture quality, I know, but I love these pictures so much!  They are from a local store that a lady in my church owns.  Once I saw her hang these, I told her I had to take a picture because I need to visit her store and buy them!

 This text exchange with Dustin over our data.  😜
Anyone else love texting in GIFs?

Wednesday morning I was up early (5 AM) and saw where When Harry Met Sally was on.  It was on the entire morning I was home, and as I was finishing up getting ready, my favorite scene in the entire movie came on.  I had to stop and watch 😉

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  1. Are you off of school this week?
    I love the bird pictures too.

  2. Hope you had a blast at the concert!! I'm
    Laughing at the text between you and Dustin. Patrick is always getting on me about using the data. I sometimes forget to turn wifi on if I'm watching Snapchat and they won't load. Whoops!!

  3. Hopeyou had so much fun at the concert! Still loving that dress on you!

  4. I'll bet the concert was awesome! Oh my goodness, I have not seen when Harry Met Sally in forever, makes me want to watch it again, ha ha! Have a spectacular weekend!

  5. My husband and I literally had an entire conversation with only GIFs last week, he is always behind the times and when I showed him how to find them he quit even typing words in his texts, haha! Happy Friday!

  6. Love that jumpsuit on you! The color I love!

    I love when someone says you can exchange something for a different color or whatever without being weird about it! Plus YAY awesome gift!

    Have a great weekend!
    Happy Friday!

  7. GIF's are my love language and that screenshot is hilarious! I love it! Can't wait to hear more about your Memphis trip! Have a great weekend!!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. Running out of data is the bane of my existence! Our wifi falls off our network CONSTANTLY, and Jamie and I have had SEVERAL text message conversations like look like yours and Dustin's! Too funny!!

  9. I'm saving up for the Apple 2! I'm excited that you can swim with it and it will count your laps. What features on it do you feel like you use the most? I want to make sure it's worth the splurge :)

  10. omg that conversation about data! I always have a mild heart attack when I forget I turned off my wifi in a bad OMG how much data did I just use! I hope you guys had a blast at the concert!

  11. I still can't get over you in that lipstick... it seriously looks incredible on you!!

    And the texting cracked. me. up. It sounds just like B and me... and I'm always the one forgetting to turn my wifi back on! Lol.

    Happy weekend, Sarah!

  12. I got an Apple Watch too! It's the only GPS watch I've ever had that connects automatically and I don't have to wait for it to sync up! Also, I love checking messages and emails on it!

  13. I loe my gold Apple 2, too, but I'm loving your cocoa band even more!! The "concrete" color it came with is just kind of "eh"

  14. I've done the same thing with our wifi lately. it's been having issues so I keep turning it off on my phone and then forgetting. Whoops - glad I'm not alone. Love your new blue jumpsuit and your apple watch. So sweet of your hubby to mention exchanging it for your favorite color. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  15. First of all, you are slaying that jumpsuit (I learned that term from my 7th graders ;) And secondly, those bird pictures are adorable! They sort of remind me of the duck/bird wall that you shared from when you toured the Southern Living house-they're so pretty!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  16. That jump suit is so cute and you have some amazing hair girlfriend! And I've had the same type of conversations with my fiancé about his data usage, lol! Stopping by from Friday Favorites, enjoy your weekend!

  17. Ahhh, glad to hear you are loving your apple watch! That jumpsuit is seriously gorgeous on you! I just love it!


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