Matilda Jane Clothing + a New Sweater!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

At the beginning of September, my mom and I hosted the new Matilda Jane collection release trunk show at my house.  I know you've probably heard of MJ, and if you have, you probably just think they only have little girl clothing. 

That's what we used to think, too! 

 It wasn't until my mom saw a lady wearing an outfit that consisted of all MJ pieces that gave her the idea to have the trunk show.  I gladly volunteered my house for the party since my dining room was completely empty at that time.  We had the best time trying on all of the clothes and debating which ones to buy because we wanted them all!!

 This was the set-up for the party.  The dress form had a dress on it, but someone was trying it on while I took the picture.  One thing I really love about MJ clothing for women is the materials they use to make their clothes.  You can tell these clothes are well-made and they use high-grade's all so soft!

 Love all of the prints!

I tried on the Cool Mist Tee dress from the last collection.  It was so soft, but I didn't think it looked great on me.

 I took this picture to send to my friend Hailey because the Splendid dress looks just like something she would wear!  I can see it being worn in the fall with boots and a jean jacket or sweater.

 The Dusk or Dawn tunic is one of the shirts that I ended up buying.  It's longer but not too long, and it hits me right below my hips.

I also bought the Mossy Vale ruffles.  THESE ARE MY FAVORITE!!  They are so comfortable, and the one day I wore them to school I literally felt like I was wearing pajama bottoms!  I wore them with my Dusk or Dawn tunic.

The Kettle Tee is definitely a great purchase if you aren't into lots of colorful, printed clothing.  It's really soft, and who doesn't love a good swing top?

And as an added bonus...

This isn't a MJ top, but I bought this cream sweater (similar) this past weekend.  It's the softest material and feels just like cashmere.  I'm a sucker for any cream colored top.  I bought this thinking, "I can wear this for our Christmas card pictures!!"  Crazy, I know haha!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love your MJ pieces - I never would have thought to shop there for myself! I even really like that dress on you - pretty much anything with stripes is a win for me. That sweater is super pretty. I laugh that you bought it thinking of Christmas because the sweater my mom purchased for me this past weekend, I totally was like this will be perfect for Thanksgiving!

  2. Cute pieces! You are totally rocking them :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. I just got into MJ too. I have gotten two tops and I can't wait to wear them. What a fun afternoon!

  4. Wow they really do have some cute stuff! I love the dress that you saw for your friend!

  5. You look fabulous in anything and these are no exception!

  6. Found you today through A Little Bit of Emily. I honestly had no idea MJ made women's clothes! Everything is adorable and looks great on you. I am going to have to check some of these out for myself.

    The Lovely Latte

  7. Wow! Who knew they had women's clothing! I love the fun patterns and prints!

  8. I love the kettle tee! Swing tops are so flattering!

  9. Such a fun party! I had no idea they did women's clothing too!

  10. I LOVE that swing top! It is so pretty! And I had no clue that MJ made clothes for adults... I thought it was all for kids!

  11. Cute!! I didn't realize they had so many pieces for adults. Their clothes are darling and I love the prints. I'm already thinking ahead to family pictures for Christmas cards, too! I've mostly been thinking about location and who will take them, but outfits are next :)

  12. What a fun party to host!! I love the pieces that you got! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Count me in as someone who had no idea Matilda Jane made adult clothes too! Those are so cute! I love the tunic!

  14. Cute and quirky! And hey, there is nothing wrong with planning out your Christmas photo outfit early..a girl's gotta be prepared!

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