Life Lately (this week)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Embarrassingly, my life lately photos are all pretty much about food.  This week I've taken two finals for my two graduate classes I'm in right now, so I haven't done much that's worthy of taking photos--except food apparently haha!

 One of my students, whose mother is Greek, and I bonded over our love for Greek food.  And she loves that I can pronounce the food correctly.  On Monday she brought me a piece of Greek candy that her mom got at a local Greek festival.  It was interesting... :)

 I made a really good new recipe that Dustin really liked!  Before I post the recipe, I'm going to make it again and tweak just a few things, but we both loved it.

 The other night I walked into our closet to get something and looked over to Dustin's side and noticed the above photo.  He obviously didn't feel like hanging up a shirt, so I guess it was acceptable to just throw it up on top of his dress shirts.  We laughed about it....and then he hung it up :) haha!

 The same student who brought me the Greek candy came in on Tuesday with homemade baklava.  Her mom had made it, and wow--it was so good!  I've never had homemade baklava before...only baklava from a Greek restaurant so this was so so good!

 And then that same day, a few other teachers and I helped judge food for the county beef cook-off.  There were 11 dishes to taste-test.  That's right....ELEVEN!  There were a few that were really good!  And then a few that were okay.  I mean, I don't think I could cook at all in junior high, much less cook a dish with beef.  It was a good day!

I made a frozen pumpkin and marshmallow cream pie this week, too!  You know, in between all of the studying :)

My fall two term of grad school doesn't start until October 19th so I'm looking forward to a short little break!!


  1. I bet that homemade baklava was amazing!!! I had a friend from Turkey who made some for a group of us and it was incredible! (and apparently an incredibly time consuming dish to make).

  2. All this food is making me hungry! Hope your finals went well! I love Greek food too...there is a Greek festival here and I love going and eating wayyyy too much!

  3. Being a judge for the cook off sounds ah-mazing, haha!

  4. I should not have read this post an hour before my lunch time because now I'm STARVING!! Looks like it's been a delicious week :)


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