Your Guide to Dressing for a Late Summer Wedding

Thursday, August 13, 2015

  Now that it's late summer and stores are stocked with their fall apparel, it's hard to decide what to wear to a wedding when it's still so hot outside--especially here in the South. You don't want to wear fall clothes because of the heat, but you also don't want to wear something that is very summery and look out of place.

If you know me, you know how much I love fashion, and I put together a look that I absolutely love.  The fabric of the dress below is cool enough for even an outdoor wedding, but the color is muted so it is perfect for the transition from summer fashion to fall fashion.  I picked a nude shoe because they go with everything, and you most likely already have a pair in your closet.  I paired this look with a layered, long necklace and an elegant black shoulder bag.  The gold chain on the bag coordinated well with the necklace.  The bag color also coordinated with what your date would wear!

When it comes to my husband, he always prefers that I pick out what he's going to wear (and I secretly love being able to do that haha!).  I'm all for a classic look on men--it makes a huge statement if the fit is good.

I found this suit from Burberry and I love it because of the modern fit.  It's still the classic black suit, but now it's tailored and more slimming.

I found a shirt on Paul Fredrick that would be perfect under this suit.  What's the neatest thing about this shirt?  The fact that you can monogram it AND choose the location of the monogram!  I would choose the cufflink for Dustin's monogram, but the pocket area would be nice, too!

What do you find most challenging about dressing for a wedding?

Check back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites post including the first day of school!

This post was inspired by Paul Fredrick.

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  1. LOVE that dress pick. It is super cute and would be a great transition piece!


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