Weekend Recap!

Monday, August 3, 2015

This past weekend was so much fun!  We packed in so much during Saturday and Sunday because it's my last weekend before school starts back (insert big eyed emoji)!


 Friday morning I went over to my sister's house to "babysit" her while my mom went to her get hair done.  Rachel had her gallbladder out on Thursday and so her husband was having to work on Friday and someone needed to stay with her.  My babysitting consisted of eating some cake and finishing Harper Lee's new book while watching HGTV.  Best babysitter ever, right Rach?

 I wrote last week that I had started Weight Watchers again to lose the 10 lbs I had gained in the one year we have been married.  I weighed in for my first week and lost 2.4 lbs!!  I had to take some pictures to document.  I know you can't tell anything but I was feeling good in my own skin Friday afternoon!

 Excuse the lack-luster master bedroom.  Our furniture is getting delivered one week from tomorrow and then that picture will be hung on that wall.  I'm going today to look for fabric to make curtains, too.  Also, I need a small brown belt.


 Saturday morning we were up and headed to the river!  We have two friends who own boats and it's always fun when they both take their boats out.

The blurry pictures below are of Dustin and his friend Wheeler.  I was dying laughing the whole time at them trying to show out!

 Saturday night we went to the funeral home for the visitation of my great uncle.  He passed away after being sick for such a short time.  After, Rachel and I went to a housewarming party while the boys went to Buffalo Wild Wings to wait on us.  We showed up an hour later :)  With all of the recent deaths, I've been reminded how important it is to tell the people in your life how much you love them.


 Sunday was a full day, too!  After church we went to this junkyard/salvage yard type place in Huntsville that had a truck similar to Dustin's.  (His tailgate is dented in....long story haha)  I had no idea this place existed and neither one of us dressed the part.  I actually should have taken a picture of my outfit because I wore the new top from Anthro that D got me for our anniversary with skinny jeans.  Anyway, I stayed in the office while he went into the junkyard to look for the truck.  The whole time I was standing there (they didn't have any chairs) sweaty, dirty men kept walking in carrying greasy car parts and I kept thinking of Dustin in his polo and flip flops hoping he didn't get dirty because we had a ton of places to go still.  About 15 minutes after we got there Dustin walked through the doors with the tailgate he needed.  After he paid and was ready to go back to his truck, I just had to document that moment!

We went to Dillards (polos were on big time sale), Pottery Barn (I bought new bedding since our new furniture is a king size bed!), Costco, and Mattress Firm (we bought a king size mattress for the new furniture!!!!).

And while we were in Dillards, I found this Kate Spade phone cover.  If you know me or my mom and sister, you know that this fits us perfectly!  Mom raised us knowing that it was perfectly okay to eat cake for breakfast since it had milk, eggs, and flour in it!  I'm hoping to find this iPhone case when I upgrade my phone.

Check back tomorrow for a new series that I'm starting on my blog, Home Tour Tuesday!  I will be featuring my friend Kristi's beautiful home, and you don't want to miss it!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend. I can imagine it is bittersweet to be heading back to school! My brother and sister-in-law are teachers and both have headed back to school already.

  2. eating cake and watching HGTV sounds like a good babysitting gig to me! : )

  3. watching HGTV is my favorite :) I am addicted to that channel. Way to go for loosing 2.5 lbs :)


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