I Hate the Stomach Virus + Random Thoughts

Monday, August 19, 2019

Last week (my first full week of school with my students) was a KILLER!!  Not only did I begin the week with a stomach bug, but Harrison quickly came down with it on Thursday after school.  His was so bad, though, that we ended up taking him to the pediatric ER that evening because he could not stop throwing up and was so lethargic and pale.  Long story short, we ended up taking him back to the ER Saturday evening and turns out he was dehydrated but they said not severely dehydrated.  However, he was dehydrated enough that they couldn't even start an IV for fluids because his little veins kept collapsing 😢  It was the longest day ever because we didn't get home until 3AM Sunday.  As I write this Sunday evening, I thought he was starting to get a little better until he started throwing up again.  This has been so hard to watch because I'm doing everything I can to keep him hydrated and well and it's like it's not working, and I feel helpless.  Motherhood, I guess?


Okay, so onto my random thoughts that I've had for the past week haha!

-I HATE THIS HEAT!!!  I am so ready for fall weather to get here so I can start dressing in fall clothes.  I have to admit though, I have loved summer clothing for Harrison--seeing his cute little feet in Sun Sans Sandals melts me!

-It's always a goal of mine to eat healthier; however, I've really been committed to it lately, and I'm always proud of myself when I make better choices.  For example, at the start of school for teachers, our partner in education provided a catered Olive Garden lunch for us.  I made a salad and did indulge myself in getting alfredo, but I skipped the breadsticks and dessert--I call that a win in my book!  And it's always nice when you can start seeing results from your better choices.

-I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls, so thank you to everyone who made me watch it!!!  If I had more time on my hand, I would binge it nonstop, but I'm strategic in my watching because I've really got to pay attention to the storyline.  The show is hilarious, and I know I've said it before, but it's making me crave the fall!!!

-Here's a sweet video I want to share of Harrison Wednesday night before he got sick.  His laugh is the sweetest!!

Friday Faves!

Friday, August 9, 2019


ME!!!  ME!!!!  ME!!!!

It's been a long and exhausting week so I'm thrilled I get the weekend to spend with both Harrison and Dustin since he's off work--whoop whoop!

I've got a few FAVES to share with y'all today!

 Y'all know how much I love Christmas, right?!  Well, I totally misjudged Harrison's size at Christmas plus how Beaufort Bonnet Night Nights run a few months ago when I ordered these so Harrison gets to rock Christmas pjs now!  This is probably my FAVORITE of the week because it's two of my favorite things--Harrison and Christmas!

 I love the Michael Buble station on Pandora and listen to it a ton--especially when I'm feeling nostalgic or fall-ish.  I had forgotten about Norah Jones until her song came on the station and now I'm wishing I still had her album like I did in high school.  Whatever happened to her?

 Wednesday was the first day of school for students and I went over a little powerpoint about myself each class period.  Jokingly, I told students I loved sugar free vanilla lattes and if they ever wanted to grab their FAVORITE teacher a latte, I wouldn't turn them down.  I never in a million years thought I would ever get coffee brought to me but yesterday a student did!!!  He walked in and surprised me before homeroom began yesterday--it just so happened to be a morning I was feeling exhausted!

I saw this on IGTV and LOVE it!  Reese redesigned her signature shirtdress using her signature print.  I love it and it's at such a great price point that I told Dustin we need a day trip to Nashville so I can try it on and see if I like it as much in person as I do right now.

 top | jeans | shoes (not pictured)
I shared this Wednesday and I love this outfit!!!  It's a FAVORITE and I can't wait to wear it--once it gets below 90 degrees outside haha!

We are going to the mall after school today so I can get new hairspray and the primer I love and then go out to eat!!  Y'all have a great weekend!

A Fall Look to Wear NOW!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I know I'm not the only person who orders fall and winter clothes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and then hates waiting months before I can wear them.  There have been items I've bought before that I've waited months to wear!!  (like these Spanx leggings)

When I bought this new top and it came in, I realized that I could probably wear it before the weather turned cool--and that made me really excited!

All I did the "summer this outfit up" was add the white jeans, push the sleeves up, and wear sandals.  This top isn't so thick that I sweated when I wore it, but it'll be a nice thickness when it cools down.

 top | jeans | shoes (not pictured)

I love my new sidekick for my pictures!

And today is my first day of school with students--and Harrison's first full day at his school!  White I won't be wearing the outfit above just yet, I am wearing this dress today!!!  Y'all have a great Wednesday, and I am going to try to see y'all back here on Friday with a FAVORITES post!
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