A New Year Goal with Millie Ann and Me!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Special thanks to RAW Images for these photos!

I don't know about y'all, but I feel like the art of sending cards is quickly fading.  Maybe it's generational or maybe it's regional, but I find that people generally rely on either sending text messages or emails rather than mailing cards.  

I remember as a child LOVING getting birthday cards in the mail, my mother sending sympathy cards to those whose loved ones had just passed away, and getting cards in college from older ladies in my church letting me know they were praying for me.

Before Harrison was born, I would randomly send friends and family cards in the mail just letting them know I was thinking about them.  I know how special it makes me feel whenever I receive a card, so why not do that for others?!  One of my goals for 2020 is to do that more often and it's going to be SO MUCH easier because one of my friends and her friend have created THE CUTEST card line!!!

Let me introduce you to Millie Ann and Me!

 Aren't these the cutest?!

 My favorite!

 Isn't this so sweet?!

Tina and Vicki created these cards because while they both love sending and receiving cards, they were disappointed in the selection they found in stores.  So they created their own card company!

Their cards range from birthday cards to Veteran's Day cards to friendship cards.  Their website has their full selection of cards, so you've got to check it out!  They also list all of the stores that carry their card line in Alabama if you prefer to buy in store.

Cards start at $5.99 for a single card but the prices go down if you bundle--which I love!  I know my mom always stocks up on an assortment of cards so she can always send out one whenever she needs to.  This is something I plan on doing this year, too.

I hope you'll join me in sending cards this year to our loved ones to help them feel special!


  1. I love these.

  2. Love this! It truly is amazing how a card can go such a long way!

  3. beautiful cards!
    Thank you for sharing. I too love "paper and post" communication. It takes a little bit longer you can't do it while stopped at a red light but golly it makes me feel special.

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  5. I am all about cards. Sing had a really bad selection so admittedly I stopped sending as many cards as I used to. London had an AH-MAZING selection of cards and I went crazy. The US has a great selection so I'm all about sending cards again!


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