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Friday, November 1, 2019


Our school district made today a virtual day for students, so I've got meetings all day while students get to ride off their sugar highs at home haha!  Last year they did this virtual day on Halloween and I think they learned this year to make it the day after Halloween.  Each school is doing something different and my school has students out job shadowing today, so I can't wait to hear all about it on Monday.

It's been a while since I blogged so lets get to my FAVORITES!

On Facebook for the month of November, I'm going to be posting something I'm thankful for every day.  I think I've tried doing this two other years and then I've always quit before the month is over, so my goal is to stick with it this year!
November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  I don't want Harrison growing up ever thinking he's different because he WAS adopted (remember, WAS not IS...past tense).  I want him growing up knowing how incredibly special he is because God chose him intentionally for our family.  We were matched with our first birth mother last year on November 2nd, and if she wouldn't have changed her mind last minute, we wouldn't have Harrison in our lives.  And I can't imagine life without him.  I am so thankful that God's plans are sovereign and so much better than mine.  If you've ever considered adoption, I'd love to chat with you.  Adoption is hard and costly, but also rewarding.....just like our adoption by God.

 Last Friday I celebrated my 32nd birthday and my BFF who now lives over 3 hours away mailed me a package--but not just me, she mailed Harrison something too!!!  She sent Harrison a Sir John longall (Sir John is one of my fave brands) and sent me a new cookbook!!  And those are our nicknames for each other--long college story behind those haha!

I took off on my birthday to spend the day with Dustin and Harrison and this big boy was in a GREAT mood!

Y'all, I can't believe this, but...

 ...Harrison is mobile!!!  He is army crawling everywhere and the occasionally will push himself up on all fours and rock back and forth.  He hasn't figured out how to crawl from all fours, but I expect it soon.

 Harrison's class at his school dressed up like superheroes, so he went as Spider-Man.  SO CUTE!!

And then yesterday after I woke him from a nap (he was not happy about that), he was a baby duck!  I've been dreaming of Pottery Barn Kids baby Halloween costumes for years, so I was thrilled to finally be able to buy one!

 I ran out of my Becca setting powder and went to my local Sephora where the saleslady told me it was now discontinued--WHAT?!  I had finally found a setting powder I loved, so I was not looking forward to finding another.  The saleslady suggested this Hourglass powder and I like it too (remember I used to use the Laura Mercier and it just didn't cut it for my skin).  It does a good job of keeping the oil at bay and blurring those pores.
I'm about to finish up with my current eye shadow palette--the Naked 2, so I'm going to be on the hunt for another to add to my Christmas wish list.  I love all of the colors of this Charlotte Tilbury palette, so I may ask for this.  I've heard so many great things about all Charlotte Tilbury products (just a little pricey!!), so I'm dying to try something.


  1. Happy Friday and I am wanting that CT eyeshadow as well!

  2. Fletcher still only army-crawls! I have a feeling he is going to skip classic crawling and move straight to walking because he keeps trying to stand!

  3. I cannot believe Harrison is mobile!!! And that PB costume is just precious. He looks toasty warm and cute as a button!

  4. How smart that your school district gave the kids the day off today!! I was just saying last night that they should make 11/1 a holiday. Lol.

  5. That picture of H in the carseat is sooo cute. I love the distinction of saying WAS adopted instead of IS. I've never thought about that. Have a wonderful weekend and happy belated birthday!

  6. Harrison is too cute.

  7. Pottery barn has the cutest costumes! He's so cute. Now that he's mobile the run really begins! My oldest son never learned to crawl (he refused to get his hands dirty) and went right to walking along the furniture but it took him a few extra months.

  8. I love- love- love your idea of posting something you are thankful for everyday in the month of November. Very inspirational and a great mindset. Thank you for sharing that wonderful idea.

    ps. your little ducky. my stars! "God's plans -are- sovereign and so much better than mine"


  9. I absolutely love Harrison as Spiderman and a chicken. SOOO cute. <3

  10. Harrison is SUCH a cutie! I love all the pics of him <3 I love Charlotte Tilbury, though I've not tried her palettes. Also check out Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona. Love those as well!


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