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Monday, November 25, 2019

Hey hey!! I am so happy to be off ALL WEEK for Thanksgiving break!  I miss Harrison so much when I'm at school, so I'm going to enjoy getting to be a stay at home mom this whole week--while also getting in some "me time" today at a nail appointment with my sister.

Since blogging has been really random for me lately, let me catch you up on our life lately!

 Are you dying at this picture?!
Since we've skipped fall weather and gone straight to winter, it was time to get Harrison a toboggan.  I picked up this Angel Dear one from our local children's boutique and I basically want him to wear it all the time.  IT'S SO CUTE!!!  And he looks so good in blue (which is my favorite color!).

 My school does a huge Veteran's Day program every year and now that my dad is retired, he was able to come!!  He served in the Air Force and was standing when they played the AF song.

 I put up a tree in Harrison's nursery 😍  

Moments like this remind me of the many days and nights I prayed for this.  Holidays are so hard when you are struggling with infertility and I know the reality of staying away from any form of social media on holidays so you don't have to be reminded of what you want so badly.  If that's you, I'm so sorry and I know what that feeling is like.  But remember that even in the trials, God is good and He only does good things.

 We had just started to experiment with solids right before Harrison got that terrible 2 week stomach bug he had in August, so after that, he refused to open his mouth for a spoon.  Just recently, he started opening his mouth and eating.  I had to continuously tell myself not to compare him with other babies younger than he who were already eating solids well because he was still gaining weight like he should be--the comparison game is hard!  Anyone else feel like I feel?  I'm always reminding myself that he's doing things on his own timeframe and that is okay!!!  Side note:  Isn't that the cutest face ever?!  And our high chair was recommended by a reader!!!  Thank you!

 We met Santa and Harrison did not cry!!!  My sister was the photographer and she was not-so-secretly hoping he would cry since she loves those kinds of Santa pictures.  He ended up making the perfect pictures!

We took pictures last Sunday after church and I wanted to get all of Harrison's outfit because it's one of my favorite brands, Auraluz!  He wasn't interested at all in pictures...
 See? 😂

 We showed up to a baby shower wearing VERY similar dresses!!!!

We hope y'all have a great week!!!  I hope to have a shopping post up Wednesday :)


  1. The picture of Harrison with the tree in his nursery is absolutely precious! & You're right, he looks very handsome in blue!

  2. I love your dress. Have a great week with Harrison.

  3. That little face is the most precious! And you and your sister look absolutely stunning! I am overjoyed for your blessing this year! xo

  4. That last photo is just so precious! Enjoy his first Thanksgiving!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Harrison is so adorable! What a cutie! And yes, tell yourself to not compare Harrison to other babies. It's hard but just keep working on it! He's his own person and will do things when he's ready. When my son started going to daycare at about 15 months he was behind on a bunch of things but he picked up on a lot quick. My daughter took forever to be potty trained, but it happened eventually. There's no award for being first one to eat solids or go potty. And you're focused on what's most important and that's his health and growth. Good luck mama! And enjoy your first Thanksgiving together!

  6. Harrison is getting so cute! Thank you for thinking of us infertile girls, much appreciated..I hope you enjoy this first Christmas as a mommy! xoxo

  7. The comparison game is tough! It's definitely a no-win situation when you start down that path. Before 1, food is just for fun anyway. He'll pick it up!
    And I always thought that October through May, with all of the holidays, was the hardest when dealing with infertility. Summer was the safe season.

  8. My kids are teenagers and that comparison game never ends... but I have learned to tune it out a bit more. I love that photo of him in front of his tree; so precious. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Gaah, he's just such a cutie!! And hurrah for having the week off and getting to spend it with H! :D Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

  10. He is soooo cute!!! Glad you like that high chair. :) :) :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  11. My gosh, he just gets cuter and cuter the older he gets. His smile is just darling!

  12. He is SO cute! Love the picture of him with his tree in the nursery :)


  13. Harrison is SO cute! I love that knit hat on him!


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