My Perfect Fall Day

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Happy Thursday, y'all!  It's the last day of our Fall Favorites link up and I hope you've enjoyed either participating or reading it!  As I was thinking about today's prompt (which I'm really excited about), I realized how different these perfect days were going to be depending upon the season of life you're in.

Since I'm in the season of life with an almost 7 month old (TOMORROW!!!!), mine is going to be way different than my life before becoming a mom lol!

I would start my perfect fall day sleeping in until 7am.  I used to enjoy waking early (as in, between 6 and 7), but now that I am no longer in control over when I wake up or if I even get a full nights sleep, I'd like to sleep until 7....uninterrupted haha!

I'd want it to be a chilly morning so I can throw on pants, grab a blanket, turn on the fire, and drink a cup of coffee.  This sounds so nice to me typing this out right now 😜 And Dustin would have Chick fil a breakfast waiting on me, too haha! 

I would also not have to work on my perfect day, Dustin would be off of work, and we'd have Harrison with us.

After I spent a lazy morning drinking coffee, playing with Harrison, and watching The Today Show, I'd get ready and we'd go out to do some fall activity.  I actually think it would be so fun to go to the zoo together.  We took Harrison this summer and it was really hot, so I'm sure it'd be really nice in the fall--plus, I'm sure there would be fall decorations. And since the weather is going to be slightly chilly, I can wear fall clothes and not sweat.

We'd make it home in time for me to take a really nice afternoon nap.  I'm talking a cold, dark room with Harrison's sound machine on (the only way to sleep now haha!).

Dinner would be pizza from Domino's or from our local pizza place downtown.  Is it crazy that pizza is such a treat to me?  And while we're eating pizza, we're (I say we're but Dustin is weird and hates movies) watching either You've Got Mail or Beetlejuice!

This may not sound like much, but it doesn't take much to please me these days.  Any day that I get to spend with my boys is a perfect day...especially if it's the whole day :)

Link up and share your perfect fall day!  I can't wait to read!

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  1. This sounds awesome! And I totally feel you on the sleeping in. I love my sleep! Thank y'all again for hosting this! It was super fun to join in each week!

  2. I love that our days were so similar - cool weather, coffee, a fall activity, and a nap. :) I can't believe the link up is already over! I am already excited about next year's!

  3. Love it. Love that it's well balanced between an activity and just lazing around!!

  4. Sounds like the perfect day to me! :)


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