What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hey y'all!!!  Today's post is going to be short and sweet because Harrison is fighting sleep regression or something?? and I am EXHAUSTED!

What we're eating this week...
I made Cheeseburger pie and we ate leftovers.  Tonight we're having Enchilada lasagna and tomorrow we're going to a concert so we'll be eating out.

What I'm reminiscing about...

Harrison turned 6 months yesterday and I cannot stop thinking about this day.  So many emotions.  I'll have a blog post up about it in September.

What I'm loving...
Right now I think I'm so overwhelmed still with a new school year, new schedule, being away from Harrison during the day that I don't have time to love anything except the time I spend with H.  Lame, I know.  Dustin and I were doing date nights this summer every other Friday night and I was really loving those.  I hope we can get back to that now that Harrison is over the stomach virus!!

What we've been up to...
...the hell that is known as the stomach virus.  It was TERRIBLE and I stayed a nervous wreck the entire time Harrison was so sick.

What I'm dreading...

What I'm working on...
Figuring out some sort of routine on days Dustin works (he gets home after 6).  Once it cools off outside, I'm looking forward to taking Harrison for walks in his stroller.

What I'm excited about...
September means fall to me and I cannot wait to start baking all of the fall recipes, burning all the fall candles, and doing all the fall traditions with Harrison!!!

What I'm watching/reading...
Still watching Gilmore Girls THANKS TO Y'ALL!!!  I wish I had more time to binge watch, but I just started season 3 last night!!

Reading???  The only thing I have time to read these days are magazines because I can read a short article, put it down, and come back in a few days not having to remember a plot ha!

What I'm listening to...
I have actually enjoyed Mallory Ervin's podcast!  Oh, and I came across Lauren Conrad's podcast, Asking For a Friend, and I listened to almost every episode!!!  It was really good!

What I'm wearing...
 I am loving this jumpsuit that I got in my Nordstrom Trunk Club box!!  I love navy and I wish y'all could see the back because it has cute detailing!

 I'll admit, I fell for the marketing and constant talking about Emily Jackson's (Rachel Parcell's sister) new workout line, IVL Collective.  I ordered the tank top because I wanted to try it out but I didn't want to spend a ton of money in case I hated it.  Well, I love it!  I'm looking forward to the next release next month.

This outfit is a perfect transition from summer to fall.  Plus, I just got these new white jeans to replace my old ones and I love how stretchy they are...but not see-through.  I love wearing them to school!  Also, this top is so versatile that I can't wait to wear it with lots of different things this fall!

What I'm doing this weekend...
Hopefully getting caught up on sleep haha!!!  Oh, and I'm going to try the new pumpkin cold brew from Starbucks!!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Cannot wait for mine and Emily's annual Fall Favorites link up!!!  Because of the season I'm currently in right now, it's hard to find the time to blog OR my blog can be boring right now because it's about Harrison a lot and that's because that's basically my life right now.  I'm excited to have prompts to help guide me next month!

What else is new...

Weekend Review!

Monday, August 26, 2019

This weekend wasn't remarkable in any way other than the fact that we think Harrison is finally over the stomach virus!  It was terrible in the fact that it required two hospital visits (the second one so bad because he was too dehydrated for them to start an IV to give fluids and we were discharged--what????) and a visit to the pediatrician.  It's been so sad seeing your baby so sick and not being able to fix it immediately.

Here's a snapshot of our normal-ish weekend!

 Dustin was off Friday with Harrison and sent this picture to me while I was at school.  I then showed all of my students because they always ask about Harrison haha!!!  Then Harrison threw up 2 times on Friday so at this point, I really thought he would have the stomach virus forever.

 Saturday morning Dustin got a Boston butt in the smoker so we could have bbq nachos that night for football!

 During Harrison's nap around lunchtime, I went and ran a few errands.  I got Harrison a new lamp for his room from Kirklands (sent this pic to my mom to show her) and found a rug that I loved--but they were sold out of the size I needed 😭.  I didn't get a picture of this but I also bought Harrison a Christmas tree for his room haha!

 BBQ nachos for the game that night--Dustin likes jalepenos and I do not

 My kind of relaxing on a Saturday night.....minus the laundry in the background

I was really torn over taking Harrison to church Sunday.  He didn't throw up any Saturday, but his eating was still off and he was having diarrhea with pretty much every bottle.  So I decided I would keep him home one more day to make sure he really was better, and Dustin went to church.

 We were bored being at home on a Sunday morning, so we took pictures!  His personality seemed to be completely back to normal on Sunday which really made me think he's over the stomach virus.  We sent this picture to Daddy while he was at church!  Roll Tide!  (Also this picture made me want to cry because I felt like I was getting a glimpse of my future college boy in his game day polo 😢)

I'm making Harrison's food using this (thanks Mom and Bill!) and I made peas for him to eat last night.  You can tell by his reaction that he hated them.  He actually gagged after tasting them...which he did not do after eating carrots.  I guess sweet potatoes are next!

Have a happy Monday!

I Hate the Stomach Virus + Random Thoughts

Monday, August 19, 2019

Last week (my first full week of school with my students) was a KILLER!!  Not only did I begin the week with a stomach bug, but Harrison quickly came down with it on Thursday after school.  His was so bad, though, that we ended up taking him to the pediatric ER that evening because he could not stop throwing up and was so lethargic and pale.  Long story short, we ended up taking him back to the ER Saturday evening and turns out he was dehydrated but they said not severely dehydrated.  However, he was dehydrated enough that they couldn't even start an IV for fluids because his little veins kept collapsing 😢  It was the longest day ever because we didn't get home until 3AM Sunday.  As I write this Sunday evening, I thought he was starting to get a little better until he started throwing up again.  This has been so hard to watch because I'm doing everything I can to keep him hydrated and well and it's like it's not working, and I feel helpless.  Motherhood, I guess?


Okay, so onto my random thoughts that I've had for the past week haha!

-I HATE THIS HEAT!!!  I am so ready for fall weather to get here so I can start dressing in fall clothes.  I have to admit though, I have loved summer clothing for Harrison--seeing his cute little feet in Sun Sans Sandals melts me!

-It's always a goal of mine to eat healthier; however, I've really been committed to it lately, and I'm always proud of myself when I make better choices.  For example, at the start of school for teachers, our partner in education provided a catered Olive Garden lunch for us.  I made a salad and did indulge myself in getting alfredo, but I skipped the breadsticks and dessert--I call that a win in my book!  And it's always nice when you can start seeing results from your better choices.

-I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls, so thank you to everyone who made me watch it!!!  If I had more time on my hand, I would binge it nonstop, but I'm strategic in my watching because I've really got to pay attention to the storyline.  The show is hilarious, and I know I've said it before, but it's making me crave the fall!!!

-Here's a sweet video I want to share of Harrison Wednesday night before he got sick.  His laugh is the sweetest!!

Friday Faves!

Friday, August 9, 2019


ME!!!  ME!!!!  ME!!!!

It's been a long and exhausting week so I'm thrilled I get the weekend to spend with both Harrison and Dustin since he's off work--whoop whoop!

I've got a few FAVES to share with y'all today!

 Y'all know how much I love Christmas, right?!  Well, I totally misjudged Harrison's size at Christmas plus how Beaufort Bonnet Night Nights run a few months ago when I ordered these so Harrison gets to rock Christmas pjs now!  This is probably my FAVORITE of the week because it's two of my favorite things--Harrison and Christmas!

 I love the Michael Buble station on Pandora and listen to it a ton--especially when I'm feeling nostalgic or fall-ish.  I had forgotten about Norah Jones until her song came on the station and now I'm wishing I still had her album like I did in high school.  Whatever happened to her?

 Wednesday was the first day of school for students and I went over a little powerpoint about myself each class period.  Jokingly, I told students I loved sugar free vanilla lattes and if they ever wanted to grab their FAVORITE teacher a latte, I wouldn't turn them down.  I never in a million years thought I would ever get coffee brought to me but yesterday a student did!!!  He walked in and surprised me before homeroom began yesterday--it just so happened to be a morning I was feeling exhausted!

I saw this on IGTV and LOVE it!  Reese redesigned her signature shirtdress using her signature print.  I love it and it's at such a great price point that I told Dustin we need a day trip to Nashville so I can try it on and see if I like it as much in person as I do right now.

 top | jeans | shoes (not pictured)
I shared this Wednesday and I love this outfit!!!  It's a FAVORITE and I can't wait to wear it--once it gets below 90 degrees outside haha!

We are going to the mall after school today so I can get new hairspray and the primer I love and then go out to eat!!  Y'all have a great weekend!

A Fall Look to Wear NOW!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I know I'm not the only person who orders fall and winter clothes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and then hates waiting months before I can wear them.  There have been items I've bought before that I've waited months to wear!!  (like these Spanx leggings)

When I bought this new top and it came in, I realized that I could probably wear it before the weather turned cool--and that made me really excited!

All I did the "summer this outfit up" was add the white jeans, push the sleeves up, and wear sandals.  This top isn't so thick that I sweated when I wore it, but it'll be a nice thickness when it cools down.

 top | jeans | shoes (not pictured)

I love my new sidekick for my pictures!

And today is my first day of school with students--and Harrison's first full day at his school!  White I won't be wearing the outfit above just yet, I am wearing this dress today!!!  Y'all have a great Wednesday, and I am going to try to see y'all back here on Friday with a FAVORITES post!

Simple Joys No. 4

Monday, August 5, 2019

I love posting Simple Joys because it always makes me sit and think about the small things that bring me joy :)

-new face serum that makes my skin feel light and clean

-having time to sit and read a magazine

-watching Gilmore Girls (YES!!! Thanks to everyone who recommended it because I am loving it!!)

-thinking about decorating my house for fall

-watching Harrison smile

In the comments below, leave something that brings you a Simple Joy!

Friday Faves!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Hey y'all! 
 Most of y'all are super happy it's Friday and I'm a little sad since it's my first day back to work.  I whined about that yesterday so I won't do it again today ha!  I got a lot of remarks about the fact that my school district starts back to school so early, but we do get out of school much earlier than those who don't start until late August or September.  It has it's trade offs!

It's Friday so it's time for a few FAVORITES!

Yesterday morning Harrison woke up about 15 minutes before his bottle, so we hung out for a bit.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I just can't get over how wonderful he is!

British Vogue goes on newsstands today and Meghan Markle acted as guest editor for the September issue!  YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!  I've read that it probably won't be on shelves in the US until next week, so next weekend I'll be headed to Barnes and Noble to find it!!!!

Want to listen to a great podcast episode?  This podcast is great in general, but I highly enjoyed this conversation with Ligon Duncan!  I felt like I was getting to sit in on an intelligent, theological conversation (with a little bit of humor added in).  It's a longer episode but so worth it!!

Lately, Harrison has fallen asleep on me a few times before his bedtime bottle.  I (not so) secretly love it!

My friend Emily and I are doing our Fall Favorites link up again this year!!!  We've been doing this since 2016 and I have enjoyed it every year.  Some of our topics are repeats from each year--like home tours--but this year we're adding in a new one and I can't wait to dream up my perfect fall day.

FAVORITE Blogger Spotlight
I can't believe this is my third blogger spotlight and I haven't mentioned Shay Shull yet.  She really is, hands down, my favorite blogger.  She's a mom of 4 kids--2 of whom they adopted--and is also a cookbook author.  She sent me a copy of her cookbook, Eats, before it was available to buy and I use this cookbook all the time!  It has really good but simple recipes.  Her life is so fascinating and that's another reason why I love reading her blog!

And if you've made it this far (yay!!), I just got in a new pair of white jeans that I LOVE!!!  I've got a fashion post coming for y'all on Wednesday featuring these pants because they are too good not to share!  See y'all Monday!

August Goals and Thoughts on Going Back to Work

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Is it just me or did July fly by?!  I feel like the 4th of July was literally just the other day!  I have learned more and more how true the phrase "The days are long but the years are short" really is.  

Because it's August 1st, today is my official last day of summer and I start back to school tomorrow.  So I've got a few goals for this month since it's the first time I'm starting a new school year as a mom!

August Goals:

1. Find a good morning routine.
I have spent the last two weeks thinking about how my routine is going to go during the school year.  I'm a very routine-based person.  I put Harrison on a nap schedule and both he and I have just thrived over the summer.  But I'm not sure how well this schedule is going to go for him during the school year.  Here's my quandrum: I normally wake him up at 8am and he eats right away.  Well, during the school year we will need to be leaving our house at 7am which means I'll have to wake him up a little before to change him and get him in the carseat.  He's so used to eating right when he gets up that I think I'm going to wake him up at 5:30 to feed him a bottle, change his clothes, and let him go back to sleep.  OR I've thought a lot about moving him up 30 minutes--waking him up at 5am to eat and then that way he can have a bottle at 7:30 once he gets situated in his class.  I DON'T KNOW 🙈  I've thought a lot about it (as evident by my rambling) and I think I'm just going to test out both ways to see how he does.

2. Pack my lunch the night before.
This is going to have to be a non-negotiable for me.  I usually start out the first week of school doing great and then I don't anymore, but now with Harrison in the morning--and the fact that he can be unpredictable some mornings and wake up early--I will have to do it the night before.  And it's going to be healthy!!

3. Figure out a way to exercise more.
I'm really going to have to take advantage of Dustin's off days when he will have Harrison and I won't have to pick him up, and go right after school to exercise.

4. Go to bed earlier.
I am NOT a night person.  Let me repeat, I am NOT a night person.  But since Harrison's bedtime bottle is at 8pm and then after we let him sit up for a while (for his reflux) and get him all ready for bed, it's usually about 9pm by the time he's down and that's when Dustin and I get to hang out or watch tv.  Back in the day, I liked going to bed between 9 and 9:30pm.....not closer to 11 like it is now!  This is why I'm thinking moving Harrison's bottles up by 30 minutes will be helpful.

I still can't believe tomorrow is my first day back to school.  Harrison starts Monday so he's got one more day at home haha!  I'm usually so ready to start school by now, but obviously, this summer has been way different.  I know I'll eventually get into a groove, but I am most likely going to cry for the first few days dropping Harrison off in the mornings.  I have SO enjoyed being a Momma.  I feel like I've transitioned well into that role.  I love spending all of my days with Harrison, so it's really going to be sad that he will be spending the majority of his days with someone else and not me.  I've cried over thinking he will forget who I am and I know that's ridiculous because he won't--but you see where I"m going here.  Just pray for me and I go back to work and love on other children 😊
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