When Your Sister is a Photographer: Harrison's 4.5 Month Photos

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My sister is a photographer and she just finished converting an extra bedroom in her home into a studio, so naturally, Harrison and I had to check it out 😜

I brought over three different outfits and we ended up putting Harrison in all three!  She took over 300 pictures, so these are just a few.  

And if you're local to north Alabama, you must check her out!  She's an excellent photographer!


  1. He is BEAUTIFUL!! My sister is a photographer, too, and I have the best photos of my girls because of it. I will forever be grateful for her contributions to our memory keeping.

  2. He is the cutest! Beautiful pics!

  3. He is such a beautiful boy! Photography is my hobby, so I take so many pictures of my kids. We have more pictures than wall space!

  4. Sarah, he is just perfect!! I love how he always sticks his little tongue out! It is just precious. Your sister is so talented. You're so lucky to have her right there in your family!

  5. Harrison is just so dang photogenic! SO CUTE!

  6. Sarah, he is just beautiful! I absolutely love your sister's style of photography & wish that I was closer so we could use her!

    xoxo, Jordyn


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