Friday Faves: #NSale 2019!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public!  The NSale is always a fun sale to shop because it's the only sale to sell fall/winter clothes before the season begins at a discount.  All other sales are end of the season.  

The past week has been open to card holders only, and now today it's open to everyone!  You may still be able to find yourself a good deal on something to wear this upcoming fall--or even to wear now!!

I always order more since Nordstrom ships free and lets you return items free (it's a win-win situation!!), so I'm not keeping all of these items.  I did splurge on ordering one item and I'm really still debating about keeping it.  It's SO nice, but do I really need it??

If you like something, click the link (I do earn about a penny for each link clicked, so thank you for clicking!!!) and see if it's still in stock!

 leopard dress | shoes (not part of the sale)
Love this dress!  I'm keeping it because it's perfect for school now.  It fits true to size, but I will say it doesn't give a ton of room in the chest area.

 pullover | shorts | tennis shoes (already sold out, but same linked that's not on sale)
I love this pullover since it's lightweight and more of a windbreaker-type pullover, and I'm definitely keeping the running shorts because I've never seen them on sale for this cheap!  My only problem is the shoes.  I love them, but they are a half size too big.  I sized down a half size and really needed to size down a full size, but they are already sold out!  I linked a really pretty pair that's full price if you like them.

 top | jeans (not part of the sale)
Keeping this shirt for sure!  I knew it would be a big hit during the sale and I was right.  My jeans aren't part of the sale, but they are my favorite if you're in the market for quality jeans. I wasn't impressed with any of the jeans in the sale.

 sweater | jeans (not part of the sale)
I love Free People sweaters SO MUCH, but I ordered this thinking it was a different style ha!  I'm going to return this even though it's really soft.

top | scarf | jeans (not part of the sale)
I'm returning this shirt because boxy shirts do nothing for my figure.  My dilemma is the scarf--it's such a luxury item and I know I would use it a lot because it's such a classic color BUT do I need it at this price point?!? 

If you shopped the sale, what's been your favorite item so far?
If you plan on shopping the sale, what are you looking for?


  1. I love the jeans and scarf.

  2. Love the printed top you’re keeping. So cute!

  3. I love that flowy Free People top! It looks great on you! And that scarf is beautiful! Personally, I think B would kill me if I spent that much on a scarf. Lol. But if you can afford the splurge and you really love it, I say go for it! Think of it as an investment piece.

  4. I actually really like the Free People sweater that you purchased! The scarf is cute, but not cute enough for that price in my opinion :)

  5. I love that free people floral top - mine got cancelled, but I am hoping it will be restocked this afternoon. Fingers crossed. And, I SO love that leopard dress on you. Gorgeous!

  6. The FP floral top did not work for me but it looks amazing on you! I also loved how soft the FP sweater was but it wasn't my favorite style on me.

  7. Love the color of the windbreaker how you chose the one with the pink on the bottom.

    And how you are keeping it -real- you like the jeans that fit you and are not just picking jeans that are on sale. I don't need a new pair of jeans right now but will have to try Florence Instasculpt Skinny Jeans when I do. Would love to get a nice tan wool coat for fall but haven’t been able to find one. Let us know what you decide w/ the scarf.

  8. Love that dress you're keeping and yes to the scarf! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. You got some really cute things! And I say keep the scarf :) Sometimes it's nice to splurge on a great scarf as you know it will get worn for years! :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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