Guest Post: Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Photographer with RAW Images

Monday, July 29, 2019

Happy Monday, y'all!  My sister Rachel, who owns her own photography business RAW Images, is sharing a little bit about what the behind the scenes of a wedding photographer looks like!

I wanted to share a tidbit into the life of a wedding photographer. I do every different type of photography (babies, seniors, families, events, etc), but if I had to pick a favorite, it’s definitely a wedding.

I always plan to arrive early to scope out the venue, use the bathroom, and get settled before the constant movement begins. 

Then it’s fire away!📸

I set aside as much time as I can to do details. Some days allow more time than others, but I always make a list of the essentials: 
- Dress, Shoes (his & hers), Rings (his & hers), Any additional jewelry, Veil, Garter, Invite (with envelope and RSVP is available),Flowers.

If I have a second shooter, I send them with the guys and I stay with the girls to snap some “getting ready” pictures. Most of the time everyone is already ready, so it’s a lot of reenacting. 

If the couple decides on a first look, we will do that and then couple portraits. 

After that it’s bridal party pictures..

Then family...

Then ceremony...

Then reception

And exit!

If a couple decides against a first look, I will do bridal/groom portraits separate, bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride and brides family, groom and grooms family. 

Either way every wedding day in generally the same flow but always end up different! 

I am super OCD organized, so I provide a timeline for my brides if they choose the option and let me say- it is a LIFESAVER! Having direction through a busy day is a key to making it run the most smooth. 

I absolutely love weddings! If you or someone you know is getting married, check out my website for pricing and galleries!

Non-wedding related specials coming up:
-Back to School Mini, Aug 4, 2 SPOTS LEFT
-Possible last minute sunflower pictures this week or next
-Cotton Mini
-Santa Pictures
-Christmas Mini 
Like my Facebook page to stay up to date on specials, minis, and last chance pricing!

Thank you Rachel for giving us a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a wedding photographer!

Friday Faves!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Happy Friday, y'all.....

....well, maybe ha!  Today is my last Friday of summer vacation because next Friday I start back to school.  This is the first summer that I am dreading going back because I'm going to miss Harrison so much.  Okay, enough talking about that because every time I think about leaving him, I tear up!  It's terrible!

I've got a few FAVORITES for y'all today because it's Friday!!!

my boys :)
 Yesterday was Dustin's 34th birthday.  I made him blueberry muffins (that he requested), got my roots done, grabbed lunch from his favorite sandwich bakery, did laundry, cleaned up, and then that night we...

...celebrated his birthday at the restaurant he chose!!!  We had both of our immediate families there.  And as you can see from his cake, I'm definitely taking advantage of the fact that Dustin is now "Daddy" by writing that on everything--it's so cute!

 On Wednesday, I asked y'all for a new show to watch and basically everyone said Gilmore Girls.  I'm only on episode 2 but I'm enjoying it so far!  I feel like it's a good show I can have on while I'm feeding Harrison his bottle.

I don't know if I've talked about this on the blog or not, but I just ran out of my essie gel top coat while doing my nails so I had to use my OPI top coat.  NOT THE SAME PEOPLE!!!  My nails chipped within two or three days with the OPI top coat and when I use the essie top coat, I get seven to eight days before a little chip appears.  Plus, my nails grow so fast that after seven to eight days, it's time for me to repaint anyway.  It's well worth the cost for this top coat AND it's really not outrageously expensive!

 My goal this school year is to wear bigger earrings.  I don't know if y'all have noticed, but my large pearl studs are my go-to earrings simply because I prefer classic, dainty jewelry (other than my engagement ring haha!).  My sister's friend/also my friend, Hannah, got me these earrings and I am loving them!  I also love mixing metals so these are perfect!

 Monday night we went to Sips and Strokes to paint signs for our classroom door and my friend Hailey and I did a little pre-gaming in the backseat...except she's pregnant haha!!

I will never get over how precious Harrison is and how he smiles with his whole body!!  This was after I got him ready for his Daddy's birthday dinner.  He should know by now that we have to take a picture each time he's got something cute on!

And today is our 5 year anniversary!!!  While I wish we were somewhere tropical celebrating 5 years together, instead we adopted Harrison and he was our big vacation haha!!!  The best vacation ever, right?!  Yes!!

Here are a few pictures to reminisce back on our wedding!
 Mr. and Mrs. Shaneyfelt!  We're walking down the aisle to this song!!  (my choice ha!)

 Heading to the country club for our reception!

 Our first dance was to this song

And the dance floor stayed full all night long!

And our wedding trailer!

We are going out tonight to celebrate our anniversary!  I'll be back Monday with a special guest post!!

Coffee Talk No. 3

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hey y'all!  I asked on IG stories yesterday evening about what blog post y'all wanted to see and a coffee talk won!!  I always enjoy my coffee talk posts because I feel like I'm just sitting down and having a genuine conversation with y'all--that's what I love about blogging--the connections I've made, so please leave a comment if you haven't before because I love talking to y'all :)

I might miss this long hair sometimes...especially when I could just wake up with it looking like I went to the beach.

-Last night we went to Harrison's preschool open house and I feel so much better and reassured that he's going to be in the best place when I go back to work in two weeks!  His teachers are the sweetest and we have so many friends in his class!

-I've thought about starting Gilmore Girls on Netflix since I've never watched it.  If you watch it, what's the appeal?  It's either going to be Gilmore Girls or Gossip Girl and I've already watched some of Gossip Girl.

-Out of everything I ordered from the Nordstrom sale, I ended up keeping this shirt (wore it last night), this pullover, these shorts, and this scarf--yes, I kept the scarf!!!  I ended up sending this dress back because after thinking about it, I'm just not trendy enough to pull off the whole leopard look.  Dustin had a bunch of stuff he kept!

-The past few days I have had an AWFUL headache hit me around lunchtime and stay all day long unless I take migraine medicine.  I hope this resolves itself before I go back to school.

-I want to redo our bedroom completely--new wall paint, new curtains, new bedding, new wall art.  We'll have to wait until my paycheck goes back to normal haha

What would you talk about during our coffee talk?!

Day in the Life: A New Mom

Monday, July 22, 2019

Happy Monday, y'all!!!

Lots of firsts in today's post and I'm so excited about it!  First, I've been wanting to document a day in the life with Harrison since we brought him home, but I always felt so scattered without a set routine that it was hard to thoroughly document.  Second, today's post might be the first one that's really picture heavy!  I usually shy away from putting a ton of pictures in my posts because I know it's overwhelming to read/sort through, but I tried to fully document this day so I could always remember what a normal day was like with my almost 5 month old.

Dustin had to work on Saturday and I knew it would be a typical day for Harrison and me, so that's the day I chose!  I did the best I could taking pictures, but you'll see that I didn't do so great after bath time ha!

**Side note: I haven't been sleeping well at night the past week, so I've been letting myself sleep in WAY TOO LATE to make up for it.  If you know me, you know that I enjoy getting up early in the morning, so this is the only non-typical thing about this post 😜

To see my other day in the life posts, click here!!!

Harrison first started stirring at this time (I could hear him and watch him on his monitor), so I took a screenshot thinking this would be the time I would be waking up.  Turns out, he put himself back to sleep--which is typical for him!!

I meant to close my eyes for just a few minutes, but I accidentally slept another hour.  This is when I woke up.

 I checked the monitor and he was sound asleep!
(Yes he sleeps on his stomach.  Yes he's breathing--trust me.  I know doctors now say "back is best" but Harrison can roll over and sleeps so much better on his stomach!)

 The first thing I do every morning if I wake up before Harrison (which is what normally happens) is I make my spark drink.  Also, our counter space has changed so much since having a baby haha!

 I go and wake Harrison up at 8am to give him his first bottle (if he hasn't woken up before that...which he normally doesn't) and check out the look he's giving me 😂😂  Don't worry, he did smile soon after he got over being mad at me lol!

 Since Harrison has reflux, we keep him upright 10-15 minutes after his bottle before we change his diaper, so we're just hanging out before diaper change.

 I was starving shortly after his bottle (usually I can wait until he goes down for a nap to eat) so I had to make my breakfast and I chose kodiak cakes.

 Harrison went down for a nap at 9:30am so I did my morning cleaning routine.  I took the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put those away and began loading the dishwasher with the dirty dishes.  I wiped down the counter tops and lit the candle.

 I made our bed and this morning I also deep cleaned our bedroom and bathroom and dusted the living room.

Harrison woke up a few minutes before 11, so I fed him his bottle about 5 minutes early.
 Then I changed his clothes for the day.  He's wearing his 4th of July outfit as much as he can this month haha!  And he's really into sticking his tongue out all the time!

 We played during tummy time.

 And then he played in his chair about 15 minutes...which is how long he lasts before crying.   He's still too small for this chair, so I have to prop him forward with a blanket and put a book under him to get him high enough to play.  My tiny baby 😍

 Harrison went down for his next nap at 12:45pm, so I showered....yay!!!!  And wore athletic clothes because it was 95 degrees out.

 Then I took a short break and watched some of the Hallmark Christmas in July movies while eating some Brookside chocolates.

 I woke him up for his next bottle at 2pm and then we stayed upright for a little while after.  He's always such a happy baby!!

 Then we had to run to Walmart to grab a few things we were out of and Harrison usually stares at me when we're in unfamiliar places :)  Then once we got out to the car and ran into our outreach pastor, he decided to cry so we cut that visit short and put him down for a nap as soon as we got home--about 3:50/4ish.

 I woke Harrison up for his next bottle at 5pm and he was in a much better mood!

 That tongue!!

 I needed to throw together dinner, so I put Harrison on the counter next to me while I cooked.  He was happy about helping--and listening to good music!

 I got stuff ready for taco salad.

 And we decided to dance while waiting on Daddy to get home from work.  (Harrison either holds onto my shirt or my neck when I hold him.)

 I didn't want taco salad, so I grabbed a glass pie dish and used 1/3rd of it to make oven baked nachos so I could have leftovers for lunch the next day!

But before I could eat, I quickly gave Harrison a bath while Dustin ate.

 And then Dustin got Harrison's jammies on him so I could eat.  I grabbed a quick picture and said, "Harrison, smile" and he did!  Love this sweet picture!

He's also REALLY LOVING his hands in his mouth right now.

Then I didn't get anymore pictures.  😞

Dustin always gives Harrison his 8pm bedtime bottle.  I then get Harrison ready for bed and put him down before 9pm (Usually 8:45).  Dustin went to bed shortly after because he was exhausted, and I stayed up watching Jurassic Park 3 🙈

Friday Faves: #NSale 2019!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public!  The NSale is always a fun sale to shop because it's the only sale to sell fall/winter clothes before the season begins at a discount.  All other sales are end of the season.  

The past week has been open to card holders only, and now today it's open to everyone!  You may still be able to find yourself a good deal on something to wear this upcoming fall--or even to wear now!!

I always order more since Nordstrom ships free and lets you return items free (it's a win-win situation!!), so I'm not keeping all of these items.  I did splurge on ordering one item and I'm really still debating about keeping it.  It's SO nice, but do I really need it??

If you like something, click the link (I do earn about a penny for each link clicked, so thank you for clicking!!!) and see if it's still in stock!

 leopard dress | shoes (not part of the sale)
Love this dress!  I'm keeping it because it's perfect for school now.  It fits true to size, but I will say it doesn't give a ton of room in the chest area.

 pullover | shorts | tennis shoes (already sold out, but same linked that's not on sale)
I love this pullover since it's lightweight and more of a windbreaker-type pullover, and I'm definitely keeping the running shorts because I've never seen them on sale for this cheap!  My only problem is the shoes.  I love them, but they are a half size too big.  I sized down a half size and really needed to size down a full size, but they are already sold out!  I linked a really pretty pair that's full price if you like them.

 top | jeans (not part of the sale)
Keeping this shirt for sure!  I knew it would be a big hit during the sale and I was right.  My jeans aren't part of the sale, but they are my favorite if you're in the market for quality jeans. I wasn't impressed with any of the jeans in the sale.

 sweater | jeans (not part of the sale)
I love Free People sweaters SO MUCH, but I ordered this thinking it was a different style ha!  I'm going to return this even though it's really soft.

top | scarf | jeans (not part of the sale)
I'm returning this shirt because boxy shirts do nothing for my figure.  My dilemma is the scarf--it's such a luxury item and I know I would use it a lot because it's such a classic color BUT do I need it at this price point?!? 

If you shopped the sale, what's been your favorite item so far?
If you plan on shopping the sale, what are you looking for?
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