Harrison is FOUR Months!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Harrison turns FOUR MONTHS today!!!  I literally cannot believe it!  Since my sister is an awesome photographer (check out her website here!!!), she came over and took Harrison's 4 month pictures on his blanket and a few extras.  He got really excited talking so you'll see all of those pictures at the end with his mouth open haha!

This month has brought so many changes with Harrison!  We're starting to really see his personality more.  He's really gotten into a groove with a schedule (for the most part), and obviously, he's staying awake longer throughout the day.  He also learned how to roll from his tummy to his back this month!

The big thing this month was moving him out of the bassinet next to my side of the bed and into his crib (insert me crying).  He has done such a good job sleeping at night and napping during the day in his crib that he actually prefers napping in his crib during the day.  I tried getting him to take a nap on his boppy on my bed while I was getting ready one morning (like he used to do) and he fussed until I put him in his crib--where he immediately went to sleep!  It hurt my feelings a little that he preferred that haha!

He likes...
-his play mat (and more specifically, the fox)
-his lovie bunny
-being able to see his Momma 
-his Daddy talking to him
-bath time
-sucking on his hands
-being held where he can see everything

He dislikes...
-being hungry
-wearing something that's too big (I learned that the hard way ha)
-anything that interferes with his nap time 😂😂
-taking the bottle out of his mouth to burp him

You'll notice in the rest of these pictures that Harrison isn't looking at the camera--he's looking at me!  I stood next to my sister and talked to Harrison to try to get him to smile, and instead, he "talked" back haha!

I know I sound like a broken record saying this, but I cannot get over the fact that God chose me to be Harrison's momma.  Being his mother is more than I ever could have imagined it would be.  So many people tell us how blessed Harrison is to have us as his parents, but it's really the other way around.  WE are so blessed to have him as our baby, and it's only because of God that he is.  Dustin and I have just gone back and talked about how if this didn't happen or that didn't happen then we would never have been in the position to find out about Harrison.  And I just go back and think about in the days after the first birth mom changed her mind and decided to parent her baby, I was just devastated and angry, and my mom gave me a card with the verse "For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37).  I distinctly remember telling her, "Well, I feel like it is right now," because I was in such a hurt place.  Not five days later did we receive pictures of the most beautiful newborn baby I had ever seen in my life--our son.  Oh, how I get chills thinking about how God was working even when I couldn't believe it.

Okay, enough onto pictures of Harrison!

What's Up Wednesday!! (June 2019)

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  I'm a little late in posting today, but better late than never, right?!

Here's a little recap of this month!

What we're eating this week...
Monday night I had my sister and dad and his girlfriend over for dinner, so I made a salad, enchilada lasagna, and a dessert.
Last night Dustin had softball so we ate leftovers--he ate lasagna and I ate salad.
Tonight I have small group at a restaurant so we're on our own again.
Thursday night we'll have something with chicken since that's what's in the freezer ha!
Friday night is Dustin's work picnic, so we'll eat pizza there.

What I'm reminiscing about...
We were talking Monday night how we've all been looking back over old pictures of Harrison!  I still can't believe he was so tiny and how much he's grown now.  He's in such a fun stage right now, but I also loved the newborn stage where I watched him sleep all the time.

What I'm loving...
I have loved being off work this summer and being home with Harrison all day long!  
-I've really loved instagram stories lately--especially Emily Jackson's with her new workout line, IVL.  

-I got a new dress for our family pictures we had on Sunday, and I can't wait for those pictures to get back so I can show y'all the whole look!  (Dress fits tts)

What we've been up to...
We've had a lot of fun this month!
 We've been trying on new outfits

 And smiling in lots of pictures

 Harrison rolled over (front to back) for the first time at the beginning of June!

 I've also had someone constantly watching me...

 Sometimes Harrison is too busy "talking" to smile for a picture

 We celebrated Dustin on his first Father's Day!!

 And we watched college world series baseball games

 Harrison LOVES playing on his play mat!  Notice him smiling at the fox and how blurry his hand is!

And we've swam!

Oh, and I finally got around to sharing Harrison's nursery!!!

What I'm dreading...
The insane heat and humidity is always my least favorite thing about summer--and especially now with a baby.  

What I'm working on...
I'm always working on eating better and being healthier 

What I'm excited about...
Harrison turns 4 months tomorrow!  And we have a lot of fun things in July!  A trip to Auburn, Dustin's birthday, and our 5 year anniversary!


What I'm watching/reading...
I'm currently watching Parks and Rec--it's not as funny as The Office, but it's okay.
I'm reading Furious Hours--if you're a fan of Harper Lee, you should read it!

What I'm listening to...
The 60s station on XM radio!

What I'm wearing...
I have realized that not all bathing suits are conducive to having an infant or small child.  I'm rewearing this one (from last year--linked one from this year) over and over because it's perfect for bending over or having my suit grabbed by a tiny hand :)

I'm also wearing these shorts every single day haha!

What I'm doing this weekend...
Hanging out with my mom, Dustin's work picnic, and Dustin, Harrison, and I are going to do something together Saturday...just not sure what yet

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Another month at home with Harrison!

What else is new...
Not much!

Harrison's Nursery Tour

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I know it's taken me (what feels like) forever to get around to sharing Harrison's nursery, but that's because it didn't feel finished and it still doesn't feel finished.  But I think it's as good as it's going to get right now!

Because we pursued adoption and knew that it could move quickly, I wanted to have a nursery ready as soon as possible.  I knew it would have to be gender neutral, and I found creating a gender neutral nursery much harder than I thought it would be.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and basically almost all gender neutral nurseries are either farmhouse style (which is not my style at all) or modern/minimalistic--again, not my style.  I knew I needed to come up with my own design--but on a budget 😁

My favorite color is blue so I decided I wanted really pale, pastel blue walls with all white furniture.  Then if we matched with a boy, it would be easy to style it for a boy, or if we matched with a girl, I would add in light pinks.

The first thing that went wrong was the paint.  I picked out a color from Sherwin Williams (can't remember the name) and had them cut it down to 50%.  My mom helped me paint and when we opened up the can, it was the most beautiful shade of pale blue......until it dried on the walls.  It was so much darker than I had intended it to be.  We painted the first coat and decided I would sleep on whether or not I was going back to the paint store to get a lighter shade.  I ended up deciding to keep the color and figured I would repaint if we were matched with a girl.

Because I was on a strict budget, I didn't want to buy a cheaply made glider that wouldn't last long and we weren't in the place to spend a lot of money on a quality one.  I found the one we have at my friend's consignment sale and it was custom from a very expensive local baby store.  The only problem--it was gray.....a color I don't like.  I think I sat in the glider for 30 minutes contemplating whether or not I should buy it.  It was excellent quality at a good price but it was a color I hated and didn't want in the nursery.  I ended up buying it, and I'm glad I did because it's so comfortable and doesn't look bad in his room.

That's a little background before seeing his nursery.  Like I said, it's not finished--I probably want to add shelves on either side of his window--but I am ready to share it.

Come on in!
 This is the view from the doorway.  I'd like to have a rug, but that's low on the priority list.

 Pictures are from Harrison's 2 week session when my sister drove to San Antonio to take his pictures!

 We announced our adoption holding a gown with a lamb on it, so a lamb felt symbolic!

 I had to include the top left picture because Harrison was crying during pictures and he's holding Dustin's finger.

I've got to add pictures in those frames!

A Low-Key Father's Day Weekend

Monday, June 17, 2019

This was such a low-key, relaxing weekend and I enjoyed it so much!!  With Dustin's work schedule, he works two weekends a month and is off two weekends a month.  A weekend for him is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so it's great for me during the summer because I love having three days with him in a row!

Friday morning I went with a friend to the mall while she shopped and Dustin took Harrison with him to run errands.  It was so nice for me to go with a friend and not worry about feeding on time or finding a bathroom with a changing table or a fussy baby 😜  But after a few hours, I was ready to get back to my baby!

Friday evening, Dustin and I went to see Aladdin (which we both enjoyed!!) and Harrison stayed with my aunt.  We lived next door to my aunt growing up and I loved staying at her house, so I know Harrison is going to be the same way!  

Saturday morning Dustin and I spent a good bit of time playing and talking to Harrison.  He's really started babbling a lot more and it's the sweetest sound ever!  I also came across an outfit I had bought this past winter and it's one of my favorites.  Because Harrison was born premature and was SO tiny, this little outfit was too big!  He now fits into it, but it's obviously way too hot for it so I snapped a few pictures of him in it to remember it by ha!  And you'll see that he was too busy "talking" to sit still for a picture.

(Outfit is Kissy Kissy--one of my favorite brands!)

Harrison and I ran a few errands while Dustin did yard work, and we came home to this...

Apparently he was pressure washing behind the garbage cans.

Sunday morning we surprised Dustin with a few gifts (after letting him sleep in) and then we went to church.  We did lunch with my dad and then Dustin watched college baseball--which is exactly what he wanted to do!

 (outfit from The Beaufort Bonnet Company!)

 Picture break while a peach cobbler was baking

Harrison during the Auburn vs Miss State baseball game 😂

My Current Makeup Routine + a Video!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I have been meaning to do this post for a very long time!  I love finding out about new makeup products and trying new things.  I feel like I currently use a lot of products and one day I know I'll use less, but I do like the look these products create.

I did include a video clip at the end just explaining the order of my products and how I apply them.  It's a very unprofessional video (as in, I don't even have anything to hold my phone up ha), but I thought it might be helpful!

1. Primer
5. Powder
10. Mascara
11. Blush

And I've included this video to explain in detail, so don't judge!! 😂

High Hopes for a Monday...and then Real Life :)

Monday, June 10, 2019

Excuse me if I look like this today.  

I had high hopes of doing a blog post about my makeup this weekend to publish today, but it's just been one of those weekends, ya know?!

Harrison ran a slight fever Friday night into Saturday, so he didn't feel great.  Last night he slept in his crib for the first time at night (he's been napping in his crib).  Let's just say, I'll probably have a spark or coffee in my hand all day today--we were awake more last night than when he was a newborn haha!

So check back on Wednesday for my makeup post because I've been wanting to do one for a long time!!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday Faves!!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy Friday!!  I cannot believe it's already Friday again--the weeks move so quickly when it's summertime 😜😂

Today, I'm sharing some FAVORITES with you!

I finished reading this book yesterday and it is the cutest!!!  It kept my attention the whole time and had the best plot.  Olive's sister is marrying Ethan's brother and Olive and Ethan are the only ones who don't get sick from the seafood buffet at the reception.  Because of that, they get to go on their siblings' honeymoon--the only thing is that they hate each other and have to pretend to be newlyweds.  If you need something lighthearted and fun, read this book!!

I LOVED Harrison in this sunsuit from Shrimp and Grits Kids!!  It's a little big, so he'll get to wear it all summer long.  I skipped having them monogram it, and my friend Kristi (who has a monogramming business) did it for me!

 My simple joys post has become a new favorite for me to write because it makes me stop and think about the little things that bring me joy.

 I had an all day workshop on Wednesday, and Dustin was off work so Harrison stayed with him.  Something must have clicked for Harrison because he started raising up his head really high and rolling over!!!  He's always cried after a few minutes on the ground, so I was so surprised when Dustin sent me a video of Harrison rolling over while I was at my workshop.  I was so proud of him that I cried!  Yesterday he rolled over like crazy and I love watching him!

And when we get done with tummy time, we play on our play mat and it's become Harrison's new favorite!  Also, Harrison's pajamas are MY favorite and I'm going to be so sad when he grows out of them!!

Simple Joys no. 3

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Happy Thursday!!  

I'm back today with another installment of Simple Joys.  I really love doing these posts because it forces me to think about the small things that bring me joy, and that can really put things into perspective when you're having a bad day.

As always, please share your Simple Joys in the comments!

-reading a good book (I'm halfway through this one and it's hilarious!!)
-making a new recipe and it turning out perfectly!
-following news on the Royal Family
-Christmas movies

Weekend Review!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy Monday!!!  This weekend was filled with both relaxation and busyness and it was perfect!

 Dustin and I started out Friday night with a date night to Taco Mama.  It's a chain that we (or me?) absolutely love.  This time I got nachos and a skinny marg and it was so good!  Dustin got his usual burrito order with a flavored marg.  Sadly, we didn't get a picture together--#newparentlife? ha!  My dress is from last summer, but this is this summer's print!!

Saturday morning Harrison woke up at 5am (😩), so I got up with him.  After his bottle, we both fell back asleep on the couch until 8 haha!

 Then Dustin and I both exercised separately while the other person stayed with Harrison.  Then I got Harrison ready for running errands with me and died laughing when I put this hat on him.  I bought this little playsuit and hat from a Facebook group.

We stayed pretty chill Saturday night--Harrison had a bath, we ordered pizza, and Dustin watched Alabama softball while I read my book for my June book club meeting.

(It was The Lying Game by Ruth Ware and I hated every moment of it haha!!  I hate thrillers, so it was torture for me to read it.)

Sunday morning we went to church and took Harrison to the nursery for the first time ever.  Up until now, we've just kept Harrison in the service with us and he's either slept in his carseat or we've held him.   Now that's he's turned 3 months, I felt like I was ready to take him to the nursery.  Of course he did great and I only worried a little during the service ha!

Harrison is wearing a sunsuit from Shrimp and Grits Kids!

We went out to lunch after and then Harrison napped at home while I did a little laundry.  Sunday was a lazy day for us at home.  Later that evening, I got together with some girls from church and we watched the season finale of When Calls the Heart.  My friend Emily made Canadian snacks for us to eat while we watched.  If you watch WCTH, please tell me what you thought about the finale and about how they handled Abigail's leave!!

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