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Friday, May 24, 2019

Hey y'all!

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've blogged or read/commented on blogs.  I know it's just the season I'm in, but I'm hoping this summer gives me A LOT more free time to keep this hobby up because I love it!  I have ideas for the blog randomly run through my head--I just miss it!

Today at 3 o'clock begins summer break for me, and with that, I have lots of FAVORITES for y'all today!  (Summer break being one of them ha!)

 Dustin plays on our church's men's softball team and his games are every Tuesday night.  They've usually been at 7:30 or 8:30pm and that's too late for us to be out, so Harrison hasn't gotten to see his daddy play.  But this week, they played at 6:30 and Harrison and I swung by to cheer Daddy on for a little bit before going home and starting his bedtime routine.  My friend Emily's husband got called in to fill an extra spot, so her little girl Anna had fun "playing" with Harrison--it was so cute!  Our stroller is here (best purchase ever!!) and my favorite baby items post is here if you're expecting or need ideas!

 Wednesday was the last day with students, so I wore my most Meghan-esque ensemble to school.  This white button down, favorite jeans (ON SALE!!!), and favorite sandals were the most comfortable thing to wear to school that day.

 Harrison has started grabbing things with his little hands--my shirts, his blanket or outfit, etc.  It's the sweetest thing.  I cannot wait to be home with him every day this summer.

 I bought these footed pajamas while we were still waiting to be matched, and it's so special to see my baby wearing these jammies that I was so hopeful when buying.  Cannot get over the Sophie the Giraffe print!

Harrison is now on week 3 of being woken up early for me to feed him so I can get ready on time before leaving for school.  One particular morning this week was rough for him.  He wasn't his normally smiley self in the morning and barely stayed awake for his bottle.  I always put him on his boppy on my bed while I'm getting ready in the bathroom, and at one point, I checked on him and saw this.  Poor baby was exhausted!  He actually napped that morning from 5:40-7:20, so I know he was exhausted because he never sleeps that long in the morning!

Okay, this last thing isn't a FAVORITE but a QUESTION!!  I've been thinking lately about how I should be taking vitamins.  I used to take a ton when I was going through fertility treatments, but after my miscarriage, I went quit taking any and all medicine because I was so tired of it (I took a lot).  Now I'm realizing I probably could be benefiting from taking vitamins.  My question is this--what type of vitamins should a 31 year old woman be taking? I could probably go back to taking a prenatal with iron since that's what I was taking before and it does have a lot in it.  I also used to take Vitamin D3 and CoQ10--I know the CoQ10 isn't needed now, but maybe the Vitamin D3 is?  Or B12?

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. Enjoy summer break with your little cutie.

  2. I remember those pajamas and now it is so awesome to see Harrison in them, they were meant for him! Woo hoo, come on 3 o’clock, I’m so happy you get all summer to spend with your little man!

  3. B 12 for energy and also vitamin D. The drops are better. Also, magnesium for when you were in your 30s

  4. So precious to see him in those pajamas you bought before you had him! Those types of things are sooooo sweet, to see it all come full circle. =)

    For the vitamins, I can highly personally recommend the Garden of Life MyKind Organics either Prenatal Once Daily or the Womens Once Daily. I'm nearing the end of my second pregnancy and have religiously taken the prenatals both times, and then in between I was taking the women's. They are similar, but yet have different amounts of certain nutrients, particularly the iron (100% in the prenatal, and 10% in the women's). You can find them for a much better deal on Ebay than in stores or on Amazon. I think they really help, and all the nutrients are sourced directly from plants, versus being chemically & synthetically created, like most vitamins.

    Enjoy your summer at home with your little sweetheart boy!!!!!!

  5. Harrison is so sweet, enjoy your summer with him! :)

    I highly recommend taking a plant based vitamin as your body will better absorb the nutrients. These type of vitamins will also likely have a suggested dose of taking 2-3 daily since each vitamin will have lower amounts of each nutrient because your body can only absorb so much at a time. Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc are great vitamins that I believe all women should be taking :) Naturelo & Thorne are some of my favorite brands!

  6. I used to take just regular Women's vitamins from Target, and then ended up stopping. Once you get your mix figured out, please share because I would love to start taking some again!

  7. I take Rainbow Light Women's One and their calcium (from Amazon).


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