Friday Faves!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Happy Friday!!!  Dustin is off of work this weekend so we plan on packing it full of family time!

Today I'm sharing all of my FAVORITES from this week with y'all!


I hate to put this above Harrison, BUT Harry and Meghan have their own Instagram and are posting pictures the public have not seen before.  I love this one of Harry and Meghan in Africa putting a tracker on an elephant.  If you haven't followed them yet, follow them at @sussexroyal


Every blogger I know is doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss (FWTFL) program and it's actually a program that works!  I had signed up to start round 1 on March 4, but then Harrison surprised us all so my coach was gracious enough to let me start the next round.  So I'm starting April 15 and I'm excited.  I know two friends from college who are doing it and both have had major success and have said it's super easy.  That's what I'm looking forward to, so be on the lookout for FWTFL mentions after I get started!  Email me if you're interested in learning more or knowing who my coach is!  (

 I had my first baby shower last Sunday with all of my teacher and book club friends!  My friend Hailey hosted at her home and it was such a beautiful shower!  The cake matched the invitation and the only thing not pictured on the table is the iced sugar cookies that a coworker made and were absolutely gorgeous and tasty!

 Harrison got so many great things!!!

 This is the beautiful hostess!!  We both teach seventh grade English together and I don't know what I would do without her!  We graduated high school together but now that we actually work and teach together, we have become best friends--it's nice to work with someone you love!  And she reads my blog, so Hey Hailey!!!

Pictures of Harrison because he is my ultimate FAVORITE!  I can't get over how beautiful he is and the fact that he is such a good baby!
 He loves to sleep with his arms up.

 Those eyes 

 I had just finished feeding him and we were staring at each other.  I love it when he just looks at me!

I'm starting to transition him into newborn clothes.  I love these jammies because they are so soft, but they are still too big on him haha!!  The preemie clothes have gotten a little small and newborn is still too big.

-Want an eye cream that will actually work and not break the bank?  I've gone through two containers of this eye cream and am about to order my third.  It brightens, hydrates, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

-I realized I've never mentioned this hair product that I use.  I get LOTS of comments about my hair, and it's so funny because my hair is colored and naturally thick and coarse.  But I do a lot to take care of my hair and it's the healthiest it's ever been.  On days that I wash my hair, I put this oil on towel dried hair on the ends of my hair to halfway up.  On days that I don't wash my hair, I put this oil on the bottom half of my hair either after I straighten it or curl it.  It doesn't weigh your hair down either!

Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Harrison is precious and yay for such sweet friends showering you :) . I am excited about the Royals new IG too, love them!

  2. I'm loving the Sussex Royal IG account!! But not as much as I'm loving those pics of cutie pie Harrison!

  3. I'm in the March 4th round of FWTFL and I am loving it!

  4. Looks like your shower was a huge success! The close are cute but I am now craving a cheese ball! haha

  5. Ok - I was pumped to follow H&M's new IG account before it hit the millions. The baby shower looks beautiful! In no time at all you'll find it hard to remember how little he was in those preemie clothes! Soak it all up mama and make notes and notes and so many notes! I wish I had taken more than I did. It's fleeting.

  6. Your dress in the baby shower photo is beautiful. Where'd you get it?

  7. I'm so excited about Harry and Meghan's new IG account! I followed them the day it debuted and I'm obsessed!


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