Harrison is TWO Months!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

(my favorite one haha!)

Harrison turned two months on Saturday, April 27th, and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!  How in the world has two months already flown by?!

This week is my last week of maternity leave and I'm cherishing every moment I have with him.  The good thing, though, is that I'll only be going back to work for three weeks before summer break and then I've got two more months with him before school starts again.

Dustin and I have loved watching Harrison's personality develop.  He's genuinely such a happy baby and is so content.  He has his fussy moments but those are always fixed by cuddling him.  He LOVES being held close!

Harrison likes...
-being held
-bath time
-looking around
-ceiling fans

Harrison dislikes...
-waiting on his bottle to be made
-putting lotion on

And a few pictures from this month of Harrison!

Favorite Newborn Baby Items!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy Friday, y'all!!  Today is a post that I've been thinking about for a long time, but I just haven't dedicated the time to doing it 😂🙈

Since we spent the first three weeks of Harrison's life living in hotel rooms in Texas, we basically lived with the bare minimum when it came to newborn baby items.  Just the essentials.

I'm going to share what my favorite items were in Texas and then I'll share what we used when we got home (and what would have made life much easier in Texas).

And you'll have to click on the links to see pictures because Momma doesn't have time to post pictures, too ha!

What we used in Texas...

UppaBaby Vista Stroller-- Yes, this is a pricey item, but it was the one baby item I knew I wanted when we first realized that we had to seek fertility help.  I waited until after we were matched (with our first one) and on a Nordstrom triple points day (lol) to order this!  We took this with us to Texas and it was the best thing we did!  Harrison slept in the bassinet every night and we set it in the stroller and rolled it next to my bedside so it would be level with the bed.  We took him on walks using the stroller, too, while we were there.  I will soon be transitioning him to the toddler seat with the infant insert.  Also, the things this stroller company thought of with this stroller and all of the accessories is amazing!  (We have the Gregory Blue Melange color)

UppaBaby Mesa Carseat-- Love this for many reasons, but mainly for the fact that I can take it out of the car and pop it into the stroller without any added attachments.

Jujube Diaper Bag--  I thought this was really small when I first got it (and it was too small for all of the stuff I had to take with us to the airport haha), but honestly, it's perfect for us right now.  It holds everything we need when we go out, and it comes with a padded changing pad.

Boon Grass-- This was a lifesaver in Texas drying bottles with the limited room we had, and now we use two at home!

Carseat Cover-- This is a MUST!!!!  Ours was gifted before we left, but I kept Harrison covered 24/7 when we went out in TX because he was premature and flu season.  I haven't covered him much lately, but I do keep him covered at church.  Basically anywhere there's a large group of people.

Dr. Brown's Bottles--  We used these because they had preemie size nipples and that's what he used, but we have kept using them with his reflux and it's been fine!

SwaddleMe swaddles-- These keep Harrison's arms down (as long as we first swaddle him with his arms straight by his side).  He really sleeps well in these swaddles.

Lou Lou and Co Swaddles--  These are so soft!!  We used these a lot in Texas and they are huge, soft blankets.  I know we'll also use them when he takes naps as a toddler and needs a blanket.  (Harrison has the color linked)

What we used when we got home...

UppaBaby Bassinet Stand-- See how useful that stroller is?  Harrison sleeps in the bassinet from his stroller in our room and it pops in this stand.  When we move him to his nursery (soon 😭) then this piece of furniture will transform into his laundry hamper!  UppaBaby for the win!

Changing Pad-- With having a boy, we've had a few many times of being peed on, and I love this changing pad because I can just wipe it off and quickly sanitize it without having to strip it and wash the cover.  It's huge too so it will grow with him, and it just sits on his dresser!

Sound Machine--  Love that I can control the type of sound, volume, and color from my phone!

Favorite Footed PJs--  Love this brand for his little body right now!  So, so soft!  **I don't do the crazy prints because that's not my style.  We have solids, neutral stripes, and one pair in honor of the British royal family.

Boppy Lounger--  I wish we had this in Texas because it would have been so useful.  I tote this around the house and lay Harrison in it and let him watch the ceiling fan haha!  I've even put it on the kitchen counter while I'm cooking so I can having him right beside me.

I know this isn't a huge list and there are things I've left off like a bottle warmer or baby brezza or monitor, but those are things we either don't use (bottle warmer) or made do without until recently--so they aren't necessities in my book.

Thoughts for Thursday

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hey hey!  I'm coming at you with a few random things today because I'm working on a FAVORITES post for tomorrow on my favorite baby items so far!

Tuesday night Dustin and I had a date night to go see Leon Bridges in concert.  We bought those tickets October 1st, so I've been waiting that long for his concert was not my favorite.  I've been to LOTS of concerts and I can say that I've seen better.  I love his music, but he didn't really connect with the crowd and he changed up every single song he sang!  That's my biggest pet peeve with live music.  I get that after singing a song a thousand times a musician would get tired, but changing every song??  No.

My mom and sister kept Harrison and when my mom sent me a picture of Harrison sleeping before his bedtime bottle, I told her to keep him awake so he would sleep that night.  Then she sent me this...
😂😂 I laughed so hard at this because I can see how tired he is haha!

 My Easter dress was a favorite and I will definitely be purchasing more items from her!  And you can't see my shoes, but they are the nude pair and on sale currently!

I'll share more about this tomorrow, but one of my favorite brands for Harrison to wear is Kissy Kissy.  I'm obsessed with their shortall outfits for boys.  Harrison has a couple at the size he's in now and he still has some to grow in to!

Harrison's First Easter

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Monday!!!

Yesterday was a dream--celebrating Harrison's first Easter was everything I had imagined it would be!  I loved putting together his Easter basket and dressing him up for church yesterday morning.  I just can't get over how much I love him and what he's added to our family!

 Showing Harrison his Easter basket when he woke up Sunday morning

 And lounging by it after church haha!

 Our friends snapped some family pictures for us after church service and Harrison was not feeling it haha!

 Cutest baby in the entire world

 We opened his Easter basket together 😂

And then had to take a picture in it!

Motherhood Expectations vs Reality

Thursday, April 18, 2019

I had so many thoughts about how motherhood would be before I became a mother, and I know I'm not the only woman who did that, too.  Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being Harrison's momma.  There's nothing like looking at his sweet face and having him stare back at me or being able to calm Harrison when he's upset.  But there are some things that are different than what I expected them to be...

Expectation: Harrison would be on a schedule.
Reality:  NOPE!  I read Moms on Call a long time ago with the plan of putting whatever baby we had on a schedule.  Except Harrison was born premature and put into the NICU for 11 days on the NICU's schedule.  Then with his reflux problems and trying different formulas, there was no way I could try to get him on a schedule.  Now that's he's 7 weeks, I think we're ready to try the MOC schedule--just about 6 weeks later than I had thought haha!  He's finally going a little longer than 3 hours between feedings at night, so I think he's ready to try!

Expectation: I would have plenty of time to get done what I need to (cleaning, reading, working out, etc) since babies sleep most of the time.
Reality:  I still am not sure how it's been so tough for me to get anything accomplished???  I feel like I'm barely able to get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded every day, so there's no way I even have time to think about working out.  And sometimes I try to nap once a day when he's napping--especially if he didn't sleep much the night before.

Expectation:  Feeding would be a breeze.
Reality:  I feel enslaved to bottle feeding haha!  Harrison is such a slow eater so it takes him 30-40 minutes to drink his bottle.  Then we have to keep him on our shoulder for about 10 minutes after because of his reflux.  Then we change his diaper.  Sometimes I feel like I've spent an hour doing all of that and then he eats again 2 hours later.  This is definitely way different than I thought it would be!

If you're a mom, is there anything I left off of this list that applied to you?  I'd love to hear!

Favorites on a Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

It's so funny how I thought during my maternity leave that I would have all the time to blog and read books and watch Netflix series, and now I'm laughing at myself.  If Harrison's asleep then I'm either trying to sleep or I'm trying to keep up with laundry and washing 500 million bottles.  

I wouldn't trade my current life situation for anything though!

So without rambling further, let me share my FAVORITES with you!

I love wearing lipstick.  I can be having a bad day and pick up a new tube of lipstick and forget all my troubles for a while.  It may sound shallow but it makes me happy!  I recently went to the Mac counter at Belk and asked for a pink lipstick that I could wear every day that would also look good with my skin tone.  The girl pulled a tube from the "frosty" section and I immediately flashed back to junior high make up.  But I trusted her and bought it--and it's been a spring favorite!  It does NOT go on frosted and the color lasts!  The color is called Fabby.

 One of my friends (and coworker) had a baby boy three weeks before Harrison was born and we've been on maternity leave at the same time.  We've been able to meet for lunch a few times and it's been so fun pretending to be a stay at home mom together haha!!!  Last week was her last week off before going back to school so we met for lunch and I had to snap this of these future besties.  They will be at the same preschool when Harrison starts in August!

 And another Harrison picture BECAUSE I AM SO OBSESSED.  Isn't he the most perfect baby?!  I kiss him so much and I know if he could talk he would tell me it's enough haha!

Sunday was the conclusion of all of Harrison's baby showers with a Sip and See at my house.  (I chose not to do showers before because I was scared of a failed adoption--and now I'm glad I waited.)  We had the best time and Harrison slept the entire time just like that haha!  I will do a post on the Sip and See (hopefully) tomorrow because it was so cute!  And you can find my dress here!  Harrison is wearing Auraluz.

Simple Joys no. 1

Monday, April 8, 2019

One of my very favorite podcasts to listen to, Journeywomen, always ends with Hunter the host asking her guest to list three simple joys.  I love it because it gives you a neat way to get to know the guest and learn what brings her joy. 

So today I want to share a few of my simple joys with y'all!

-a hot shower

-laying in bed watching tv while it rains

-reading a good book

-a freshly bathed baby

What are some of your simple joys?

Friday Faves!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Happy Friday!!!  Dustin is off of work this weekend so we plan on packing it full of family time!

Today I'm sharing all of my FAVORITES from this week with y'all!


I hate to put this above Harrison, BUT Harry and Meghan have their own Instagram and are posting pictures the public have not seen before.  I love this one of Harry and Meghan in Africa putting a tracker on an elephant.  If you haven't followed them yet, follow them at @sussexroyal


Every blogger I know is doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss (FWTFL) program and it's actually a program that works!  I had signed up to start round 1 on March 4, but then Harrison surprised us all so my coach was gracious enough to let me start the next round.  So I'm starting April 15 and I'm excited.  I know two friends from college who are doing it and both have had major success and have said it's super easy.  That's what I'm looking forward to, so be on the lookout for FWTFL mentions after I get started!  Email me if you're interested in learning more or knowing who my coach is!  (

 I had my first baby shower last Sunday with all of my teacher and book club friends!  My friend Hailey hosted at her home and it was such a beautiful shower!  The cake matched the invitation and the only thing not pictured on the table is the iced sugar cookies that a coworker made and were absolutely gorgeous and tasty!

 Harrison got so many great things!!!

 This is the beautiful hostess!!  We both teach seventh grade English together and I don't know what I would do without her!  We graduated high school together but now that we actually work and teach together, we have become best friends--it's nice to work with someone you love!  And she reads my blog, so Hey Hailey!!!

Pictures of Harrison because he is my ultimate FAVORITE!  I can't get over how beautiful he is and the fact that he is such a good baby!
 He loves to sleep with his arms up.

 Those eyes 

 I had just finished feeding him and we were staring at each other.  I love it when he just looks at me!

I'm starting to transition him into newborn clothes.  I love these jammies because they are so soft, but they are still too big on him haha!!  The preemie clothes have gotten a little small and newborn is still too big.

-Want an eye cream that will actually work and not break the bank?  I've gone through two containers of this eye cream and am about to order my third.  It brightens, hydrates, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

-I realized I've never mentioned this hair product that I use.  I get LOTS of comments about my hair, and it's so funny because my hair is colored and naturally thick and coarse.  But I do a lot to take care of my hair and it's the healthiest it's ever been.  On days that I wash my hair, I put this oil on towel dried hair on the ends of my hair to halfway up.  On days that I don't wash my hair, I put this oil on the bottom half of my hair either after I straighten it or curl it.  It doesn't weigh your hair down either!

Have a great weekend!!!!
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