Meghan Markle Maternity Syle That I'm Loving

Monday, February 11, 2019

It's no secret that I love Meghan Markle.  

She's living out (almost) every American girl's dream....marrying a prince.  She's got access to loads of good fashion, and aside from the pressure from the press, I'd like to think she lives a good life.  She's been given a major platform to do good in the world, and she's married to the love of her life :)

Her maternity fashion choices have been very interesting.  I honestly thought she'd dress a little different, but I'm not hating it!  There are some outfits I like more than others, so today I thought I'd share some of the ones I've been liking!

 I think this dress is Oscar de la Renta.  I didn't like it at first, but it eventually grew on me and I really like the pop of color the shoes gave it (see below).  I probably wouldn't have paired tall boots with a longer dress, but she did and it looks good on her!

 This shows her boots better!  The olive color looks really good with the dress above.

 I once saw an interview with Meghan for Good Housekeeping and she mentioned she really enjoys a good monochromatic look.  Keep that in mind because she chooses to wear monochromatic a lot.  I like the all black look on her.  The skirt has pleats!

 I love the neckline on this evening gown and the fact that it's a darker color.  

 This one surprised me when I first saw it pop up on social media because she's not one to wear bold colors.  But as the day went on, the news began reporting how she may have dressed in purple and red to match the logo of the organization they were visiting, and an old picture of Diana dressed in purple and red popped up and I thought that was sweet.

 Meghan loves a good blush look and I love it on her!  Her make up looks really good right here, too.  Do you like the blazer with this?  Oh, and Saturday Dustin and I were in Nordstrom and I came across the Aquazzura shoe display and I saw these exact shoes-of course I had to check the price and tell Dustin how Meghan Markle wears this brand ha!  And these are very, very similar to the ones she wore most recently except hers had a higher heel (and in a maternity look that I did not like).

 Another semi-monochromatic look and this one features a dress from H&M maternity.  She hasn't worn hardly any real maternity pieces, so I was surprised to see her wear this one.  I like that Kate pairs high end pieces with low end, and I hope that Meghan will do that, too!

I LOVED this look!  Meghan went back to the Grenfell(?) Tower where she helped to create the cookbook and wore this look.  I'm pretty sure this look was from November, too.

Which of these is your favorite maternity look for Meghan?


  1. She is flippin amazing and so are you! xo

  2. I love any outfits that accentuate the bump!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. She is darling! I love the black even gown on her! The blush color is gorgeous on her skin tone as well.

  4. The all black with the pleats!? LOVE. I'm so into the royals as well, I swear, it's a guilty pleasure. Did you see Kate's dress for the BAFTAs? WOW

  5. That evening gown is stunning on her! I just love her!

  6. I love the sparkly evening gown and the H&M maternity dress looks best. I am NOT a fan of the green boot look - I feel like it looks frumpy and she's definitely not!

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  8. I loved that H&M dress on her - she looks stunning is pretty much anything, but I love her in the lighter tans / blushes - although that black with the ballerina bun was one of my favorites. Just super classic!

  9. I just love that monochromatic look! So classy and put together! I never think to dress all in one color but definitely need to give it a whirl this year.

  10. She is so beautiful and I love her style.

  11. She would look better if she would hire a tailor to fit her clothes to her.... or if she would wear maternity clothes. I've been so disappointed in her style. I had such high hopes after the blue Roksanda dress and some of the Australian tour outfits... but she really needs to find a tailor who can help her pull together these outfits for a more polished look. The clothes are beautiful but they just don't fit and it makes me crazy, especially given how expensive they are!!


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