Weekend Review: The Busiest Weekend Ever!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Happy Monday!!  I hope as you're reading today's post that you're listening to some kind of Christmas music :)  I'm actually listening to a Hallmark Christmas movie as I type this haha!

I had a jam-packed weekend that was so fun but also one of those weekends that you need another weekend to recover from haha!  I didn't get any pictures from Friday, but as soon as I got home from school, I changed clothes and Dustin and I headed with his parents to set up our craft booth at his cousin's church that we had as an adoption fundraiser.  His family (along with some others) had been crafting things for us to sell to help raise money to pay our adoption agency fee.

Friday night was set up night and of course it was pouring rain.  It took us about an hour to set up and figure out how we wanted things in our 8x8 space.  After we finished, we went to the mall nearby for me to return something and to eat supper.  After running a few more errands, I think we finally got in bed at 10:30PM (already past my bedtime!).

On Saturday, our alarm went off at 5:30AM because we had to leave at 6:30AM to get to our booth the time we were required to be there.
 I think we did pretty good for first-timers!  We sold all of those items and then sold raffle tickets.  The multicolored quilt was part of the raffle.

 People were so nice when they found out we were raising money for an adoption.  One woman cried and hugged me and another woman gave me a t-shirt she bought there last year from an adoption fundraiser.

Alabama played Georgia that afternoon, and lucky for us, the market was over at 2--which allowed us to quickly pack away the few items we had left and head home to catch the game.  I think I ended up taking maybe a 10 minute nap during halftime haha!

 And fun fact about me that you probably didn't know: I LOVE boxing!  Seriously, I was raised on watching boxing matches.  There was a big fight Saturday night starting at 8PM, so we all headed to my dad's since he bought it on ppv.  The main event didn't come on until 11:20-30ish??

 This is how Rachel and I were haha!  We were exhausted!  It was a great fight, and actually, 2 out of the 3 fights before the main event were really good, too.  Dustin and I got home, I washed my hair (because I knew I would have a hard time getting up to do it before church), and went to bed at 1AM--WAY PAST MY BEDTIME!!!

Sunday morning we got up for church, and then after lunch, I laid down to take a much-needed nap.  I really needed to clean around the house, but I was also so tired.
 I love wearing our adoption t-shirt and the most comfortable pj pants ever!

 Sorry this is sideways!
Sunday night I went with some friends from school to a coworker's church for a ladies' night to kickoff the advent season.  We had dessert so I got red velvet cake!

And these were the sweet friends who rode with me!


  1. Your booth was the best one I bet!! I was raised with a daddy who loved to watch boxing so it get ti! Happy Monday girl!

  2. I enjoyed having you as my booth neighbor!! I'm glad y'all did so well!! :)

  3. Ahhh so glad that the fundraiser was a success! Your weekend sounds jam packed - definitely need another to recover from it!

  4. So glad the fundraiser went well - the booth looked great!

  5. Your booth looks great, so happy that your fundraiser went well!

  6. That is certainly a fun fact about you with Boxing! Funny enough, I love Rocky movies, not the same but sort of LOL! So glad the booth was a success for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Give me all the red velvet cake loaded with icing! So glad the event was a success!

  8. That is awesome that y'all sold all of your stuff! How wonderful!

  9. Now that Ive found you on Insta and know what your accent sounds like I read your entire posts in a Southern accent hehe. Love the adoption tee and so glad your event was a success!

  10. I'm so glad the fundraiser went well!!!! :) SO awesome!

  11. What a fun weekend. I am so glad that your fundraiser went well. I love all the signs you had at the market. I love your adoption tees as well. What a fun weekend.

  12. I love that you sold everything you brought to the fair - that's awesome! I hope the quilt went for a lot, because it is seriously STUNNING!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend even though it was super busy! I saw your instastories so I already knew you had a busy time. Glad you did so good at the craft fair! :)

  14. Glad that you sold out at the craft fair. You think you're tired now, just wait!! LOL


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