Tips for Staying Healthier During the Holidays

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow (so crazy!) and then Christmas parties just around the corner, there will be LOTS of opportunities to overeat and ruin your diet.  And most of us have more than one Thanksgiving feast to attend--which means a lot of eating.

I thought I'd share with you some of the tips I'm going to try to follow in order to make sure that I enjoy the holiday and don't leave regretting everything I ate.

1. Fill up on the protein.
Turkey is a lean protein, so get more turkey and less sides.  Just make sure you stay away from the skin if your turkey has been fried or baked.  

2. Allow yourself 3 sides.
Instead of getting a little sample of every side (which can add up), pick 3 that you want to treat yourself to and sample those.  My favorites that I'm definitely putting on my plate are dressing and baked mac and cheese.  We actually have 3 meals to go to, so I guess I'll just decide on my 3rd when I see all of the sides available!

3. No breads!
Do you really need a roll?  You don't.  And if you are going to get dressing like I'm going to, then that counts as your bread since it contains cornbread.  Yes, rolls are good but they aren't essential and are unnecessary calories.

4. Allow yourself a tiny dessert.
I'm going to allow myself a tiny slice of pumpkin pie since it's a once a year dessert.  Usually I would get a piece of this, a piece of that, and eventually, my dessert plate might have 3 things on it.  Pick the dessert you want the most, and treat yourself!

5. Get some exercise in!
Our first Thanksgiving is tonight, so I will be exercising this morning to try to get my metabolism going.  Maybe in between cooking, take a break and go out for a brisk 15 minute walk.  You'll feel much better going into Thanksgiving knowing you've had a little exercise--that always works for me 😊

6. Don't be so hard on yourself.
If you overeat, then don't be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself some grace, but also be cognizant of what you eat the rest of the day.  If you overeat at one Thanksgiving, don't go home and eat your leftover pie you made.  This morning I'll be eating 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast, and then for lunch, I'll have some deli turkey meat and a few veggie straws.  Both are filling meals and healthy meals to prepare for tonight's calorie-filled feast 😜

And if you want to wear something stylish, yet comfortable...
-this sweater  (on sale!)
-my favorite leggings!!

Do you have any other tips that you follow to ensure you are healthier during the holidays?


  1. So good girlfriend!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Hope you had the best thanksgiving!

  4. I never eat break on Thanksgiving because there's just too much other good stuff that I'd rather save room for!

  5. Yes, I really do need a roll, hahaha! You know me and bread's one of my weaknesses! Totally on board with exercising. Like you said, even a quick walk is a great idea!


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