November Goals

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I'll be the first to admit that I'm horrible at creating monthly goals for myself.  I have no idea how I got that way.  I have goals that I set for myself--like when I'm going to run my next 5k--but I don't sit down each month and create a list of goals.  But on big months like November, I'm going to since I have a lot of things that need accomplished!!

The last time I set goals for myself was over the summer 🙈  Here's a recap of whether I completed them or not ha!

Summer Goals:

-start BBG on the Sweat app   I did about 4 weeks of BBG using the PDF and realized it just wasn't for me
-yoga every Tuesday morning with teachers  Yes!!  So fun!
-buy new bathing suit Yes!  I got the cutest Kate Spade suit for the summer
-finish reading Canadian West series  Sadly, no
-read books for school  Thankfully I only had to read 1 and then refresh my memory for the other 2
-vacation in Rosemary Beach!!!  YES!!!  Our new favorite vacation spot!
-go to a Braves game (at least 1)  Nope--timing just didn't work out for us
-Gospel Coalition Women's Conference in June  Oh my goodness, this was the best experience ever!  Janie and I are already planning our next trip to the one in 2020
-eat healthier  Overall....yes!
-work on portion control   I think I did good on this one, too!

-build a privacy fence  Nope...the money set aside for the fence went to the adoption haha!
-decide on backsplash tile and put up backsplash  No 😞
-buy frames for a gallery wall  I did this and 5 of them came in basically I won't ever order frames online
-print out pictures for gallery wall  No since most of the frames arrived broken.  So now that I have 4 frames, I'm going to put them somewhere else....still need to print pictures
-new soap dispensers in master bath  Yes!!!
-new toilet cleaning brushes in downstairs bathrooms  Yes!
-look for an antiqued mirror for entryway  actually ended up forgetting about this haha!
-look for new curtains for living room and breakfast room  No, I put together a nursery instead!
-find picture for Dustin's nightstand   Yes!!  Found one, framed it, and hung it behind his nightstand!
-frame pictures for both nightstands  Yep!!

And now onto my goals for this month...

November Goals:
-continue to eat healthy
-decorate for Christmas
-register for a 5k and run in
-Go to an AL football game
-Enjoy Thanksgiving
-do over half of my shopping on Black Friday
-figure out how we're going to decorate our booth for the Advent Market
-order prints for grid gallery wall


  1. I started decoding for Christmas yesterday, lol. I takes me so long as I go all out and yet still want more, lol! You totally got these goals girl!!

  2. I love little goals that are huge accomplishments like ordering photos or decorating for the holidays!! At least you know that will certainly be done! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You got these goals! And speaking of the nursery...I want to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Little goals feel so much better to accomplish because it feels like to me that you're getting more done. You totally got these goals check check check!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Yay for a 5k!!!!!! :) That will be so much fun!

  6. Money going towards the adoption is way more exciting than money going towards a fence. :o)

  7. I was SUPER hooked on the BBG workouts a few years ago but then burned out from them because they're a little repetitive. However, I'm thinking of giving them another whirl this winter post-pregnancy since it's an easy workout to do from our basement!


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