Weekend Review: The One Where I Took Zero Pictures

Monday, October 22, 2018

Happy Monday, y'all!  I'm up early Monday morning writing this and it feels more like winter than fall with the 33 degree temp right now!  This weekend was a fun one, but I didn't take hardly any pictures--I guess subconsciously I decided to live in the moment instead of having my phone out the whole time.

We'll start with Thursday since that was the start of the weekend when I was in college...😂
 It was cool on Thursday so I was really excited to get to wear my Spanx leggings to school! They are really comfortable yet stylish.  Obviously I have to wear a longer top with them to school so this tunic top is perfect!  It comes in a lot of other colors, but I like the black with this outfit.

 Friday night we kicked off my birthday week celebration by going to eat at one of my favorite restaurant's in Birmingham, Little Donkey.  I like to refer to it as hipster Mexican food haha!  This restaurant is owned by the same people who own Jim N Nick's BBQ so the meat is all cooked the same way and everything is fresh.  I decided to order something other than my usual tacos or salad and got a chicken quesadilla--it was great!  I also got the Mexican street corn but this time I had them cut it off the cob so I didn't get corn all over my face--the best!!

Then we headed over to The Summit to walk around and do some window shopping.  I also have some money saved up from the blog that I still haven't spent yet (surprisingly 😜).  But Dustin's insulin pump started malfunctioning and wouldn't deliver his insulin--obviously not good.  That caused us to scrap the rest of our plans--which included going to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert--and instead I ran in to grab myself a slice of cheesecake to eat on the way home.  Thankfully once we got home and he changed out his port, his machine was able to deliver insulin.  I hate diabetes.

 I slept in until almost 7:30 Saturday morning and did a little reading in this book.  Remember when I went to The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference back in June?  They had the biggest book store there, and both Janie and I spent about $100 on books--we just couldn't help it! LOL  I've been slowly making my way through my stack of books, so this is my book that I'm reading currently.  I'm going to do a review about it because I've pretty much told everyone I've come in contact with to buy this book because it's that good--good in that I've been extremely convicted in how I really am ungrateful and encouraged to show more gratitude in the hard the one I'm in now haha.

Our Adult Bible Fellowship class (just like Sunday School class) at our church threw us an adoption fundraiser social Saturday night at one of our leader's home.  It was such a fun night!!  We ate really good food (click here for the cookie recipe), the ladies played Bunco, and there was a money tree and dessert silent auction with all money going towards helping to bring our sweet baby home!!  Dustin and I were talking about how it's been a little over a year since we officially became members at our church and I thank God for giving us such a good community to be part of.

Sunday I took zero pictures but it was a pretty average Sunday.  We went to church and I didn't get my act together in time to order my groceries online Saturday for Sunday pick up, so I actually went to Walmart after church (never again).  Dustin and I cleaned up the house, I made taco soup, and we watched another episode of Jack Ryan together.  We ended the night with him watching Yard Crashers and me watching The Office--see how different we are 😜


  1. So glad you had a nice weekend! Those Spanx leggings sound amazing and look great on you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. LOVE the chic leggings outfit. And I spy beloved candy corn in those cookies..yum!!! Yay to sweet weekends and wishing you a fabulous Monday and Birthday week!

  3. Looks like you had a nice weekend....I really like those leggings and tunic :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. Hahaha, laughing at the Walmart after church comment. I am right there with you - I try to avoid the grocery store as much as possible after church. It is a nut house! That fundraiser sounds like such a fun night. So glad that you have such a great community with your church. That is the best!

  5. 33!! Holy moly! That's crazy cold for this time of year in Alabama! We were at 44 this morning and I have been dancing around in my slippers all day just as happy as can be!

  6. I feel like we always consider Thursday night the start of the weekend here haha! That's when my weekend in college started too. I can't believe how cold it got down there - I don't think we've had temperatures that low yet!

  7. I love that your church threw you a fundraiser - how incredibly kind!

  8. My car said 32 on the way to work this morning and that was as soon as I left the house. I'm pretty sure it was colder out than that! It feels more like December than October!! I didn't know Dustin was diabetic. My brother has Type 1 Diabetes and what a bummer it can be sometimes!

  9. So sweet of your church to do that!!!! :)

  10. I love that your church did that. I love those Spanx leggings! You had a great weekend and happy birthday week!

  11. Seriously, those leggings are the best!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  12. Loving those animal print slides you are wearing! And I had no idea Dustin deals with diabetes!

  13. Oh! I can't wait to hear more about the book!! I really want to find things that are non-work related to read... and make it a priority. lol


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