My First Time Experience With Hydrafacial at Silver Stone Salon Spa

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I am always looking for ways to improve my skin.  I battle with the monthly break out, have an oily t-zone, and have sun damage from the years when I didn't care about using sunscreen.  Ugh, I cringe just thinking about how ignorant I was.

Now that I'm 30--and soon to be 31 🙈--I realize that the face I have is the only face I will ever have so I better take care of it because I'm not getting another one!

When I found out that my local salon, Silver Stone, was starting to offer hydrafacials, I was so intrigued and excited to try a new facial technique to help my skin look bright and youthful.  If you've never had a hydrafacial or if you've never heard of it, then you will want to get one ASAP because after my experience, I'm hooked!

This was everything that came out of my skin after the facial!

I wasn't sure what to expect so I'm really excited to be able to explain it to all of y'all!  And I know that you're going to want to go get one as soon as you make it through this post!  PS...If you're local, stick around until the end because there's something awesome for you!

These were the steps of my facial:
1. Lymphatic drainage--this was done using suction and I could really tell a difference when she was doing it over my sinus cavities above and below my eyes and it's like the pressure I was feeling was lessened greatly after that.

2. Exfoliation--this was done using one of exfoliating tips on the wand

3. Peel--this was done using another tip on the wand.  The peel is not like a chemical peel so it's not going to make your face peel and you don't have to stay out of the sun for days after.

4. Extractions--this was done using another tip on the wand.  Whitney used this in my t-zone which is where a lot of my big pores are and even some black heads.  I felt so clean after this because I knew she had just taken all of the junk out of my skin!

5. Booster--she uses another tip on the hydrafacial wand for this.  I got the Britinol since I struggle with sun spots and overall just needed my skin brighter from discoloration.  She also has a booster she can use for fine lines and wrinkles if you have those.

6. LED light therapy--this was the neatest part and concept to me!  Whitney used the red light on my skin since I have slight redness to my skin.  If you struggle with acne, she can use the blue light, or she can use both!  I felt like this part was extremely relaxing and beneficial to my skin after the tools she used with the other parts of the hydrafacial.

7.Antiox-+--Whitney called this part the "liquid gold" because it's used to help your face look younger!  She used another tip on the hydrafacial wand to apply.  This felt really refreshing on my skin!

8. Daily Essentials--after the main part of your hydrafacial is over, Whiney applied oil free moisturizer, an antiox-+ daily (more liquid gold!), and a sunscreen to my face.

Then I got to look at my face...
 Overall, my skin looks so much brighter and youthful looking!

 top: before / bottom: after
I can really tell a difference in the overall brightness of my face and especially around my nose and my forehead!!

top: before / bottom: after
Can you tell how much brighter and youthful my skin looks?  This was after just one facial so imagine what my skin could look like after two?!

I feel like if you really want to take care of your skin and invest in helping your skin to look good, then this facial is for you!

You can really tell a difference on the picture below!  Same back drop, same lighting.  The picture on the left was right after she washed the make up off of my face, and the picture on the right is right after my hydrafacial.

If you're local, Silver Stone is hosting a Signature Hydrafacial Event on October 25th from 3-7PM!  They are releasing their package pricing and on that day only, they are giving an extra % off--which is huge!  They'll have food and drinks and Whitney will be doing facials so you can find out any info about them from her.

You can find them on Facebook here!

Thank you Silver Stone for partnering with me on this post!  As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. This looks incredible. You’re radiant and sounds so relaxing! xo

  2. I love a good hydra facial - such a nice experience! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I have always wanted to try one of these! Seems like it would be such a treat!

  4. I love facials!! They make your skin feel SO much better. I'm so glad you posted this because it reminded me that I need to call and schedule my next one!

  5. Your skin looks great! It is definitely glowing. I really started investing in my skin about two years ago. It’s amazing the difference good skin care, daily sunscreen, and the occasional facial can make. I only wish I had started taking better care of my skin years ago!

  6. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that they did lymphatic draining. That is something that would help me SO MUCH with my sinuses and my allergies. I wish I lived near you so I could go do this! And I cannot believe the gunk that came out of you during the whole process. I would surely hate to see what came out of my face. Lol.

  7. I’ve never had a hydrafacial, but this looks so neat! It’s enticing and disgusting at the same time to see everything that our skin holds in! Speaking of which I always try to get a facial before and after summer, so I need to call and do that!

  8. THIS IS FASCINATING!!! I have never heard of anything like this. I have only had two facials in my life, and that was years ago! I had no idea that doing something like this would drain all of that from your skin. I want to do this out of sheer curiosity!

  9. I've never had a facial before but this sounds amazing! I feel like I need a spa day -- massage, pedicure, and a facial!

  10. Wow, your face looks amazing-- especially around your sinus cavities and under your eyes. I'm going to have to give a hydrafacial a try!

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  14. Hi there! Thank you for sharing experienced in that skin clinic and I want to try also the HydraFacial. I want to look young and fresh.

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