Adoption Update!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hey y'all!  It's been a while since I've done an adoption update and we've had a bunch of people ask us where we are in the process, so that's what I'm doing today!

Last night we had our bbq plate fundraiser, and we met our goal of selling 200 plates!  Over half of the people who bought plates from us showed up within the first 30 minutes, so needless to say, the first 30 minutes were crazy--but fun!

We're taking a break on fundraising right now until the end of November/early December.  Then we've got an advent market we're part of and we have a gorgeous quilt my aunts made that we're going to raffle off then, too.  As always, our paypal account is still open for any donations

Our goal is to take out a loan for the least amount of money we possibly can, and we're so incredibly grateful for those of y'all (some of y'all are blog readers that I've never met!!) who have been so kind to us and donated.  Every little bit has truly helped.

Last night at the bbq plate fundraiser!

So where are we now in the process?

We're still waiting to be matched.  
We're seeing cases throughout the week but not all of those cases meet our budget.  A lot have been over our budget, so we've had to say no to being presented, and some within our budget didn't meet criteria in another area.

I was so excited to get to this point and finally see these cases, but I wasn't prepared for how difficult it would be.  It's difficult in that I can't say yes to every case we see.  If budget weren't an issue, we'd say yes to a lot more cases!  It's also difficult in that when you finally do say yes and then you hear that the birth mom has chosen someone else, you wonder what it was about you that she didn't like--or at least that's how I felt the first few times we were told no.  Now I understand and know that it's because that baby wasn't in God's plan for our lives, but when emotions are high, it's easy to blame yourself on why you weren't picked.

Please keep praying for us during this process!  
-Please pray as we wait and that we can glorify God in the waiting (instead of complaining like I default to sometimes!)
 -Pray for discernment as we receive cases weekly 
-Pray for the birth mom who will choose us in that she has a peace over her decision and that we're able to share Christ with her if she isn't a Believer
-Pray for our future baby


  1. I love how strong your faith has been and continues to be throughout this process. Sending lots of prayers your way!

  2. I can only imagine how hard it is waiting knowing that one day soon you are going to get THE call. Prayers for you and Dustin during his stage of your journey!

  3. I can't even imagine how hard it is to wait and also to not be chosen by some birth mom's. You have such a positive attitude about this...praying for your faithfulness and patience.

  4. Always, always praying for you and the mothers that must select. She's out there with your baby!!

  5. In God’s timing, you will have a beautiful, perfect blessing lates in your arms. ����❤️❤️

  6. Continually praying for you all! I am so happy to hear your fundraising is going so well, too!

  7. One thing (out of many things) that I love about your adoption updates is that others are able to learn so much that they'll may be able to apply to their own experiences one day. I know I'm learning so much and appreciate the specific ways I can pray for you and Dustin!

  8. Always keeping you all in my prayers and know that God will bless you both with a sweet baby. You are so strong and made stronger by the support network you’ve got around you. Sending you lots of love, as always <3

  9. Will definitely be praying for you all!

  10. I didn’t realize different do,enrich adoption situations cost different amounts? What determines how much a case costs?

  11. I had no idea all the steps involved in this process, so I've loved being able to share in this time with you two. I am praying so hard that a perfect match comes along (and soon!). Love you guys! XO


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