TBB Asks: How Do You Cozy?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day, y'all!  I hope everyone is off work enjoying the holiday with family!  Dustin and I have plans to pick up a few things for the nursery today (hopefully paint) and grill out later today.  I decorated for fall yesterday, so I'm officially ready for cozy weather!

1. Slippers: YES or NO?  YES!!!  I got these Ugg slippers for Christmas this past year and it was my first time ever having slippers.  I wear them every single day!  I almost returned them because my feet slipped out of them when I walked, but apparently I just had to squish down some of the lining because they fit perfectly now!  So if you're on the fence about them, get them and wear them around your house for a while to break them in.
2. What is your favorite Blanket?  I have this blanket (just not the weighted version) and I really love it!  I use a blanket every time I sit to watch tv--I'm using a blanket right now!  My dream blanket would be this one from Barefoot dreams.  I have this cardigan from Barefoot Dreams and because it's so amazing, I can't imagine how wonderful the blanket would be!
3. Thin or Thick Pillow?  I am so picky about pillows.  I sleep with one pillow and I like it flatter.  I'm using a feather pillow right now that I've used for years and I'm tired of, but I don't know if I'll find a new pillow I like because I've already tried two others that I hated so I gave those both to Dustin haha!
4. Favorite Warm Beverage?  Skinny vanilla latte is my go-to order
5. Robe: YES or NO?  I don't have a cozy robe; I just have a really pretty one from Pretty Plum Sugar.  I think if I had a cozy one I'd wear a robe more often.  If I'm cold, I'll put on my Patagonia.
6. Favorite Comfort Snack Food(s)?  Reduced fat cheese its or ranch flavored veggie straws.  If I could eat what I wanted and not gain weight, I'd eat Gardetos haha!
7. Movies or TV Series Binge?  Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, or anything on the Hallmark Channel
8. Actual PJ’s or Leggings?  I have a pair of Gap pj pants that I love to lounge around in or if I'm choosing leggings, these feel like butter!
9. Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair?  Both!!
10. Hoodie, T-shirt or Sweater?  I'm not into hoodies (and haven't worn one since high school when they were more popular) but I do like regular sweatshirts!

Don't forget to join Emily and me on Wednesday with your favorite crock pot meals for fall!!


  1. Oh how I love gardetos but rarely eat them because I can’t stop! Love my Ugg slippers so and love that you joined us! Enjoy your extra day off gorgeous!

  2. Friday Night Lights sounds like a great show to rewatch for fall! I'm looking forward to the Fall Favorites link up. I'll try to get a post ready for Wednesday!

  3. OMG Gardettos -- I haven't had those in years! Definitely need to change that!

  4. Gardettos is just plain out happiness! If food didn't matter I would eat them in hoards and drink Coke by the gallon. Happy nursery shopping! xoxox

  5. Ohhhh Gardetos are the best; haven't had them in forever, but now I want some, haha! I love Veggie Straws too but didn't know they had ranch flavor! YUM!!

  6. Girl, you have got to invest in the long barefoot dreams robe! I bought one on a whim during the last NSale (they weren't even on sale, I just really, really had been wanting one) and it's my favorite thing. My sister bought the blanket and it was underwhelming compared to my cardigan & robe, so I would say invest in the robe instead :) My thoughts were that the robe would be perfect when getting up with baby, so that means you just have to have one too, right?! :)

    xoxo, Jordyn

    Southern and Style

  7. I have never found ranch flavored veggie sticks around here but they sure do sound like something I'd love!

  8. I've grown out of the hoodie stage as well, it has been quite a while since I have worn one.

  9. I am a psychopath about pillows! I need a certain order, certain fluffiness, all of it!

  10. Cannot wait to see the finished product of the nursery! Yes to Friday Night Lights and all the lounge wear!! :)

  11. I'm in need of a really cozy robe for the fall and winter :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. Ranch veggie straws?! I NEED those, haha! And yes, gardettos are soooo delicious.

  13. I just tried Veggie Straws for the first time and I love them SO MUCH. Where the heck have they been my whole life?!

  14. Loooove ranch veggie straws! I am also a blanket girl! I actually had to donate probably a dozen of them when we moved into our home because I realized that we probably had 20 random throw blankets. How in the world that happened in beyond me. LOL. I just love blankets!! I don't have any of the Barefoot Dreams but the reviews sure are convincing!

  15. Love me some gardettos too! I have a feeling we could cozy up and just chill hanging out and watching tv!


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