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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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 Do you remember how fun Halloween was when you were a kid?  I loved dressing up and getting to go trick-or-treating.  I remember being so antsy on Halloween and dying for it to become dark so our parents would take us out trick-or-treating!  

Since becoming an adult, Halloween hasn't had the same sense of anticipation and fun that it used to have and I'm ready to change that!  This could be our last Halloween before becoming parents, and I want us to be able to enjoy it.  And if you're like me, knowing that Halloween is on a Wednesday makes you crave a laid back kind of night.  Below are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween as an adult...

Watch Hocus Pocus (or another Halloween movie!)
Watching Hocus Pocus is a yearly tradition for me and it started when my sister and I were really young.  We used to watch it multiple times every October.  Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, turn down the lights, and cozy up to watch Hocus Pocus with your best girlfriends, family, or boyfriend/husband!

Pumpkin Carving Party
Host your girlfriends or even small group on Halloween for a pumpkin carving party!  Everyone can bring their own pumpkin or you can provide all of the pumpkins and carving kits.  Have a contest or just carve for fun!  You'll be laughing all night!

Host a Laid Back Halloween Party
Dress up or not--it's up to you!  Or have everyone show up in Halloween pjs for a night of spooky treats.  You can make it into a contest of who can make the most creative Halloween appetizer or dessert!  I love get togethers like this where there isn't any pressure to have the best costume....only the best themed dish haha!

If you really wanted to up your game, you could send out adult Halloween party invitations!   I think just because you're having a laid back party doesn't mean you have to skimp on the invitations, it's all the more reason to send some out!  I had a blast scouring Basic Invite's website because they have so many options (more than any other website I've used)!  Some of the features they offer are...

Almost unlimited colors--there are over 180 different color options so you can take any card and make it exactly how you want to!  Even if the sample is cute, you can still play around with it and customize it to fit your vision!

Custom samples--Basic Invite actually allows you to order a real, printed sample before you make your decision.  This isn't just an online pdf, but you really get the sample in the mail!  I love this because if you're trying to match colors for an important party, you can see in real life if the invitation will actually work before ordering a ton.

Over 40 different colors of envelopes--I love getting a pretty envelope in the mail because it shows me that the sender actually spent time and effort on all details of the invitation.  And don't we all pick out the pretty envelope to open first in the stack of mail?!

Address capturing service--THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!  Basic Invite has a feature that allows you to share a link on any form of social media--like your Facebook or Instagram--that will allow your friends and family to input their address.  Then anytime you send out cards or invitations, you can just choose which person you want Basic Invite to send it to!  Literally, a dream feature!

Foil--Most websites do offer foil but Basic Invite also offers rose gold along with gold and silver!  And you can choose flat or raised.

And because I'm constantly thinking about Christmas...

You can go ahead and order your Christmas cards or Christmas party cards!!  Basic Invite has tons of Christmas card ideas and even company holiday cards!  I got to design a really fun cookie exchange party invitation and even got to customize the back, too!

Right now, Basic Invite is offering 30% off with the code holi30

Happy shopping!

Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring today's post!  
All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I loved working with basic invite. Cute stuff and I love candy corn, lol!

  2. Give me alllll the cute and fun invites/stationary! Love it!

  3. Cute invites! We love Halloween! It's always a night of taco soup, Hocus Pocus and handing out candy :)

  4. We used to attend an adults only Halloween party every year and it was always one of my favorite nights of the entire year! Our friends stopped hosting a few years ago and I miss those parties so much!

  5. All of the invitations you showed are the cutest!! I'm not much for costumes, but a good party with candy?! I'm there!


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