Friday Faves!!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Is it really Friday?!  I am in need of a break so badly and we don't have fall break for a couple more weeks.  I just need to get about 12 hours of sleep haha!!

Today I'm sharing all of my FAVORITES!!!

 Random date nights with Dustin are always a FAVORITE!!  Especially when these random date nights end in Barnes & Noble looking at books and drinking coffee.  Also, can you tell how tired I am? 😂 This is what happens when teachers go out on a Friday night ha!

 My sister is so awesome because she made me some Weight Watcher friendly cupcakes (so good) and brought my favorite latte to school on Wednesday!!  I had been having a tough week at school and it was exactly what I needed to pick me up!

I received the sweetest package in the mail earlier this week!  A sweet reader, Melissa, mailed me this Kissy Kissy converter gown for Baby Shaneyfelt and I am so excited to put this on our baby!  

This sweet gesture got me thinking of how to love people well--this can be people who are going through something major in their lives or a sickness--because sometimes people don't do anything because they don't know what's appropriate or where to even start.  This is a blog post topic I've been thinking about since going through IVF, so I may get up enough courage to write it!

 Monday is the last day to order these gorgeous ornaments!!!  Go to this blog post to get more info on how to order, but these have been my most favorite things ever!!

There are a few things in my life that I'm really OCD over.  Finding the perfect pillow or certain chapsticks are some things that I'm so particular about.  But another thing is a brush.  I'm so embarrassed to admit this but I've been using the same brush since high school.  Yep.  You read that right.  I've tried other brushes, but I just couldn't find anything that worked great with my hair.  Then I got tired of using a comb for my wet hair and then a brush for my dry hair and I had heard people talk about wet brushes.  I ended up buying the Drybar brush and I AM OBSESSED!  It's literally been a lifesaver for me and I will never use another brush ever.  This brush goes through my wet and dry hair effortlessly and it was well worth the money!

This is my perfect fall playlist!!

How to Do Halloween as an Adult + Halloween Party Invites from Basic Invite

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Keep reading for a discount code at the end!
Photography by RAW Images

 Do you remember how fun Halloween was when you were a kid?  I loved dressing up and getting to go trick-or-treating.  I remember being so antsy on Halloween and dying for it to become dark so our parents would take us out trick-or-treating!  

Since becoming an adult, Halloween hasn't had the same sense of anticipation and fun that it used to have and I'm ready to change that!  This could be our last Halloween before becoming parents, and I want us to be able to enjoy it.  And if you're like me, knowing that Halloween is on a Wednesday makes you crave a laid back kind of night.  Below are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween as an adult...

Watch Hocus Pocus (or another Halloween movie!)
Watching Hocus Pocus is a yearly tradition for me and it started when my sister and I were really young.  We used to watch it multiple times every October.  Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, turn down the lights, and cozy up to watch Hocus Pocus with your best girlfriends, family, or boyfriend/husband!

Pumpkin Carving Party
Host your girlfriends or even small group on Halloween for a pumpkin carving party!  Everyone can bring their own pumpkin or you can provide all of the pumpkins and carving kits.  Have a contest or just carve for fun!  You'll be laughing all night!

Host a Laid Back Halloween Party
Dress up or not--it's up to you!  Or have everyone show up in Halloween pjs for a night of spooky treats.  You can make it into a contest of who can make the most creative Halloween appetizer or dessert!  I love get togethers like this where there isn't any pressure to have the best costume....only the best themed dish haha!

If you really wanted to up your game, you could send out adult Halloween party invitations!   I think just because you're having a laid back party doesn't mean you have to skimp on the invitations, it's all the more reason to send some out!  I had a blast scouring Basic Invite's website because they have so many options (more than any other website I've used)!  Some of the features they offer are...

Almost unlimited colors--there are over 180 different color options so you can take any card and make it exactly how you want to!  Even if the sample is cute, you can still play around with it and customize it to fit your vision!

Custom samples--Basic Invite actually allows you to order a real, printed sample before you make your decision.  This isn't just an online pdf, but you really get the sample in the mail!  I love this because if you're trying to match colors for an important party, you can see in real life if the invitation will actually work before ordering a ton.

Over 40 different colors of envelopes--I love getting a pretty envelope in the mail because it shows me that the sender actually spent time and effort on all details of the invitation.  And don't we all pick out the pretty envelope to open first in the stack of mail?!

Address capturing service--THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!  Basic Invite has a feature that allows you to share a link on any form of social media--like your Facebook or Instagram--that will allow your friends and family to input their address.  Then anytime you send out cards or invitations, you can just choose which person you want Basic Invite to send it to!  Literally, a dream feature!

Foil--Most websites do offer foil but Basic Invite also offers rose gold along with gold and silver!  And you can choose flat or raised.

And because I'm constantly thinking about Christmas...

You can go ahead and order your Christmas cards or Christmas party cards!!  Basic Invite has tons of Christmas card ideas and even company holiday cards!  I got to design a really fun cookie exchange party invitation and even got to customize the back, too!

Right now, Basic Invite is offering 30% off with the code holi30

Happy shopping!

Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring today's post!  
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fall Favorites: Home Decor!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I can't believe that today is mine and Emily's last link up for Fall Favorites!  This has been a fun three weeks and I'm always so appreciative of everyone who links up with us.

To recap, the first week we shared favorite fall crock pot meal ideas.
Last week we shared our favorite fall looks.
And today we're sharing our fall decor!

Come on in!
 My cousin made this door hanger!  I've had it since we got married and I pull it out every fall and put it on the front door.

 I found these pillows last year on clearance at Pottery Barn and saved over $100!  It's way too hot for me to put any other fall decor out right now, so this is it for the outside.

 Our entryway has a fall sign from Hobby Lobby and a jar of candy corn!

 I just did the table in our dining room.  And I always feel so lost when it comes to decorating a table, so someone send me all of your tips!

 These napkins are also from Pottery Barn.

 I always get excited for the first time of the season I get to turn on the fireplace!

 The coffee area also has a sugar free pumpkin caramel syrup.

 Horrible lighting, but this is another section of the kitchen.

And this is the worst area to take pictures, but I always have my seasonal candle with seasonal soap by the sink!  The mahogany apple candle is a new scent and I love it!

Now, link up your fall home decor post with us!

Christmas Ornament Fundraiser + Weekend Happenings!

Monday, September 17, 2018

It's Monday already?!  This weekend flew by way too fast and it was also the hottest weekend ever in Alabama.  I'll talk more about that at the end of this post 😊

My sweet friend Hailey is the craftiest person I know.  She's my partner teacher and is always doing something cute for her classroom, and I'm next door trying to find where I can buy something cute haha!!  I hate crafts...sadly!

She surprised me with a new fundraiser idea for Baby Shaneyfelt, and I know y'all are going to love it!!

You can order today - Monday, October 1st!

Ornaments range in size from 2.25-2.75 inches in diameter.

Ornaments are $10 each, all of which will go toward our adoption fund!

Ornaments will be ready by Monday, November 5th!

Add $4 for shipping, if needed.

Must pay through paypal or with cash/check BEFORE she will begin your order.  Send money to

Comment either white or black background and what you would like on your ornament.  She can create a combination of any of the words/images/colors that are pictured.  (Example: white background, The Clark Family OR black background, PEACE)

Y'all, these would make the cutest little gifts, too!  I feel like this is the cutest thing to get your coworkers, kids' teachers, ornament exchange, and for your tree, too!

And for this weekend's happenings...

 Friday's #ootd was a favorite.  I love that top from Anthro (*I bought it early May so I'm sure it's sold out!)

And on Saturday before football started, I went with Mom and Rachel to our town's annual festival.  It was the hottest day ever and we sweated so much that I didn't want anyone to even be near me!  One of the weathermen said that we should have real fall weather at the end of the month, so I'm just really praying for that!

Friday Faves + Last Day to Order Adoption Shirts!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!  I've been thinking it's been Friday since Wednesday, so this week has felt really strange and weird 😜  We've got a fun weekend coming up!  Our town has its annual festival downtown so we'll do that, and it's crazy to think that next year we'll have a baby we'll be taking!  Eek!

Oh, and we are ACTIVE!!!

TOMORROW is the last day for shirt orders!  Just in case you want one, I'll give the info one more time...
$20 = youth M-XL and adult S-XL
$22 = 2XL-3XL
$5 for shipping
**When paying on paypal, please DO NOT choose for goods and services.  We actually lose money if you send us money that way because paypal takes out a percentage!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who has purchased or just donated to us.  We truly cannot do it without you!
I love this shirt!!

Since it's Friday, I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITES with you!

 I put the boba wrap on Dustin and this has to be my FAVORITE picture this week!  We laughed so hard, too haha!  I'm a little apprehensive about putting a newborn in this thing, but I know we'll get the hang of it eventually.

 Last weekend we had two fundraisers going on at the same time.  Dustin's family was doing a yard sale for us so he was working the yard sale, and my sister (who does photography) did adoption mini sessions for us!  My mom and I helped her out and we were out there from 10am to 7pm!  It was a really long day and we were sweaty and exhausted at the end, but we had a great turnout!  My FAVORITE part of the day was spending the whole day together! 

 I posted about this earlier this week, but Mallory Ervin (who I am obsessed with) talked all about how bloggers/influencers and their followers are equal!  I loved seeing how someone who is so famous be really humble about that topic.  Another reason why she's my FAVORITE!

 Right now, the Journeywomen podcast is my FAVORITE!!  This episode was excellent because she really talked about how we really glorify God in our day to day life of the mundane.  Another great podcast was the one from this Monday on submission.  Wow, did that really convict me.  I'm sure many of us hear the word submission and immediately think about our husbands, but ultimately our submission is to God.

Excuse the watermark, but I love my Athleta sweatshirt that I got for Christmas last year!  I wear it a ton and it was chilly earlier this week so I was able to wear it to Walmart.  This sweatshirt is a little on the pricey end, so I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a dupe for my beloved sweatshirt.

 Y'all...I couldn't believe that Walmart had a sweatshirt that looked just like the one above.  It even had the longer hemline in the back with the side slits.  And $13?!  You can't beat that!  There was a black color behind the gray!

 Our local Starbucks was closed for about a month to renovate.  It reopened a little over a week ago and I hadn't been, so Dustin and I went the other night.  I love how they've redone the inside!  My FAVORITE part is how roomy and open everything is.

I can't help but laugh at all of these memes 😂😂  This one had me laughing because I do not like cats at all!  And it doesn't help that I have been bitten by a cat during a church sleepover when I was in the junior high WHILE I WAS SLEEPING.  I've never forgotten that 😜

Fall Favorites: Fall Fashion!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  I'm very excited for today's link up with Emily and me because if you know me, you know how obsessed I am with fashion!  I LOVE it--so much that I'm really enjoying the NYFW content this season on IG 😜

Link up with us below!

Fall is my most favorite season to dress for, and sadly, we don't always get the best fall in Alabama.  So I'm always that girl wearing fall clothes in October and November when it's still hot outside.  I always say....dress for the season, not the temperature! LOL!

These are two looks I wore last year that are still perfect for this year!
 top | jeans (40% off!!) | boots
I really enjoy mixing black and brown together even though I know some people aren't fans. Hopefully that's not you because it's totally acceptable to mix!  I always say that shoes are an investment because you really want to take care of your feet, so I prefer to pay more money for comfortable shoes.  These boots will last forever!

I bought this top last year during the Nordstrom sale and it was probably my favorite purchase.  I love that color for fall--the only thing is that I have to wear a cami under it if I wear to school because of the semi-open back.

Now, for a few things I'd like to add to my closet this fall...
-I want a pair of black jeans and I love this pair.
-I need a new coat and the warm camel color is calling my name!!
-This Madewell sweater is different but something about it is really appealing to me.  I could totally make this look chic!

Equality and the Comparison Game in Blogging

Monday, September 10, 2018

Yesterday Mallory Ervin posted on IG this picture with a long caption explaining how influencers/bloggers and their followers are equal.  Apparently she heard stories from NYFW with some influencers who were acting too good for their followers or other smaller bloggers.

And this got me thinking...

I've never once felt like I was too good for those who follow my blog and instagram BUT I have compared myself to other bloggers and felt like they were better than me.

Comparison is a slippery trap that's easy to fall in to.  Instagram and blogging are worlds that are easy to feel like you don't have enough or that you should look a certain way.  Does anyone struggle with this at times?

I love blogging so much.  I love the bloggers I've connected with and the friendships I've made over the Internet.  I love reading other blogs and finding inspiration--and that's what this whole community should be about--inspiring one another to be a better version of ourselves instead of making it seem like one life is the better life to have.

I hope this post makes sense (I know I'm just rambling), but I really though a lot after reading Mallory's post.  It's so sad to know that some women in this industry aren't supportive of other women and it's rooted in comparison.  I love the image above--we are equal.  Just because one person follows another doesn't mean one person is better than the other.  

I hope that those of you who leave my blog and instagram never feel like your life isn't as good as mine or something to that effect.  Instead, I hope you leave here with new ideas, new inspiration, or just feeling happy!

I'm so thankful for those reading my blog.  I love this creative outlet and it makes it worthwhile knowing people enjoy reading what you create!

Friday Faves!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Yay it's Friday!!!  This has been a short week for students, but don't sometimes the shortest weeks feel like the longest?  It's been a busy week for us on the home front, too.  My mom and I painted the nursery and we've got two huge fundraisers this weekend!  My MIL's sisters are having a massive two day yard sale today and tomorrow and tomorrow my sister is doing mini sessions for our adoption fundraiser!

It's been a BIG week!!!  This week is all about adoption, and I'm going to make sure that my posts don't revolve around that, but this week was all about it.

 Tuesday we mailed off all of our paperwork to our consultant group!  It's so crazy to think about all the paperwork we did and all the drug tests, physicals, fingerprinting, etc. that we had to do and now it's all done!!  So now we're waiting to be deemed active!

 My friend Hailey went with me to mail off our stuff since Dustin had to work.  I had asked her to take one picture of me with the package and she basically took a picture of every move I made 😂  I need to do a blog post on it next week because it is so funny!

 I did an IG story last week wearing this top and I had a few questions about it.  It's Loft from a few years ago but I saw on another blogger's try on session that Loft has a similar style out now.  I tried looking for it on their website, but it may not be online yet.

One of the girls in my small group gave me this boba wrap and I decided to try it out the other night.  I remembered I had my Bitty Baby in storage so I used it.  Baby wearing feels foreign to me, but it's something that Dustin and I will both be doing!

If you're looking to adopt domestically and need a profile book designed, I highly recommend Little Ampersand Co!  Kendahl was so easy to work with and she worked quickly.  There is no way that I could have designed what she did.  She did such a beautiful job and I can't wait for these birth moms to get to look at our book!

You've got one week left to purchase an adoption t-shirt before we place our order!  
$20 = youth med-xl and adult small-xl
$22 = 2xl-3xl
$5 shipping, if needed ......make sure you don't mark that you're buying goods and services because we lose money that way!
I'll send out details to everyone who buys a shirt, but I'm going to gather pictures of people wearing our shirts and post those!  It's been so neat seeing how far our story has reached!
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