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Friday, August 3, 2018

I don't know if I want to start this one off with Happy Friday because I'm already back at school ha! 😜  Teachers started back yesterday, and instead of doing our normal institute, we toured local industries!  I was a little unsure of this but I ended up really enjoying it!  I was sent to a local dairy industry and some of the places it supplies are McDonald's soft serve ice cream and their frappes, Cold Stone Creamery, and the whip cream at Cheesecake.  I got to tour the entire plant and watch production and then at the end I got ice cream!  It was so interesting, and I really love watching how things are made.

Yesterday I also mentioned in my IG story that I tried two new (to me) things and am totally hooked.  First, I'm reading Crazy Rich Asians and so far I'm really enjoying it!  And Tuesday morning when I was putting on my make up, I accidentally broke my concealer wand off into the bottle.  Luckily I was almost out of that concealer, but I didn't have time this week to drive to Sephora so I ran into Ulta since it's closer and remembered that the Tarte Shape Tape was only carried at Ulta.  I decided to try it since everyone who has used it loves it and now I DO TOO!!!  I feel like it made my skin look flawless, so it may be a product that I buy just at Ulta haha!

top (only $5!!) | shorts
Yesterday afternoon when I got home, I changed into my workout clothes and completed week 1 day 2 of BBG.  The workout is designed to complete on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I'm doing it on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I'm still struggling through the workouts but I know that they will get easier the more I do them.

One of my former students just started a blog and it's so great!!!  Maggie was a student in my first year of teaching and now she's a student at Alabama!

I'm finally caught up on Suits (except for this week's episode)!!  I talked about starting to watch Suits at the end of May, so I spent all summer watching all 7 seasons.  Originally, I started watching after the royal wedding because of Meghan Markle, but it quickly turned into my favorite tv show because of the writing.  I've had so many people tell me they started watching Suits because of me, so if you're looking to binge a new tv show, watch Suits on Amazon Prime video and then you can catch up with the current epiodes On Demand!!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Happy Friday! Suits is one of our favorites, too!

  2. I will have to check out Maggie’s blog. Crazy Rich Asians looks crazy, lol but I bet I’d like it. Good luck today and happy weekend! xo

  3. I'm seriously a huge fan of the shape tape....grabbed back in May and I am loving. Have a super weekend!

  4. I really need to try that shape tape - I still have an old concealer I need to use the rest of, but as soon as that is done I am getting some! And I am glad yesterday turned out - I was totally confused when you said what you were doing, but now that I understand it, it sounds super neat! What a fun way to start off the school year!

  5. Checking out Maggie's blog! I can't believe y'all are back already! I've been back doing coaching things these past couple of weeks but as teachers we don't have to go back until the 9th! A tour of a dairy plant sounds interesting!

  6. So cool that your student started a blog. Love that!

  7. its great that you keep in touch with them.. your work out wear is cute.. I will check out maggies blog
    new post

    Any plans for the weekend my dear?

  8. EEK! I'm so glad you love Suits! I've had it on my to watch list forever and now I think we'll have to start that once we're done with Breaking Bad. I am SO HOOKED on Breaking Bad. It is flipping good.

  9. I need to watch Suits! Even Dane was like - I'm shocked we haven't watched that since Meghan Markle is in it LOL!!

  10. Our daughter and DIL start back teaching on Monday. They will have in service meetings the first couple of days but would likely much rather go tour businesses such as you did. A whole lot more fun! I hope it is a great school year for you. Happy weekend!

  11. Suits is amazing! We have watched it since it started years ago and it's remained a favorite!

  12. I've always heard such great things about Suits! I need to check it out.


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