Rosemary Beach 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

Hey y'all!  Today I'm so excited to share about our recent vacation to Rosemary Beach...for those of you who don't know, Rosemary Beach is on the infamous Highway 30A which is the same highway that Seaside is on.  Rosemary was literally heaven on earth!

A few things before you read:
1. This post is very photo heavy!
2. Because I've already had mean comments about fundraising and just want to clarify...this trip was paid for BEFORE deciding to adopt and even before we got pregnant.  So no, our money that we are fundraising for adoption has had nothing to do with our trip at all 😊
3. Rosemary Beach is very family-friendly so I would recommend everyone to go!  We talked constantly about what it would be like going back to Rosemary with a baby!

First I wanted to show you a tour of our house!  I used VRBO for the first time and lucked up on this place!!
 The living room

 Full-size kitchen!  Notice the ceiling--every room had a vaulted, shiplap ceiling with an amazing light fixture.

 I wish I would have turned on the overhead light for you to see this better but the bedroom was gorgeous!

 The bathroom!  I didn't get a picture of the shower but it was a gorgeous tiled shower.

Day One:
 Everyone bikes in Rosemary since most people don't stay on the beach, so this is the green where we all biked to, parked on, and walked down the stairs to the beach.  We loved it!!

We got to the beach that afternoon and ended up sitting through a pretty hard rainstorm.  Dustin snapped this of me because I was having to protect myself from the huge rain drops--they were cold and hurt!

 We walked to Cowgirl Kitchen for supper (I didn't talk any pictures because I forgot!).  It was so, so good!  I got the bbq chicken taco salad and it was wonderful.  Then we changed clothes and biked around town.  We made sure to make it to the 7pm concert on one of the greens because it was a Beach Boys cover band!

Day Two:
 We got up early and biked to a coffee shop we saw downtown the day before, AmaVida.  It was the best tasting coffee, so we made sure to grab a latte every day we were there haha! We ate breakfast outside while people watching.

 The storm the day before stirred up stuff in the ocean, so this was the only day that it wasn't crystal clear.

 We are staying at this hotel next time!

I had made reservations a few weeks ago for dinner Tuesday night at Paradis.  We walked to dinner--I loved being close enough to walk everywhere!  Paradis had the most amazing focaccia bread ever!  I could have eaten only that as my meal.

Funny thing about me....I do NOT like seafood.  So while we're eating at lots of seafood restaurants, I always order something else.
 I had a spinach salad for dinner.

 Dustin had some lobster encrusted grouper with lump crab meat and shrimp??  Looks gross to me 😜

 I can't remember if it's Seacrest or Seagrove that is right next to Rosemary?? so after dinner, we walked to a cupcake shop for dessert.  I had dessert every day while we were on vacation.  #noregrets

 That town had it's own cute little set up.

Day Three:
 my tank is part of the NSale but sold out!
This was Dustin's birthday!!!  He wanted donuts from Seaside, so we both got up early and while he drove over to Seaside to pick up donuts, I went out for a run.  Then I met him downtown at AmaVida where we both got a latte and sat on a bench in the green to enjoy our breakfast.

 You cannot go wrong with Five Daughters--either in Nashville or Seaside!

 This is where we enjoyed breakfast that morning!

 We love the beach!!!  And we both got a little burnt from the day before...

 This is what we looked like biking to and from the beach every day haha!

 We went to Seaside for dinner that night.  Bud & Alley's was recommended to me and it was not my favorite.  Now Dustin will tell you he liked it, but I didn't.

 It could also be because I tried to branch out and make myself like seafood by ordering grilled grouper, but nope, not a seafood lover.

 Then we changed clothes and biked around Rosemary a little more that night!

Day Four:
 This was our four year anniversary!!  

 We biked to breakfast again this morning at Grits & Grind.  I had the veggie scramble and it was delish!

 All the heart eyes!

 Dinner that night was at George's in Alys Beach and IT WAS SO GOOD!!!  I had the Mexican street corn salad--which looks weird but I loved it.

 Dustin got the spicy salt and pepper shrimp and he loved it!

Happy four years to us!!  And happy because we had some really amazing key lime pie for dessert!!!

 We went back to AmaVida that night because we were obsessed!

Day Five:
Sadly, this was the day we had to leave.  We stopped at Fonville Press for coffee in Alys Beach because I saw Mallory Ervin talk about it a lot on her vacation to 30A back in June, but it wasn't my favorite!

I got the bacon and veggie cast iron egg scramble and like I said, it wasn't my favorite.

We had THE BEST time ever while at the beach and also realized it was going to be our last trip just the two of us!!  


  1. You guys found such a great home to stay in for your vacation!! We haven't been to Rosemary beach but it's definitely on our list! So glad you had a great vacation! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Love the VRBO but yes, the hotel looks awesome! Rosemary Beach looks and sounds amazing. I am so glad you got to celebrate so sweetly. That’s horrible about the comments. What is wrong with people. No mind them, you deserved this vacation and I am so glad it was delightful!

  3. Okay, first of all, WHO is commenting about your fundraising and being nasty?? That is just so ridiculous. I cannot believe that anybody would be so horrible. Goodness gracious!

    Second of all, I LOVED seeing all of your pictures since we just got back from there, too! I have yet to recap the last two days of our trip, but I'm hoping to get it up soon. And I'm right there with you on the seafood... B and I don't eat it at all! YUCK!

    And I'm sorry you didn't love Fonville Press. I LOVED the coffee that I got there on our last day, but we didn't actually eat there. The place was so adorable, though!

  4. People are suuuuuper annoying.

    Seriously looks so idyllic - post after post of Rosemary Beach just has me wanting to go sooooo bad! I love seafood, so Dustin's dish would be right up my alley, but it looks like you were able to find some really good stuff too!

  5. I just have no words for the fundraising nastiness. People are just awful sometimes. We're going back to Daytona Beach this fall but I told Jared I definitely want to try 30A sometime in the near future.

  6. It looks like y’all had the best trip!! Makes me want to pack up and go back to Rosemary asap. ☺️ We loved Amavida Coffee too!

  7. Glad you guys had the very best time while on vacay! Loved the tour you did on IG stories of your place! We did VRBO for the house we got married at and it worked out so well! I know you guys have a big few months ahead of you, so good for you for enjoying a few days away to rest and relax. Whoever had the guts to send you a mean note about fundraising vs. vacation needs a swift kick in the you know where, IMO. They have no clue what you've been through!

  8. I love when the VRBO pays off! I have gotten a lot of really cute and fun places by booking with that app! Sorry but - That seafood looks amazing! YUM!

  9. Looks like a great end of summer trip for you as you start this new adventure! I'm low-key annoyed that anyone would make any comments about your fundraising though. Completely unnecessary. ANYWAY. I had a client whose parents had a house in Rosemary Beach and they were always telling us that we should take it for a week and just get away. Looking at these pictures I'm really sad we didn't - it looks so cute and all the food you found looks delish!!!

  10. I'm so glad you guys had a relaxing time and I can't imagine someone saying something nasty. Just keep your chin held high - they have no clue what it's like to be in your position. XOXO

  11. You really did pick a darling place to stay!! I loved all of the fancy details like that patterned tile floor. I'm not a sea food fan either. The only seafood I eat is crab cakes. I always find good salads, key lime pie and yummy things to eat when we're at the ocean. Glad you had such a wonderful trip!! Sorry you've gotten some negative comments. Do your best to ignore them because people can be so rude. PS Have you figured out a good way to reply to comments??

  12. SO happy y'all had such a magical time. You totally deserve it. LOVED all the photos - seriously, give me all the photos - especially the food pics, lol :)

  13. So glad you had a fun time! The place looks beautiful. Sorry you have to deal with horrible comments - people are so darn annoying sometimes.

  14. Ugh, some people are such trolls! Sorry to hear about the mean comments!

    This looks like such a fun place to visit -- and that kitchen in your rental for the week...SO pretty!

  15. I am so glad y'all had a fun trip!!!! It looks amazing!

  16. This looks like the best trip! I'm so sad you didn't like Bud & Alley's-Chris & I really, really love it, especially the fried green tomatoes there. I'm totally adding some of these restaurants to my list for our next trip down because all of your (well, Dustin's because I'm a seafood lover ;) food looks amazing!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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