Happy Birthday D!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I'm popping in today from Rosemary Beach!  We've been on vacation since Monday, and I didn't get any blog posts planned ahead of time 🙈  But today is a special day because it's DUSTIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Dustin is turning 33 today so I wanted to share a couple of facts about Dustin for those of you who may be new followers!

1. Dustin is obsessed with our yard and making it look perfect.  He works really hard on it and is really proud of how green it is. 

2. Speaking of vacations, Dustin researches everything and wants to plan everything and I am the exact opposite!

3. He loves outdoor sporting like hunting and fishing.

4. He's good at making corny jokes :)

5. He breaks out dancing sometimes and it always makes me laugh.

6. He's so excited to be a daddy!!  And I can't wait to see him be one.

Happy Birthday, D!!  I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to your main squeeze, your Mr., Your rock!!! Hope y'all are having a blast at the Beach!!

  2. Happy, happy birthday!!!! You should have added how he makes you very specific lists - idk why but I love that!

  3. Happy birthday to your man!

  4. Thank you for sharing it's really amazing post Happy Birthday Wishes


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