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Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Friday!!  This has been the BEST WEEK EVER because we've been at the beach for vacation!  I wrote about this on social media earlier this week, but when I booked our trip to Rosemary Beach in February, I had just gone through my second surgery for endometriosis.  I had no idea what was in store for us in the months to follow, but all I knew at that moment was that we (or really, me) needed an escape badly.  So this week at the beach has been heavenly, but once we get back home, we've got to knock out more adoption paperwork because I start back to school Thursday! 🙈

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As usual, I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITE things!

 I know every blogger and their brother has posted about the Nordstrom sale.  I originally wanted to purchase a pair of new jeans for the school year since I can't wear any of my jeans with rips or tears.  I ordered three pairs and had to send all three back because they just didn't work, so I ordered something else I needed--workout clothes!  I got this tank and leggings for the price of the leggings not on sale...such a good deal!  This tank might be my favorite because of its high neckline and breathable material.  These leggings will be perfect for Friday's spin class because they are vented on the side!  So yeah, my only purchase isn't school appropriate but they give me the motivation to get out and workout!!

 I am OBSESSED with podcast listening!  So much in fact that I was thinking just yesterday that I need to do a post on some of my favorite podcast episodes.  I've been listening to lots of podcasts while out on the beach this week because I can't read out in the sun (I have to put on my reading glasses and then it's too bright for my eyes ha!).  Brittany Price Brooker came to my old church almost two years ago to share her testimony at a women's event, so I knew her story.  I didn't expect to bawl my eyes out on the beach while listening to this podcast!  Definitely a favorite--especially because she talks about universal suffering, so no matter what you're going through, this podcast will apply to you!

 Rosemary Beach is my FAVORITE.  I'll do an entire post next week on our beach trip, but I think we've found our new favorite spot!

I had no idea Dustin took this of my yesterday, but it has a lot of my favorite things in it...there's a coffee shop in downtown Rosemary called AmaVida Coffee.  I've had a latte from there every day--so good!  And I love this dress!  Perfect for the beach!

We're headed back home today and I cannot wait to get back to eating healthy and exercising!  I've eaten relatively well for most of my meals while on vacation--except that I've had dessert every night ha!  #YOLO


  1. So glad you had a great holiday! Rosemary beach (from your photo) looks beautiful - always nice to go somewhere too where it is quiet enough to be able to bike about. And fab when you find 'your place' that serves great coffee! Love the colour of your new leggings - they look great! I am guessing your holiday dress might have been Lily (as a Brit and not having LP here I LOVE LP, probably more so as we can't get it here). Best of luck finishing off more adoption paperwork - the processes here are very drawn out so I would imagine they are in the US too - do you have a timescale yet or is it still early days? Happy Friday - Joanne x

  2. I love that dress too and I am over the moon you have had such great week, You needed it and you deserve it!! xo

  3. I cannot wait to hear more about your trip! It seems like the perfect getaway for you guys!

  4. So glad you all had such a relaxing getaway!! Much needed and deserved :)

  5. Yay for your beach trip! Give me the Panhandle any day, girlfriend. You look so pretty in your dress with your coffee. Glad you had a wonderful time. And Jamie Ivey - just discovered her this week and am in LOVE! xo Amanda @

  6. I'm obsessed with podcasts too and I love the Brooker bunch and follow both Brittany and her husband on insta, So inspiring!

  7. I would LOVE a post of all your favorite podcasts! Happy Friday my friend! :)

  8. Aren't new workout clothes the best?! I swear, nothing helps motivate me more than a new outfit for the gym!

  9. I can't wait to hear more about your vacation! Chris & I ventured down the 30A on our trip earlier this summer to PCB because some of our friends have a place in Santa Rosa that we're planning on staying at sometime after the baby comes. All of the little towns; Santa Rosa, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, etc. are all so sweet and have their own special charm-so much better in my opinion than Destin or PCB (where we always vacation!)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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