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Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Friday!!  How many of y'all shopped the Nordstrom Sale yesterday?  I found a pair of jeans for the school year, so I'll report back on if they worked or not once I get them in!  This is the best time of the year to buy jeans because you can get them for half off their normal price!  And my best friend isn't a card holder, so I grabbed a blardigan for her--I told her I was her life saver 😜

We've just finished our first full week of fundraising!  For those of you who wish to donate, you can still do that through PayPal!  You can either use or you can go to the website, choose send money to a friend, and enter in this email:  We are fully trusting in the Lord for people who give and we are so thankful!  I just picked up thank you notes, so I'll be sending those out hopefully tomorrow!

And since it's Friday, I'm sharing some of my FAVORITES with y'all!

I have LOVED looking at baby clothes--even though right now I'm only looking at gender neutral things!  I started thinking about it and I'll have to have a whole bunch of stuff (like clothes) to take with us once our baby is born!  And I don't want to have to spend a ton of money at once so my goal is to buy maybe one outfit or item every 2 weeks.  
I saw this on the Nordstrom website and maybe I'll bite the bullet and buy it at some point 😜  I think this is the MOST PRECIOUS thing ever!!  Yes, I know it's a little expensive for a baby outfit, but I've spent so many years buying expensive clothes for other people for their baby showers that I just want to buy my own baby something nice 😊

Last night was the finale of Southern Charm and Cameran is ALWASY my FAVE!!  Her sense of humor is the best and she seems to stay out of the drama (which is what I like!).  Last night just reaffirmed Ashley's insane psychotic ways.  I don't get how she functions in society?

Okay this is NOT a favorite--I watched the first half of Very Cavallari.  I was not impressed.  I liked Kristen's part in the show, but her husband seemed rude and arrogant.  And I was not into watching her shop girls' dramatic lives play out.  Anyone else feel that way about the show?

I'm heading down to Birmingham to meet up with my bestie and our college women's minister for lunch and looking at cribs!!  I've got a post coming next week about baby stuff....and all the help I need from y'all!  Have a great weekend!


  1. That onesie is too darn cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. LOVE that onesie! Oh girl, you have the BEST time in Birmingham!!!

  3. Love the onesie! Congrats on starting the steps towards adoption! Ugh...didn't like Very Cavallari at all. I thought they both didn't seem very nice and the cat fighting from the beginning had me all nervous! Off my watch list!

  4. That onesie is super cute! I didn't know Kristin had her own show. I hated her on Laguna Beach & The Hills. Because of that though, I kind of want to watch it ha. I'll have to see if it's online though.

  5. SO excited for you and Dustin! I'm a long time blog reader and instagram follower just never commented. :) Word of advice get as much stuff with zippers and avoid buttons. They are no fun in the middle of the night for diaper changes. LOL!!

  6. That onesie is precious!!! You should definitely splurge :) I want to try Very Cavallari but I saw a preview with her husband in it and he definitely seemed rude.

  7. We ditched cable a few months ago so I couldn't watch Very Cavallari. I was so sad! But maybe I'm not anymore since you didn't think it was that great.

  8. Kissy Kissy onesies are worth the splurge! At least for one or two special ones or to use as a coming home outfit. They were some of our favorites because they are so soft and the prints are adorable. But look for ones that zip too because middle of the night diaper changes with snaps are so disturbing for baby. I’ve heard lots of mixed things about Very Cavallari. I haven’t watched but good to know I’m not really missing anything. Happy Friday!

  9. That sleeper is so cute! I'm with you-after spending lots of time thinking of the perfect outfit and items for everyone else, I think you fully deserve to buy a few really nice things for your future babe ;) I wish I had the budget to spend more on my little guy in this Nordstrom sale but man-kids are so expensive! I can't wait to see what suggestions you get on your next post-I may have to write them all down for myself!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  10. Because of Kristin's book, I expected something totally different out of the show! I'll probably still watch but wasn't loving it either. Both of my babes have those kissy kissy sophie print jammies.. for obvious reasons, haha! And I LOVEEEE cam.. can't wait for the reunion to start airing!

  11. Looking at baby clothes is so much fun!

  12. I found zippered sleepers/pajamas the easiest thing for a newborn when it was cooler outside. In the beginning, other than a few special places, you're not going out all that much. So keep that in mind when you're buying. Spend it on clothes for when they're a bit bigger. When it was warm, my baby just lived in a onesie. But, everyone is different and you may be putting on pants/onesie/shoes/hat on the daily. Do what you want to do!

    RE: Southern Charm. Let me say, I love this show. I think the Savannah spin off was not that great and I liked NOLA. Not sure if you saw either of those. I am SHOCKED that Thomas and Ashley are still together. You would think after what she saw him say and all the times he leered at Katherine that she would have ditched him but I guess having someone pay for your $10k shopping spree let's you overlook some things.


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