Friday Faves

Friday, June 8, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!  

I've got lots of FAVORITES to share with y'all today!

-Before I get to those, I'm putting together a Q&A post for next week, so if you have any question for me, either leave in the comments or email me!  Dustin even submitted a question last night on stories, so I'll be answering his next week haha!

-The Pure White Cotton Bath and Body Works candle--I've been burning it 24/7 and I love how light and clean the scent is!  What's your favorite summer candle scent?

-I'm almost done with season 5 of Suits!  I'm trying to hurry and finish all 7 seasons before I go to The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference with my bff because she's watched all of them and I plan on having long discussions about it!

-Sephora released a new kind of lipstick with their Sephora Collection make up.  My mom has raved about it, so I finally bought some (it's super cheap!).  I really like it!  It's creamy and stays on well--my only complaint is that there aren't a lot of colors to choose from!

One of my favorite meals in the summer is anything grilled!  Last night we grilled hamburgers (using meat from my mom and stepdad's farm) and corn on the cob.  SO GOOD!  And if you're from the South, you can't forget a tomato--I've got enough slices for a tomato sandwich today for lunch!

I got a question on yesterday's post about these shorts.  Because I still can't respond back to any comments (thanks Blogger 😫), I'll link them here!  They are my favorite shorts to lounge around in and wear on days that I'm wearing comfy clothes.

Here's a new favorite song for y'all!  The band, Dawes, is coming to Birmingham in November and I want to go!  

Have a great weekend!


  1. This whole mess with the comments is making me sad & frustrated! I love candles that smell like fresh laundry!

  2. We seriously love grilling in the summer - it's the best!!

  3. Ahhh such a good candle, one of my favorites too. We love a slice of tomato with our summer meals too. Have a super sweet weekend cutie!

  4. I love tomato sandwiches! I was wondering what Dustin does for his job? Have a great day!

  5. I LOVE grilled food, too. What kind of seasoning is on your corn? Also, I really love Endless Weekend and I found a new one the last time I went which I love, too - Midnight Blue Citrus.

  6. We had corn on the cob with grilled chicken last night and I could not get over how great the corn tasted!

  7. Thank you so much for responding to my question! I can't wait to order some as it is so hot in KY already!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

  8. Anything grilled is the best!! I love summer.


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