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Friday, June 29, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!

First, I want to thank you for your kind words regarding Dustin's grandmother--one of the many reasons why I love the blogging community is because of the friendships formed!

Speaking of the blogging community, I am so aggravated that the comment notifications are STILL not working!  I hate not being able to respond back to everyone's comments.  So, if you have a comment that you want me to respond to (until this stuff is fixed), please email me so I can respond to you!!  My email is

As usual, today I'm sharing a bunch of my FAVORITES!!

 THIS is hilarious and also describes my childhood with Rachel very well haha!  Rachel was a bad child 😜 and I remember my mom telling me that SHE was the parent and I should let her parent--I'm sure I had told her to spank my sister after she did something haha!  That's what happens when you're 4 years older than your sister!

 Rachel and I eat lunch together every Tuesday and it's something that I really look forward to this summer!  She had told me that day that one of her coworkers asked if I ever wore makeup because she hadn't seen me wear it either in person or in any pictures lately haha! Rachel had to assure her that I, in fact, did wear makeup and that I wore it often...just not much in the summer.  Anyone else?  I'm not a makeup wearer unless I am going somewhere.

Speaking of not wearing makeup much, I'm trying to really take care of my skin now that I'm able to use retinols again.  I bought this cream and have been using it for over a week and I'm really pleased with it so far!  It doesn't burn my face when I put it on (my skin is sensitive!), and once it dries, it makes my skin feel so, so good.  I hope in a couple of weeks I can see my discoloration even out.

Let me explain the next couple of photos...ever since I started teaching, I have refused to go to our local swimming pool because I didn't want to see any students.  Middle school students are unique in their own way and I just knew that they'd see me out at the pool and put me on snapchat 😂😂 One of my friends had been asking me to go with her and her kids and because it's been so unbelievably hot lately, I finally gave in.  These photos are proof that I went haha!!
 Jessica's little girl, Caroline, is the cutest!!

Caroline wanted to take a picture of us next and she did a good job!  Jessica was the first person to really welcome Dustin and I to our new church and we've become such great friends since then!  My pool experience wasn't bad at all, so I may venture back with them another time 😜

Anthropologie is having an extra 25% off their sale right now, and I spotted this online.  The extra 25% the sale price makes it a really reasonable price!

Yes, this song has been out for a while, but I can't believe I haven't shared it yet on a Friday Faves post!  If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with John Mayer!  I was a little iffy when he first released this after I heard the intro, but this has become a FAVORITE song!  The intro is weird, but the rest of the song is gold.


  1. The comments issue is fixed! This is what you have to do. Go to settings in Blogger > select email > in the comment notification email box delete your email address > save your settings > close your browser > open a DIFFERENT browser than what you had just used before (I used Google Chrome and then Firefox) > go to your settings in Blogger again > select email > add your email in the comment notification email box > save your settings. You will then receive an email from Blogger asking if you want to subscribe to your comments. Click subscribe and you're done! It worked for me, Andrea, and Biana so hopefully it'll work for you! I'm just now getting comment emails again as of this morning! Woo hoo!

  2. I just got so excited reading Lindsay's comment! And I crack up that you avoid the pool because of your students. I know my mom said it was always funny when she saw kids out at the store bc it was like what, you aren't always at school - they would be so funny!

  3. Such a bummer about the comments not working!

    Hahaha the comment about the middle schoolers -- I would be paranoid of that too! My cousin used to put unflattering photos of me on her snapchat all the time!

    I wear makeup 90% of the time but I'm also one of those weirdos that wears jeans on weekends to relax around the house.

  4. Yes, Wednesday I had the blogger fix posted and Lindsay and Biana figured out how the browser thingy. Hope it works. You are the cutest and I can see you in that Anthro top! Happy weekend babe!

  5. You would definitely end up on snapchat. I know kids. lol. ;) Love that swimsuit! I tried it on and it didn't look nearly as cute on me!! It was pink though.

  6. I don't wear makeup at all in the summer either unless I know we're heading somewhere really special or I'll be in air conditioning the WHOLE time. I hate the slimy feeling the makeup leaves behind in the heat.. maybe that's just me but I rarely wear any.

  7. I am totally cracking up about the students and worrying about being put on snapchat. A few weeks back Keith and I went to an outdoor concert at the lake and I was doing some line dancing and such and some of Dillon's friends totally recorded me. Get...A....Life! hahaha

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. If I was a teacher I wouldn't want to be on snapchat either haha!

  10. Heck yeah - I never wear makeup unless I am going somewhere. I need for my skin to BREATHE! LOL

  11. I am totally trying that strategy that Lindsay mentioned above. I hope it works, the comment thing has been driving me crazy! My mom is a teacher and it's always so funny when her students see her out in the real world. She teaches 4th grade and they are always in such shock, like they can't believe she has a life outside of her classroom with them!

  12. haha I would feel the same way about the pool if I was a teacher! So glad you ended up going though.

  13. Thanks for the recommendation for the cream! Love that it is drugstore and works for you! I will check it out when my current moisturizer runs out.


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