Friday Faves!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!

First, I want to thank you for your kind words regarding Dustin's grandmother--one of the many reasons why I love the blogging community is because of the friendships formed!

Speaking of the blogging community, I am so aggravated that the comment notifications are STILL not working!  I hate not being able to respond back to everyone's comments.  So, if you have a comment that you want me to respond to (until this stuff is fixed), please email me so I can respond to you!!  My email is

As usual, today I'm sharing a bunch of my FAVORITES!!

 THIS is hilarious and also describes my childhood with Rachel very well haha!  Rachel was a bad child 😜 and I remember my mom telling me that SHE was the parent and I should let her parent--I'm sure I had told her to spank my sister after she did something haha!  That's what happens when you're 4 years older than your sister!

 Rachel and I eat lunch together every Tuesday and it's something that I really look forward to this summer!  She had told me that day that one of her coworkers asked if I ever wore makeup because she hadn't seen me wear it either in person or in any pictures lately haha! Rachel had to assure her that I, in fact, did wear makeup and that I wore it often...just not much in the summer.  Anyone else?  I'm not a makeup wearer unless I am going somewhere.

Speaking of not wearing makeup much, I'm trying to really take care of my skin now that I'm able to use retinols again.  I bought this cream and have been using it for over a week and I'm really pleased with it so far!  It doesn't burn my face when I put it on (my skin is sensitive!), and once it dries, it makes my skin feel so, so good.  I hope in a couple of weeks I can see my discoloration even out.

Let me explain the next couple of photos...ever since I started teaching, I have refused to go to our local swimming pool because I didn't want to see any students.  Middle school students are unique in their own way and I just knew that they'd see me out at the pool and put me on snapchat 😂😂 One of my friends had been asking me to go with her and her kids and because it's been so unbelievably hot lately, I finally gave in.  These photos are proof that I went haha!!
 Jessica's little girl, Caroline, is the cutest!!

Caroline wanted to take a picture of us next and she did a good job!  Jessica was the first person to really welcome Dustin and I to our new church and we've become such great friends since then!  My pool experience wasn't bad at all, so I may venture back with them another time 😜

Anthropologie is having an extra 25% off their sale right now, and I spotted this online.  The extra 25% the sale price makes it a really reasonable price!

Yes, this song has been out for a while, but I can't believe I haven't shared it yet on a Friday Faves post!  If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with John Mayer!  I was a little iffy when he first released this after I heard the intro, but this has become a FAVORITE song!  The intro is weird, but the rest of the song is gold.

Just Popping In...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy Tuesday, friends!  

I'm just popping in to let y'all know that I will be back Friday for my normal Friday Faves post.  Dustin's grandmother passed away yesterday morning, so while we're spending lots of time with family, I'll be away from the computer.  Please keep the Shaneyfelt family in your prayers during this time.

See y'all Friday!

Friday Faves!!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!  I hate to say it, but I feel like this summer is flying by and I don't like that one bit!  I need everything to slow down so my summer lasts much, much longer!

I've got a lot of FAVORITES to share with y'all today!!

My first one is this really cute tank that would be perfect for the 4th because it comes in both red and blue.  And it's on major sale right now!!

 I really love drinking coffee--I mean vanilla lattes, and those aren't the healthiest to drink every single morning.  I like leaving those as little treats whenever I stop by Starbucks or a local coffee shop.  But I like to have caffeine each morning whenever I wake up which is why I enjoy drinking Spark every morning since it's only 15 calories!  My favorite flavor is the Mango Strawberry, but they just came out with a new one, Pineapple Coconut, and I've got to try it asap.

 Yesterday, i missed the Girl Chat linkup about favorite hair products because Wednesday was super busy, so I want to share my two faves right now.
This spray is a damage control protectant that I spray on my hair after I get out of the shower and before I brush through the tangles.  It works not only as an adult detangler, but also helps keep my blonde hair healthy from the heat tools.

I just went a little ashy with my blonde hair (the picture below is before) and I've wanted a purple shampoo to help keep my hair bright and blonde and not yellow and brassy.  My hair dresser told me about this purple masque (conditioner) that not only keeps my hair bright but will also keep it soft and moisturized.  So far I've used this product 3x and love it!  You have to keep it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing.

 I never got to write about this, but about two weeks ago I got to meet Amanda from Klein dot Co!  She was as sweet in person and she is online, and we had a great time walking around and shopping Bridgestreet!

 I snapped this while I was under the dryer during my last appointment.  Since I was changing up my blonde, it took a little bit longer.  The sacrifices we make to look good, right?! LOL!

 Tuesday after my yoga class, I met my sister for lunch at Moe's BBQ.  We've decided Tuesday is going to be our weekly lunch date this summer.  Side note:  Is Moe's BBQ a local thing or is it in other places?  They play really great music (Jimi Hendrix. DMB, Led Zeppelin) while serving only freshly made bbq.

I bought a new face cream to try at night.  I read in Good Housekeeping that they gave this brand's retinol the award for the best drug store brand, so that was intriguing because the last tube of retinol I had cost $80+.  I've used this the past two nights and so far I really like it.  My skin in sensitive and this hasn't caused me to turn red or my face to burn.  I put it all over my face, neck, and the base of my neck, and it has a nice, light and clean scent to it.  It's supposed to help the discoloration in my face (aka sun spots) while keeping the lines at bay.  The price was the selling point!

And my weekly FAVORITE song pick is...
Aloe Blac's newest song!!  I saw him on The Today Show yesterday sing it, and the first thing I did was try to find his new album so I could buy it.  He reminds me a little bit of Leon Bridges!  

When You Become Friends With Your Siblings

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

For those of you who are new around here, I have two sisters--one older half sister (Stefanie) and one sister only a couple of years younger than me (Rachel).  Stefanie was 14 when I was born and didn't live with us full-time, so I really don't think I ever had the chance to get on her nerves as the annoying younger sister 😜 (or at least she hasn't ever told me haha!).  But Rachel on the other hand....

Rachel is 4 years younger than me, so we were the perfect age gap for her to get on my nerves when I had finally hit my teen years and felt "cool."  

I remember the fights we used to have growing up and how my mom used to tell both of us that after our parents die some day, Rachel and I would only have each other--so we better make up.  As a teenager I didn't quite get what my mom was telling us.  It sounded morbid and I didn't really want to be friends with Rachel at that point in my life.

But things changed once I graduated high school a moved two hours away for college.  Rachel became a freshman in high school as I became a freshman in college and our relationship dynamic began to shift.  No longer were we fighting horribly, but we actually missed each other.

After I graduated from college, I moved back home and got a job teaching at my old junior high.  I lived with my mom and stepdad to save money, and after Rachel graduated from college, she stayed at home and went to a local college.  That's when our relationship changed the most.  We finally became best friends.

Fast forward to today, we talk every day, live in the same town, and see each other constantly.  I now understand what my mom was telling us so many years ago.  We still fight but our fights as adults look much different than our fights as 12 and 16 year olds.  I'm thankful for our friendship, thankful that we've both matured enough to become best friends.  

My Weekend at The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

If you watched any of my IG stories from Thursday to Saturday, you probably noticed that I was out of town and at some sort of big event.  A couple of months ago, my best friend sent me the link to The Gospel Coalition Women's (TGCW) Conference for 2018 asking if I wanted to go.  Of course I wanted to go!  We both love TGC for its reformed theology, loved and read many of the speakers, and it was a very doable drive from Alabama.

 We headed out for Indianapolis before 7 AM on Thursday morning!

Our drive was relatively easy except for the insane amount of interstate construction in Indiana.  It got so bad (and as a result would have made us late for the first speaker) at one point that we followed the detour Janie's phone was suggesting and it ended up taking us on a gravel road through a corn field ha!

 We got to the conference just before it began!!  Not pictured was the sweat from hustling to get to the convention center 😂  This conference was the biggest one I had ever been to--there were OVER 8,000 women there!  

During the course of the 3 day conference, we went through the book of Deuteronomy and listened to 7 speakers preach on different passages through the book.  The main message of Deuteronomy--love God and love your neighbor.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me at

Mary Willson and Jackie Hill Perry (LOVED HER!!) were the two speakers that night!

 Day 2 was Friday and we were pretty tired.  Our hotel was about a 15-ish minute walk so not too bad, and the selling point was the fact that Starbucks was located right across the street.  Unfortunately, the Starbucks line was way too long for us to wait in line for coffee and breakfast and still be able to make it before the conference began.

We had 3 speakers on Friday spread out throughout the day--Kristie Anyawabile, Don Caron (president of TGC), and Jen Wilkin.  I had heard Jen speak at a smaller conference a couple of years ago and was excited to hear her again!

 We also attended 3 hour-long workshops on Saturday in between speakers.  These were workshops we were able to sign up for when we bought our ticket, and we were able to choose them based on their topics.  Janie and I chose different workshops for our first 2, but we chose the same one for our last.  Rosaria Butterfield just released a book on the gospel and hospitality so her workshop was centered around that.  (Side note: I went to Nashville with some friends a few years ago to listen to Rosaria share her testimony.  Her testimony is amazing and I would recommend looking her up on Youtube!)

 We had great seats for Jen Wilkin Friday night!

 This was from Saturday morning and we were EXHAUSTED!!!  Conferences are so fun, but they are also so tiring.  We got little sleep and took in lots of heavy information which made for exhausted brains haha!  We were really excited about this day because our FAVORITE pastor and theologian was closing out the day.

Our speakers for Saturday were Kathleen Nielson and John Piper.

John Piper closed out the conference by preaching on Deuteronomy 29-30.  He was even better in person than I could have imagined!  If you don't know who he is, he has multiple books, podcasts, and runs Desiring God--so check him out!

We had such a great time at this conference!  Everyone needs to take a best friend trip every once in a while!

Ask Sarah Vol. 2

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hi friends!!  I hope y'all are having a great week so far :)  Last night Dustin had a softball game for our church so we didn't get in until late and he had to work today, so I know he's dragging--and I just got a little extra sleep haha!

I asked last Friday for questions for a Q&A post and if you want to see my last one, click here!

How do you do your hair when it's straight?
I blow dry it straight, use this straightener, and then I use a pick to tease it.  I tease the back of my crown first and spray it with this hair spray, and then tease each side and spray.  Then I use my pick to lightly smooth out my hair and give it a final spray!

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your days, what would it be?
This was such a fun question, but my answer isn't too fun haha!!  I have two outfits I would choose from...
 My first choice would be something super comfortable--leggings, an old college t-shirt, and the most comfortable sweatshirt ever!  Oh, and can't forget my favorite slippers that I wear 24/7.

Or if I had to wear "real" clothes, then I would choose something similar to this outfit--a Matilda Jane shirt (made from the best fabric!) and white jeans with my favorite sandals.  If you're looking for white jeans that aren't see through, these are the best ones I've found so far--they are thicker but not so thick that they're hot.

Do you have a Bible reading plan or do you use a specific devotional?
There are a few things I like to do when I read and study my Bible.  I like just reading through a book of the Bible and using my commentary at the bottom of my pages to deepen my study.  I also like using Warren Weirsbe books when I'm studying certain books of the Bible.  Then for something quick, I like using the She Reads Truth app on my phone.  I REALLY like using She Reads Truth during advent season because their studies are always so great.

What does Dustin do for his job?
Dustin works for a big company that is contracted out to Boeing (airplanes).  They contract out to other big corporations, but Boeing is their biggest.

And then Dustin submitted these questions...😂😂
How do you always look so beautiful?  Also, how did you get such a good looking man for a husband?
1. My husband has to think I always look beautiful since he's married to me.
2. I guess my beauty hooked him 😜

Summer Lovin' Questions (A Week Later)

Monday, June 11, 2018

I know I'm a week late to the party, but I thought today I'd answer the link up questions from last week!

1. Walk or Bike Ride?  Since I don't own a bicycle anymore, I guess I prefer walking ha!

2. Favorite Picnic Food?  Sandwiches--either a tomato sandwich or a BLT.

3. Pool or Lake?  Pool for sure since I can see to the bottom.  I definitely have gotten less fun as I've gotten older because I've gotten practical like that haha!  I think about all the times I swam off our pier at our lake cabin as a child and never had a worry in the world about what was in that water.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this!  I'll still swim in the lake or river, but I'd prefer the pool overall.

4. Favorite Flavor of ice cream?  Chocolate chip cookie dough FOREVER

5. Ice Cream Cone or in a Dish?  Cone

6. Flip Flops or Slides?  These flip flops!

7. Jean Shorts or Jean Capris?  Out of those two choices, I'll say jean shorts.  I just got a pair this summer that I actually like, and full price they're under $30!  And they stretch!!

8. Favorite summer Fruit?  Strawberries!

9. Corn on the Cob or Cut Off the Cob?  On the cob--I'm not afraid to get it between my teeth haha!  I just have to floss after.

10. Favorite summertime song?  When I think of music in the summer, I think of classic rock--Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix...that's what I want blasting while I'm outside or on the boat.  

11. Favorite summertime activity?  Not going to school!

12. Favorite Berry? Strawberries and blackberries

13. Bikini’s, tankini’s or one pieces?  I've never really been a fan of tankini's on me, and right now during this season of life, I'm in one pieces.  I'm so glad they are making a come back because lots of one pieces are so stylish!!  I recently bought this bathing suit in a maroon color.  I have to be really careful buying one pieces since I have such a long torso, so I usually end up sizing up one for the length.

14. Dresses or Skirts?  Dresses all year long and I really like to add in skirts in the fall/winter

15. One Word to describe Summer?  Perfect!

Friday Faves

Friday, June 8, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!  

I've got lots of FAVORITES to share with y'all today!

-Before I get to those, I'm putting together a Q&A post for next week, so if you have any question for me, either leave in the comments or email me!  Dustin even submitted a question last night on stories, so I'll be answering his next week haha!

-The Pure White Cotton Bath and Body Works candle--I've been burning it 24/7 and I love how light and clean the scent is!  What's your favorite summer candle scent?

-I'm almost done with season 5 of Suits!  I'm trying to hurry and finish all 7 seasons before I go to The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference with my bff because she's watched all of them and I plan on having long discussions about it!

-Sephora released a new kind of lipstick with their Sephora Collection make up.  My mom has raved about it, so I finally bought some (it's super cheap!).  I really like it!  It's creamy and stays on well--my only complaint is that there aren't a lot of colors to choose from!

One of my favorite meals in the summer is anything grilled!  Last night we grilled hamburgers (using meat from my mom and stepdad's farm) and corn on the cob.  SO GOOD!  And if you're from the South, you can't forget a tomato--I've got enough slices for a tomato sandwich today for lunch!

I got a question on yesterday's post about these shorts.  Because I still can't respond back to any comments (thanks Blogger 😫), I'll link them here!  They are my favorite shorts to lounge around in and wear on days that I'm wearing comfy clothes.

Here's a new favorite song for y'all!  The band, Dawes, is coming to Birmingham in November and I want to go!  

Have a great weekend!

Life Lately

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Happy Thursday, y'all!  I'm coming at you with a little life lately since I haven't done one of those in forever!!  Before I get started on it, I have to comment on the Blogger comment email issue.  It's driving me crazy not being able to respond back to anyone's comments and for other bloggers who I comment on to not be able to respond back to me!  I miss the communication!!  Does anyone have any updates on it?

And I would have typed out this post yesterday, but any free time I got I was watching Suits #noshame

 I was finally cleared to workout regularly again so this is me after my first high intensity workout--after I changed clothes because I was sweating so badly ha!  I worked out before I went to grab lunch with my dad and put on some dry clothes only to get soaked having to run out to my car in a thunderstorm 🙈

 I talked my dad into lunch at Starbucks!!  My smoked turkey protein box was great.  I ordered the strawberry green tea to drink and it was okay.  Probably not going to order that again.

 I sent this to Dustin to show him the OOTD he was missing haha!  Isn't my summer uniform glamorous?!  And yes, I wear my slippers even in the summer haha

 Saturday morning I went over to my sister's house to do a 30 minute Beachbody workout--it was so tough and I was sore for at least 2 days afterward haha!  Later that night, I was her second shooter at a wedding, so you can imagine how well I slept Saturday night 😜

 Again, summer #OOTD!  I ran Tuesday morning, changed into the outfit above and went to yoga, and then stayed in that outfit in order to run a ton of errands.  I also voted in our state primary!

First, I want to give major props to women whose husbands either travel a lot for work or who are married to men in the military and have to go through deployments.  Dustin was gone on a work trip for a week and it was the longest week of my life!  I was fine during the day because I kept myself busy with friends, but I had a hard time sleeping at night while he was gone.  So I was VERY happy when he got to come home finally!  We went out on a date last night to see Adrift (GO SEE IT!!!!  AMAZING STORY!!!) and eat at PF Chang's with dessert at Edgar's!  And now I've had two great nights of sleep ha!

The Meghan Markle Style Files

Monday, June 4, 2018

As promised on Friday, today I'm sharing a little about Meghan Markle's style!  I really like Meghan's style pre-wedding and I have a feeling she won't be changing too much now that she's a Duchess.

As you scroll through these pictures, I hope you notice how easy it would be to recreate Meghan's outfits.  She sticks with classic pieces that are solid colors--which makes each outfit look put together and effortless.

I've linked a couple of look-a-like items and everything I found is from Nordstrom because of the free shipping and returns!

 This was taken during a royal engagement she attended after getting engaged to Harry.  Meghan loves a good, classic coat, so if you ever see any pictures of her in coats, notice how structured it is.  I love the green skirt and cream sweater in this picture!

 I love the oversized navy turtleneck sweater paired with oxblood pants.  I think this is my favorite outfit.

 recreate this look:  jeans | shirt
This is the easiest look to recreate!  I'm sure we all have this outfit in our closet, and if not, buying a white button up (in a size bigger) is a classic piece we all need to invest in.  Meghan paired this look with cognac flats and a tote.

 recreate this look:  pants | sweater
Meghan loves an oversized turtleneck sweater, and I can see why because they look so good on her!  She looks very put together, and I'm sure we all have this in our closet, too!

 recreate this look: jeans | top
I'm not sure if Meghan is out shopping or out eating, but again, this easy and classic look looks so put together and requires no talent in putting this outfit together!

recreate this look: top | shorts
This last look is another easy look to recreate!  In warm weather months, you can pair your chambray top with shorts like Meghan did, but when it's cold out, pair the chambray top with jeans--which is something I love to do.  

I hope that you are inspired to put together a few new outfits after seeing Meghan's because I'm sure a lot of us have these pieces in our closet!  

Friday Faves!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Happy June 1st!  I cannot believe it's already June and my first week of summer vacation is complete.  It's been great minus all of the rain...yuck!

Today I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITES with you!  I feel like it's been so long since I've done a Friday Favorites post, so let's get started!

 If you read my Royal Wedding post yesterday, you might notice my slight obsession with Meghan Markle #noshame  I really didn't know anything about her before the wedding, but after all of my internet research, I've realized she's such a down to earth person!  This article  that she collaborated on about living well is really interesting!  And another favorite is that outfit she has on above!  I'm thinking about doing an entire post next week dedicated to Meghan Markle's style, so you can either skip that one or be as excited as me about it haha!!

 One of my favorite things is laying on top of our covers with Dustin and watching tv together.

 One of my friends at school is a certified yoga teacher, so she's decided to teach a yoga class for teachers every Tuesday morning at school.  We had our first class this week and I loved it!  It really was my first workout since early April, and it just showed me how ready I am to get back into shape.  Plus, I love all of the people I work with so it'll be great to see them once a week over the summer.

Tuesday Dustin and I went shopping in Huntsville, and the story behind this McDonald's coffee is crazy.  I shared about it on my stories under Every Day Life :)

 The reason why I'm writing this blog Friday morning is because last night I hung out with one of my oldest friends, Kristi!  She and I became friends in the 3rd grade when she moved to my town, and we've been friends ever since!  We enjoyed a night of shopping (both getting lipstick because it's our favorite) and eating out!

shorts (50% off right now!)
I haven't been comfortable wearing shorts during the summer since 2 summers ago.  While I'm working on losing all of this weight gained from fertility meds, I decided to just suck it up and buy a new pair of shorts to wear this summer.  I knew I didn't want to invest in an expensive pair since I'm hoping to not wear that size for long, so I found a cheap pair that I actually really like!!  They are half off right now making them even cheaper, and my friend Kristi bought a pair last night because she liked how they looked on me!  

It's so crazy who inspired me to just buy a pair of shorts for this summer, but Mallory Ervin--who just had a baby and has a lot of weight to lose--bought herself shorts about 5 sizes bigger than her pre-baby body and is rocking them this summer!  Would anyone be interested in a post on bodily changes during fertility meds?  It's not what I expected going into it ha!

This song is on the long side, BUT if you're going through any hard season right now, I beg you to listen to this song!  It's so helpful to remind you what your perspective should be, and I love both Shane and Shane and John Piper.
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