The Royal Wedding: When Harry Married Meghan

Thursday, May 31, 2018

I along with millions of other people around the world tuned in last Saturday to watch an American actress marry a British prince.  (Basically, my childhood dream)  I woke up at 4:15 that morning and Dustin got up with me to watch this historic event.  We moved to the living room, turned on the Today Show, and began to watch the guests arrive.

It was a lot of fun watching the wedding with Dustin because he didn't know much about the Royal family, so I got to educate him on all things Royal :)

And after watching all of the pomp and circumstance and not really knowing anything about Meghan Markle, I've now become obsessed with researching her and finding out who she was before Harry.  She's actually pretty interesting and it's also been fun binging Suits!

Just like I did with William and Kate's wedding, I woke up early enough to watch some of the guests arrive.  The British sure do know how to dress for a wedding!  Now looking back at my own, I think it would have been really fun to add a note on the invitation about hats being welcomed!  

 This is Diana's brother and his 2nd wife, and man, she looks great in purple!  I've never thought about purple being a brunette's color, but it really is.  If you're brunette, start wearing purple now because it looks amazing on this lady!

 Amal Clooney is ALWAYS stylish.  I loved this dress and hat on her--the fit was impeccable.  Now, I could not pull off this color, but she definitely does with her skin tone and hair color.

 Kitty Spencer, Diana's niece, looked amazing, too.  Again y'all, the British can dress for a wedding!  I loved the green on her and her small fascinator works perfect with the print on this dress.  Because the print is so overpowering, she did great wearing a small fascinator.

 Pippa Middleton is gorgeous but I was not a fan of this dress.  I actually think it looks pretty on her waist up, but the pleats are not cute.

James Blunt's wife killed it in this embroidered dress and coordinating fascinator!  

THE Dress
How many of y'all had predictions on what Meghan's dress would look like?  🙋 I didn't think she wold wear lace at all--it just doesn't seem like her--but I was not expecting the boat neck.  I liked the simplicity of the dress but wish it were a little more fitted in the bodice.

 I actually gasped when I saw this live.  The veil is AMAZING and I loved it even more after I read the story about the design of it.  I loved that she had her two page boys carry her veil, too.


 The florals on the archways inside and outside the church were really impressive.  I'm sure her entire flower budget cost more than my entire wedding (because flowers are expensive!), but I'd say it was worth it after seeing how dramatic it made the church without being too much....if that makes sense.

 So sweet!!!

 Was it just me or did anyone feel bad for the people who had to sit behind those arches?  I don't even know if they could really see anything going on during the ceremony!

 I love this photo!  I loved watching them ride in the carriage to Windsor and it's so neat to have a little peak into the carriage (i.e.: the hand-holding)

Meghan's mom was the real MVP of the day.  Here we're got a single mom who had to sit alone during the ceremony, who looked to be without any family in attendance, and who is just an average middle class American watch her daughter marry into British Royalty.  And she looks so pretty in that color!

Reception Dress
 I was not expecting the halter neckline but now I don't want her to wear anything different!  She knocked it out of the ballpark with this dress, and Harry doesn't look too bad himself ha!

I know I keep saying "I love..." but there are so many things about this wedding that I loved! It was so sweet and sentimental that Meghan wore one of Diana's rings, and the blue was an unexpected pop of color with her dress.  I'm sure Meghan can wear a potato sack and still pull it off effortlessly.  She also makes me want to figure out how to wear my hair in a messy-like bun.

Did you wake up early to watch the wedding?  Your thoughts?


  1. I never comment, but do visit and wish you the very best on your fertility journey. I'm going through some struggles of my own right now, and I loved your post on the summer-it made me want to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life instead of wallowing in self pity-which is what I do.

    Anyhow, this post is so sweet and comes from such a good place-especially what you said about her mother-we need to recognise single parents more for what they do-I have a wonderful loving husband who, despite his incredibly busy workload, helps out with our son. I don't know what I'd do without him-to parent on your own (I don't know when the parents got a divorce though) must be so tough.

  2. I loved everything about this wedding, too! I didn't like Pippa's dress either... it looked like something an old lady would have worn. And I was a bit underwhelmed by Meghan's wedding dress, but she still looked stunning. And her second dress... OMG, perfection!

  3. You know I was up AND wearing my fascinator!!! Loved your recap- I posted the exact same carriage pic on my blog; it’s my fave ♥️

  4. It was all PERFECT! We all got up at 4 a.m. to watch the guest arrive and my girls were just as giddy as I was. My husband thought we were insane, but it was fun to eat scones together to mark the occasion!

  5. Hi Sarah, I loved your thoughts on the wedding. It was so exciting to watch. I think Meghan is beautiful, i didn't know anything about her before Harry and I too have been busy googling her and binge watching suits. What a great show! I'm so glad you're back to blogging, I missed your posts when you were away. I'm praying for you.

  6. They are so perfect for each other.. I really love how much they are in love. You can tell all from the body language throughout the ceremony and the way he was looking at her. Her mom was a MVP to be there by her self so many emotions going through her head. Megan is so beauty.

    Chelsea @

  7. I LOVED Amal's dress, and James Blunt's wife's dress. Lots of pretty outfits!

  8. Reading this commentary was so fun!! I watched with a friend who knows EVERYTHING about the royals, so her in-person commentary and "history lessons" for us where interesting and funny. :)

  9. I 100% got up to watch! 1AM here in Hawaii, but it was so beautiful! My favorite was the choir that sang!

  10. British wedding style is AMAZING. (100% agree that Pippa's dress was a hot mess.) I can't even imagine what the floral budget must have been, but that sure was gorgeous! I thought both of Meghan's dresses could have used more tailoring. When I saw them straight on, I had flashbacks to my bridal portraits... which had the same problem. My mom promptly took me back to the tailored had everything re-altered. I think my last fitting was 3 days before, in which the tailor told me to STOP because she wouldn't be able to fix it anymore.. lol. SO... when I saw Meghan's dress, I was deeply appreciative for both my mom and my tailor. LOL


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