Spring Cleaning Tips!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Wednesday!!  

I'm linking up with Shay to share spring cleaning tips.  Now, I love nothing more than a clean house, but I really hate to spring clean--which is why I want to clean as efficiently as possible.

Whenever our house gets a deep cleaning, Dustin and I do it together--which is helpful!  I hate to admit this, but it's usually only once a year 🙈  And what's even more shocking is that we do our deep cleaning while putting away Christmas decorations.  I mean, why not?  You're house is already chaotic with decorations coming down and you already have to clean up, so we just knock out two birds with one stone.  This past Christmas we were still grieving so I was ready to get the decorations down and be done with it.

We waited to spring clean during my spring break on a day when Dustin was also off, so below I'm sharing some tips with y'all to make your spring cleaning most effective!

  • Take an inventory of your cleaning products first to see what products you're low on or what you need to add or replace before you start cleaning.
  • Make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned.  Mark things off as you complete them.  This not only feels good but you also get to see your list get smaller!
  • If you're cleaning with a partner, you may be able to work on the same item on a list, but just divide it.  Make sense?  For example, when Dustin and I cleaned baseboards, we divided them out by room because neither one of us wanted to clean baseboards alone.
  • Clean room by room.  This helps you stay focused and on task.
  • Play music while you're cleaning!  Or listen to a podcast.
  • Have all of your cleaning products set out along with the cleaning rags.  This keeps you from searching for the cleaning products.

What are some of your favorite cleaning tips?


  1. Sometimes in the midst of cleaning I come up with some other items to clean/projects to do, so I just keep a list handy to add it to. Helps me keep with the task at hand and also not forget about what else I wanted to do!

  2. Great tips, music makes me so much more productive!!

  3. We always divide and conquer our cleaning!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. These are great tips, Sarah! I need to do mine! Yuck.

  5. I am a lover of lists!! They are so helpful and it's oddly gratifying when you can check things off.

  6. All of your tips are right on! Music, staying focused and room by room are the way to go! I am also adding 'being in the right frame of mind' and lots of coffee! :) Your front room is lovely by the way! Joanne x

  7. Your tips are so great! I’ve always cleaned, but it’s so motivating to see how others clean and keep a tidy home.

  8. My most hated task is cleaning our curtains! With two dogs and a rental home that I swear just is a magnet for dust (!!), cleaning them is super important and I try to do it at least once per quarter, but ugh - this post just reminded me, I need to get my act together. These are great tips - especially the one about checking off all the things you did!

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