Friday Faves!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hi friends!  Like I always do on Friday, I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITES with y'all!

I'm not sure if this video is going to work.  But if it does, it's a video of me trying to scare Dustin so I can send it to my friend, Hailey. haha!

-The Gal Meets Glam April collection launches today and her dresses are beautiful!  I'm going to wait until May or June to get one of her dresses and I'll pick out something that I can wear to the beach this summer on our vacation.

-Yesterday I shared about my guilty pleasures and I found out that all of us are obsessed with IG stories!

 We've had the craziest weather lately.  One day it's 75 or 80 degrees and the next day the high is 50 degrees.  Well, I opted to dress for the season I wanted instead of the season it felt like that day.  I texted Dustin that I wished I would have brought a jacket and had coffee. It wasn't 30 minutes later and he was walking down the hall at school during class change with one of my jackets and a latte.  I almost cried!  I don't need any flowers, just bring me my jacket and coffee 😜

 For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know Dustin and I have been struggling with infertility for almost 3 years.  (Read here and here.)   I'm going to be vague about where we are in the process right now because it's such a sensitive topic, but I wanted to share this picture of a shot I take every night.

 Dustin gives this to me every night (thank goodness), and even though we alternate sides each night, one side of my booty has the worst bruise.  Whatever it takes though, right? 😊

I wore my new Matilda Jane dress on a day where our temperature hit 80 degrees.  I love MJ clothing--it's so comfortable and the best quality--it's my favorite brand to wear to school!

My favorite vlogger finally had her baby!  She had a boy and I can't wait to find out what they named him!  One of my friends and I had been texting back and forth in the days leading up to her birth trying to guess when she was going to go into labor.  Weird?  Maybe, but you feel like you get to know these people in real life!

And for our song of the week....
I caught a little bit of the Beyonce show at Coachella streaming on Youtube.  She is definitely an entertainer and one of my favorite!  My parents took Rachel and I to see Destiny's Child when I was in the 5th grade and it was the best concert ever!

Guilty Pleasures Part 2

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hi friends!  I've missed this little space, and I'm sorry for my sporadic blogging.  I hope to be more regular with my posting soon.  This is just such a strange season to navigate, so I'm thankful for those who understand :)

Today I'm linking up with Emily and Lindsay to share my guilty pleasures.  You can see my last guilty pleasures post here--there's some good stuff on there!

Now, when I think of a guilty pleasure, I really just think of something that I really enjoy and find happiness in....not so much that I feel guilty in doing it.

1. Eating ice cream out of a coffee cup.
It may be weird to you, but I do not enjoy eating ice cream out of a bowl.  Eating it out of a coffee cup is where it's at because your hand never gets cold holding the cup, and you can feel like you're eating a lot when you really aren't.  I also prefer to eat soup from a coffee cup too--that way you can drink the rest!

I really should have made this number one because I'm obsessed.  I could easily waste 20 minutes watching all of the IG stories on my feed.  If I follow someone new who posts pretty pictures but their IG stories are boring, I unfollow immediately.  I was never really into snapchat, so I was really glad IG started stories.  It got even better when everyone else started using IG stories, so now I feel like I really know some famous bloggers because of their stories.

3. Really good cookies
Cookies are my weakness, but not just any cookie.  I don't like my cookie to be crunchy and hard.  I want it to be soft and chewy.  Dustin and I recently tried a new-to-us cookie place in downtown Homewood and I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven.  It was definitely one of the best cookies I have ever eaten in my life.  THANK GOODNESS that cookie store isn't near me because I would be very large if it were.

4. Reality TV
Yes, I love it, and yes, I know it's stupid.  I love watching it (not all reality shows, though) because it gives my mind a chance to check out and I don't have to do any critical thinking haha!  My favorites are the Kardashians (I've watched them since season 1 when I had no idea who they were), Real Housewives of NYC/Beverly Hills/OC, Summer House, Southern Charm, Counting On....and some others that I probably just can't think of right now.  

5. Breakfast for dinner
Oh man, do I love eating breakfast for dinner.  Dustin..not so much.  He just recently jumped on the bandwagon but he's still a little cautious.  I could make and eat a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich or make waffles or pancakes and be so happy a supper time.

6. Christmas movies year-round
Hate on, people, but it makes me happy and I'm going to continue to watch a Christmas movie whenever I want 😜  I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies that I had on the DVR this past Saturday because we had horrible rain all day long.  AND I wasn't sad about being stuck inside all day because I was watching a Christmas movie!

This post was so fun that I'll have to make this a twice a year installment!  I can't wait to check out everyone else's to learn more about people!

Friday Faves!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Friday!  

Today I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITE things with y'all from this week!

 Even though it's spring, the weather here has been pretty up and down.  Saturday night Dustin and I went out for a little bit, and because the temperatures were in the 30s (!!!!!), I had to wear two sweaters!!!

I shared that photo on stories and had a sweet reader comment about my outfit.  It was then that I realized everything I was wearing--minus the boots--was bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year!!!  Anyone already thinking about the sale this year?  I am now!

 We enjoyed a fun night out :)

 Raise your hand if you are all about changing into those comfy clothes when you get home?!  It's one of the highlights of my day ha!  Dustin is so opposite me in that he could lounge around in his jeans and polo/button up top--not me!

 I made Taco Joes this week using some deer meat we have!

I saw this dress on IG yesterday and loved it....until I saw the price.  I was thinking max $200....nope, $600 dollars!

And here's another favorite song of the week for y'all!  Every time I hear this song, I tear up. It's so beautiful and truthful in that no matter what is going on in your life, all you have is Christ and He is all you need.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!  I'll probably be glued to the weather all day tomorrow because we're supposed to have 60+ mph winds, hail, tornadoes, and rain....yuck!  We just had this about a week ago, too.

Spring Cleaning Tips!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Wednesday!!  

I'm linking up with Shay to share spring cleaning tips.  Now, I love nothing more than a clean house, but I really hate to spring clean--which is why I want to clean as efficiently as possible.

Whenever our house gets a deep cleaning, Dustin and I do it together--which is helpful!  I hate to admit this, but it's usually only once a year 🙈  And what's even more shocking is that we do our deep cleaning while putting away Christmas decorations.  I mean, why not?  You're house is already chaotic with decorations coming down and you already have to clean up, so we just knock out two birds with one stone.  This past Christmas we were still grieving so I was ready to get the decorations down and be done with it.

We waited to spring clean during my spring break on a day when Dustin was also off, so below I'm sharing some tips with y'all to make your spring cleaning most effective!

  • Take an inventory of your cleaning products first to see what products you're low on or what you need to add or replace before you start cleaning.
  • Make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned.  Mark things off as you complete them.  This not only feels good but you also get to see your list get smaller!
  • If you're cleaning with a partner, you may be able to work on the same item on a list, but just divide it.  Make sense?  For example, when Dustin and I cleaned baseboards, we divided them out by room because neither one of us wanted to clean baseboards alone.
  • Clean room by room.  This helps you stay focused and on task.
  • Play music while you're cleaning!  Or listen to a podcast.
  • Have all of your cleaning products set out along with the cleaning rags.  This keeps you from searching for the cleaning products.

What are some of your favorite cleaning tips?

Easter 2018 Lunch

Monday, April 9, 2018

Yes, I know this is a week late but let's pretend it isn't 😊  It really pays to have a professional photographer sister who brings her camera to every family function....and then edits the photos!

I hosted Easter lunch that would normally have been at my mom's house, but my house is in town and closer.  Plus, I was really excited to host this year!

**The china and crystal goblets are borrowed from my friend, Hailey.  She's the kind of friend who sees your blog post with Easter tablescape inspo and then texts you pictures of her china that she's letting you borrow!  (and because I know she's reading this, Hi Hailey!)

**There aren't any pictures from my dad because we ate Mexican that night with him to celebrate!

Be prepared for picture overload!

 Table and chairs are both Restoration Hardware
Curtains are Ballard Design

 I was Rachel's test shot 😂😂
My dress (runs big so order one size down) 

 My mom and step dad

 Rachel and Nick

Thoughts for Thursday

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Happy Thursday, y'all!

I try to be as honest as I can (while still respecting certain boundaries) with y'all.  And I'm here to say that I have been in a funk lately.  I just haven't felt like myself lately and because of that, I haven't had any inspiration to blog.  I'm hoping that changes soon!!  I had a plan to do a day in the life today of my day yesterday, but after I received some not-so-fun news from the doctor, I just quit documenting my day.  (The news isn't bad news, just not what I was wanting.)

So here's a bunch of random photos along with some from yesterday!

 I finally broke down and wore my slippers to school on Friday.....and my feet were a little hot ha!  I'm definitely not a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl thanks to my mom, so this outfit was a little out of my norm.  And I'm still loving my wand!  This hair was 2 day old and slept on hair.  I just have to touch up a few curls around my face and on my under layer.

 Fridays at 5 have become my favorite because I get to go to my sister's spin class at our gym.  This past Friday I got to request a couple of songs so it was nice to listen to a great song and not think about how I felt like I was dying on the spin bike haha!  My sister is such a great spin teaching (and I'm not just saying that!).  I also showed up to her class dressed similarly to her!

 Monday night I had a Matilda Jane party at my house and this was probably my favorite purchase!  I wasn't expecting to like it, but I did.  Once all of my clothes come in I'll do a post on them because I really got some cute stuff.  I used to think MJ was only little girl clothes, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they had women's clothes!

 This was my at 6:15 yesterday morning before I left to head to the doctor's office for a routine check up.  I love this dress because it is perfect for the crazy spring weather!

 And blood work done!  I cannot begin to count how many times I've had a needle stuck in my body.  From shots to countless blood draws, needles do not phase me at all!

My sweet friend (who's also my partner teacher) brought me a decaf latte and a strawberry pretzel salad to split with her during our planning period!  She makes my job so much more enjoyable!

And I haven't had a chance to share our Easter pictures since my sister has been editing them this week, so here's a picture of my dress!  It was my favorite Easter dress that I've had the past few years!  It's definitely different than my normal Lilly dress, but I love this one.

TBB Asks: April Edition

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hi friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family :)  I'm linking up today with the ladies of The Blended Blog for their TBB Asks series.  I'll share our Easter later this week!

1. What 3 colors remind you most of Spring?  any pastel color
2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring?  I really want to add another pair of white jeans and specifically, I want this pair.  And I'm always looking to add day dresses!
3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?   boots!
4. Who mows the grass where you live?   Dustin is so particular about our grass that he would never let me mow the grass even though I've offered many times!
5. What’s Spring like where you live?  Crazy!  Sometimes warm and sometimes cold...tornado season, too
6. What’s Your favorite thing about Spring?   The flowers are blooming and it's beginning to warm up.  I am not made to live in the cold weather for longer than just a couple of months!
7. Are you a Spring Cleaner?   Yep!  We did a big deep clean over spring break one day.
8. Are you a Baseball Fan?   YES!!!  I am a Braves fan for life (even though they haven't been doing good for years).
9. Tulips or Daffodils?   Neither--hydrangeas 
10. Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity?   I just love being outside!  Last night Dustin and I got home from eating with family and we walked in our neighborhood and the weather was perfect!
11. Flowers in the Ground or in Pots?   Both!  I just don't care to take care of them so that's why I have Dustin haha
12. Favorite Bird?  ??? I've never really thought about what bird I like haha!
13. Car Wash or Wash Vehicles at Home?   A car wash is a lot faster but washing at home is good for a nice, hot day
14. When Do You pull out Your sandals?   I've been wearing sandals a few times in the last two weeks, but I told Dustin last night that I needed him to help me pack up my boots this week...which means I'm done until fall!
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