Weekend Review + March 2018 Reads

Monday, March 26, 2018

Y'ALL.  My spring break is officially over 😩😩  I most definitely enjoyed having a week off and it's making me really excited for summer break because I love setting my own schedule   My last weekend was a fun one, though, so I'm sharing it with y'all today!

Friday I finished reading an EXCELLENT book that I'll share at the end of this post because you need to read it, too.  And then we got ready for my sister's spin class that evening.

 Friday night was Dustin's first night at spin...and he survived!

 Nick (my BIL) and I are old pros at Rachel's class 

 Then we went home, showered quickly, and met back up for Mexican food!  You know, while our metabolism was still working haha!

On Saturday, Dustin and I spent most of the day in Birmingham.  We wanted to go away for the weekend, but with the weather being iffy along with the fact that we're only a few months away from being out of student loan debt, we opted to save the money and do a day trip.

Our first stop (and one I didn't get any pictures of) was to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Dustin had never been and it was a great day to go because everyone was at the gardens!  The sun ended up peeking out, but most of the flowers weren't in bloom so we'll have to go back in May.  Oh, we did get to see an engagement happen!

 Our next stop was Dustin's pick for lunch.  I used to eat at Mugshots a lot in Tuscaloosa during college, so I was happy to eat there.  Our service was horrible this time--I'm not sure if they were understaffed or what.

 Then we drove over to Avondale to go to the brewery.  They have an outdoor space behind their brewery with a stage and outdoor bar.  They had two guys performing on the stage and lots of people brought their dogs and babies haha--we had a great time people watching!

Yes, I even sat on the grass 😜

Then we went to downtown Homewood to walk around and shop.  We had to stop by Cookie Fix, so if you're ever in Homewood, make sure you stop by there!!  Look up Cookie Fix on IG if you want to see their different cookies.

Sunday I took zero pictures, but we went to church like we always do.  Then we grocery shopped, went back to church, and ate at Zaxby's.  It was a low key day, but a fun one because we spent it together 😊

And now for the one, but EXCELLENT, book that I read this month!  I'm currently in the middle of Longing for Motherhood, so I'll review that next month.

My book club's book for this month was The Alice Network.  I initially wasn't that excited about it because all I knew was that it was about female spies, and that really doesn't excite me.  But I'm so glad I had to read it!  There are two main storylines in this novel--Eve which takes place in 1915 and Charlie's in 1947.  Both of these women's lives intersect and there is a subplot with a love story, too!  It's a longer novel but kept me interested the entire time, so I highly recommend this for anyone!


  1. Your weekend sounds great! Love that you got Dustin to go to spin class with you guys! And that book sounds super interesting - I love spy type books, especially if there is a love story in there, too.

  2. Looking so cute in spin class. Loving the fresh air photo in your LP top. Good luck back at school this week!

  3. What a lovely weekend!! And the book sounds really good, adding it to my mile long list ;)

  4. That top that you're wearing in the pic of you sitting on the grass is so cute!

    Aren't day dates the best?! I just love them!

  5. I'm glad that you had a good spring break! I'm so ready for summer too. 47 days left including today!

  6. Oh I need to look into that book! I'm the psychological thriller type, but this one peaks my interest! I hope your first week back is a smooth one :)

  7. Ooh I think I'd love the Alice Network - haven't read in ages and always wanted to be a spy when I was a child ha! Love the top you wore to the Brewery - great colours - really suits you! Joanne (Europafox Blog) x

  8. Haha mexican food after a workout is always a winner!

  9. I'm always looking for a new book so thanks for sharing :) that cookie looks amazing... now I want to go get one during my lunch break.

  10. My book club also read The Alice Network and I loved it too. Can’t stop telling others about it.

  11. I'm FINALLY getting caught up on my blog reading after being gone a week and a half! I love that Dustin went to spin class with you! Tell him to talk to B... he won't go to the gym with me!


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