Friday Faves!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!  Today I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITES!

Saturday my mom and I went to my favorite coffee shop to have a cup of coffee and just hang out together.  Sadly it's closing, but it's closing for good reasons for the family who owns it! 

I'm wearing those Zella leggings that everyone is obsessed with!

We had lots of fun just piddling around town on Saturday--and isn't my mom the cutest?!

I am loving this new top from Matilda Jane and it's probably my favorite right now!  Sunday was warm enough to dress like spring but I love this it has long sleeves because that was weather appropriate, too.  These sandals are my absolute favorite to wear during warm weather!!  I'm having a MJ party on April 2, so mark your calendars to shop online if you don't live nearby!

We celebrated my aunt's 70th birthday on Sunday.  I keep forgetting she is 70 because she doesn't look it at all!!!  And because my aunt Bebo is a faithful reader of my blog and is always encouraging me.....I hope you had a wonderful birthday Bebo!!!  Love you!!!

My sister is teaching her first spin class this evening at the gym we go to, so let's hope I can still walk on Saturday haha!!  I haven't done spin in a very long time!  And I'm linking a similar necklace...mine is gold.

Dustin went hog hunting Monday.  When he got home that night, I made him let me take a picture of his beautiful outfit that he picked out by himself.  ha!

If you love Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, then you must read this article!  And now I need Alabama to open a Jeni's because her ice cream is my favorite!!

And for my favorite song this week....


  1. That color top is gorgeous on you!!! So pretty!

  2. That top is darling! I’m going to a party tomorrow so I’ve got to check it out in person. Have a great weekend!

  3. April 2nd is my birthday so I shall party at your house with MJ, love that top, the color and flowy floral..oh my!! So sorry your favorite coffee shop is closing, you and your mama are precious!!

  4. I would have no idea MJ sold women's clothing if it wasn't for you! It's such an untapped market! I love every single thing you wear from their line!!

  5. I feel like we must be music soulmates -- this is the second week in a row that I've loved the song you shared! I grew up on the Beatles -- my daddy was constantly playing their albums and quizzing us on Beatles trivia. ;)

  6. You are adorable in your little coffee shop pic. How nice to have your momma to spend time with! Ahh...and the Beatles....

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Shelly |The Queen in Between

  7. We LOVE Jeni's!!!! I SO wish that we had one here! We always have to stop when we're in Atlanta!

  8. I just LOVE an all-black ensemble, and you rock it with ease! I need to try these Zella leggings everyone is talking about!

  9. That Matilda Jane top is adorable! Looks fantastic on you!!

  10. Good luck with spin!!! That's awesome that your sister is teaching!! Looks like a great week of family time!!

  11. That top is really cute!!! I love that color on you. :)


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