What's Up Wednesday--February 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy last day of February!!  I literally cannot believe how fast 2018 has flown by so far!  In a way it's making me very sad because I absolutely love the group of kids I teach this year.  Every once in a while a group of kids comes along where every single class is enjoyable, and this is that year for me.  There isn't a single class that I dread because each one is so great!  I will definitely miss this group next year.

Since it's the last Wednesday of the month, I'm linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday!

What we're eating this week...
We aren't eating anything special this week.  Monday night I was craving Mexican food but didn't want anything fattening, so I made my own oven baked nachos!  I told Dustin to get a picture of me with my food and he took a million and these are just a few...

Last night I had book club so D was on his own.  Tonight I'll probably make spaghetti and tomorrow night???

What I'm reminiscing about...

What I'm loving...
My hair wand!  My hair in the pictures from Monday night hadn't been washed in a couple of days, and I used the wand Sunday morning and my hair was still looking that good Monday night.

I've also been loving my slippers that I've been wearing all the time.  I'll be really sad when it gets too hot for me to wear them ha!

I loved the Hallmark Valentine's movies--Cooking With Love, Very Very Valentine, and there's one other new one that I can't think of the title but it was good!

What we've been up to...
 I had surgery toward the beginning of the month so that pretty much slowed me down for the entire month.  Don't you love that cap they put on me?  It was the weirdest thing.  

And I know I'm the only who who even probably sees this, but the sun spots on my cheek bother me so much!  I can't use any product on them currently so my derm told me I could go to a specialist in Birmingham to get them lasered but $$$

 Since I was still recovering on Valentine's Day, Dustin cooked!  He really outdid himself by cooking me a wonderful filet--which I've asked him to cook again multiple times haha!

 Dustin is still sleeping in the chair.

 We ran errands together.

 We tried out a local brewery.

 We enjoyed a pancake breakfast together.

And once I started feeling better, we went walking together.

What I'm dreading...
The rain today and tomorrow--we have major flood warnings.

What I'm working on...
Reading a fiction book and then a theological book--I have not been good about balancing that out and so that's my goal for this year.

What I'm excited about...
I tore off my February calendar page at school yesterday and got really excited because I didn't realize spring break is in about two weeks!  I was definitely thinking it was more like four weeks away.

What I'm watching/reading...
My book review for February should be up tomorrow so check back for that.  And I've been watching the usual...reality tv and Hallmark haha!  Oh, I watched a series on Netflix that my friend Hope recommended to me and it is called Godless.  It's a western and it was great!  I was very happy with the ending.  It's only 7 episodes long so shows like that are extremely doable for me.

I also laughed really hard while watching this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

What I'm listening to...
I love listening to podcasts in the mornings while I'm getting ready.  Every morning I listen to Albert Mohler's The Briefing, which is world news from a Christian point of view.  My other favorite is Sheologians--their latest on the IF Gathering was very informative.

And duh, Leon Bridges.

What I'm wearing...

 dress-Matilda Jane | boots

leggings | slippers

What I'm doing this weekend...
We have our missions conference at church so I'll be doing that and going to a tool and gadget shower.

What I'm looking forward to next month...

What else is new...
not much!


  1. Dustin's meal looked phenomenal and I love your Matilda Jane dress. Those kids will miss you as much as you miss them, a special year for sure! xo

  2. i loved all of those pics dustin took, it reminds me of something Patrick would do! I can't believe I missed the valentines hallmark movies!! So glad you're recovering and on the mend from surgery, that cap was hilarious!

  3. Those nachos look amazing! And so does that Valentines dinner! Also you may have me convinced to buy a hair wand!

  4. Don't get you sunspot lasered off!!! I did one of mine a few years ago and it was terrible pain. Then the spot falls off, gross, and my wound got infected. So I was stuck with a bandaid on my face and no makeup for about 2 weeks. Never again!!!

    I got some vitamin c gel stuff from Avon that is doing a great job of getting rid of another sun spot that has popped up. I highly recommend it!

  5. LOVE your MJ dress! So cute! And yay for feeling better - that surgery sounded so tough! :( Love how you are trying to balance your reading. Some of the ladies at church last night were talking about the books they were reading for their book clubs and I jotted a few down. Excited to look them up!

  6. Baked nachos? Yes please! I had Mexican twice this week and its only Wed.... haha #MyFav

  7. Okay, now I need Mexican food! I've been making some more keto Mexican recipes, but they just aren't as good without the carbs! Unrelated, I heard that Rodan & Field has some great products for sun spots. My mama used it, and she had great results!

  8. I watched the same video last night of Mallory and Kyle - the way he said his name was unique was hilarious!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Your hair looks fantastic! I am also a huge fan of my curling wand :) I hope you are recovering from your surgery - that is never fun!!

  10. Glad you are feeling better! I wouldn't even notice the sun spot without you pointing it out but I have on, too, and it does drive me a little crazy. We are always our own worst critics.

  11. Oh my goodness, those nachos look so good!!!!

  12. Love the whole look!

  13. I started out watching Godless but the beginning was so slow for me...the fact that you like the ending makes me want to get back into it though!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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