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Monday, February 5, 2018

Did everyone survive This Is Us?  I'm writing this Sunday evening and my plan is to stay up to watch it, so we'll see!  But wasn't the halftime show so good?  

Dustin and I had a busy but fun weekend together and everything started on Friday...
Our church put on a marriage conference so Friday after school I rushed home to wash clothes.  I didn't have time to fold everything that was clean so most of it stayed in piles like the next picture...

What's great about this picture is that the towels on the bench had been there for a couple of days and we'd just been grabbing what we needed. #wasnthomemuchlastweek  Oh, and our marriage conference started Friday night at 7 with our first session!  Gary Thomas was the guy who led it--look him up!!

Saturday morning we got to church at 7:30 for day 2 of the conference!!  I even made the comment to Dustin that we left the house earlier on a Saturday that I do on a school day ha!

After day 2 was over (and it was so, so good!!), we went to Huntsville to eat lunch and do a little shopping.  I picked up a few things at Williams Sonoma that I needed and found a new Lilly dress that I'm going back today to get 😂

We got home that evening and I folded ALL THE CLOTHES!!  Woohoo!

We had church Sunday morning.

 I made a cake for a friend who had surgery.

 And this is how Dustin prepped for the Super Bowl #wheredustinsleeps

I downloaded a new lock screen, and for those of you who want to know, I get all of mine from the She Reads Truth app for FREE!!


  1. I DVRed This Is Us because as a teacher I just cannot stay up late on a "school night". LOL!
    I loved JT's performance.

  2. I hope you plan to share more about your marriage conference - I would love to hear about it!

  3. I plan on watching this is us tonight so i have to stay away from all the spoilers today! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Too funny, I was just reading Gary Thomas the other day, he is awesome. I literally cried during the entire episode of "This Is Us!" Have a GREAT Monday sweets!

  5. My plan is to drop the boys at school and come home and watch. I don’t think i can wait until nap time! Would love to hear more about your marriage conference!

  6. I can't stay up that late, so I'll be watching This Is Us tonight! Looking forward to hearing more about your marriage conference :)

  7. Love that you did a marriage conference this weekend and would love to hear more!! Sounds like a great weekend for both of you... and how comfy is that chair that Dustin is sleeping in?! It looks amazing!

  8. I stopped watching This is Us, I couldn't deal with it anymore but now I'm like man I wish I didn't quit it. lol.

  9. ohhhh this is us. Goodness GRACIOUS it was intense! I cried and cried for pretty much the entire episode. Lol.

  10. So awesome that you had a marriage conference--I feel like that's got to be good to check in, and to help you work on your relationship!
    I haven't watched This is Us yet, but it's on the docket for tonight. I'm already sniffly because of a cold so I'll probably not be able to breathe for the next 24 hours after watching haha

  11. I had to close my eyes and hum during the This is Us commercials because I am about 4 episodes behind!

  12. I watched This Is Us today. It was good, I thought!

  13. I'm with Emily; I'd love to hear more about the marriage retreat! We just watched This Is Us last night (no cable here so have to watch late!), and I started bawling once she told the kids. I basically didn't stop until the end of the episode. It was bad. Haha. Jamie and I didn't even look at each other because I'm pretty sure he was crying too. WE LOVE THIS SHOW.

  14. I love Gary Thomas! I've read Sacred Marriage and Cherish. He's an excellent writer and I Love his blog posts too. =)

  15. LOVE that verse & visual for lock screen! I, too, would love to hear more on marriage conference! Love Gary Thomas & so many of his books. Is there a way we can watch the sessions? We were supposed to attend one in Nashville this weekend but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time. And oh my word This. Is. Us. I bawled through the entire episode. Ugly cried big time! Love your blog & you sharing your life with your readers, from recipes & outfits to personal testimony. Praying for you & your husband throughout y’alls journey. How far are you from Huntsville? We’re a couple of hours but love going! I’d love to meet up with you sometime! (I’m not crazy; I promise!) I feel like we’re friends. In fact, I recently chopped all my hair off (12 in!) & now feel like ours is similar!

    1. That'd be fun!!! Email me!


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