The Shaneyfelt Gingerbread House Competition 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

It's the last Thursday before Christmas and I feel like Dustin and I have ALL  the Christmas traditions to still do!  Tonight we'll do our annual Shaneyfelt Christmas Light Drive-by and watch Home Alone.  Last night we built gingerbread houses.

Let me start off by saying this--we are a competitive couple.  As in, we like to race to the mailbox to see who can get there first to get the mail or who can put their pillowcase on their pillow fastest.  Crazy, I know, but we really enjoy competing against one another.

We've only decorated houses together once and have decided that this has to be an annual thing (I used to decorate with my sister each year).  We had way too much fun!  If you watched my IG stories last night then you heard all the laughter 😂

 We evenly distributed our candy.

 Working on getting our houses constructed first.

 First, please notice the icing all over Dustin...and his mouth.  This type 1 diabetic should not have been eating that icing!

 He wins the award for messiest work space!

Okay y'all, who wins?!


  1. Haha last year Cory and I made a gingerbread house together, but making it a competition sounds so much fun!! And I vote for #2!!

  2. Too much fun!! I loved hearing about how competitive you two are with each other. Dustin's Oreo satellite dish cracked me up.

  3. My vote is it's a tie! =) We've been wanting to do this, but never get around to it. We literally have 2 unopened packages of gumdrops we bought last year with good intentions of making gingerbread houses {maybe I should throw those out} =). My husband is a type 1 diabetic, too, & yes he still eats lots of sugar... it's a challenge to get my man eating better.

  4. Sooo good, #2! ;-) Merry Christmas beautiful angel!


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