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Friday, December 29, 2017

I've got a special code at the bottom of this post, so make sure you read to the end! πŸ’™  And thank you to everyone who reached out about yesterday's post; you've truly blessed us!

I am obsessed with using a planner.  It has to be a paper planner, too, because I've tried using the calendar on my phone and that won't cut it.

My planner obsession all started back in the sixth grade when we were required to buy a planner and write our homework assignments down in them in each class.  I specifically remember having planner checks in my English class to make sure we were writing each day's homework assignment down (and I always got a 100 on those....of course, right ha!).

I don't remember what kind of planner I used in high school--probably some random Walmart find, but I still used a planner.  When I moved away for college, I used to buy one specific planner for the start of each school year at the supply store--and if you went to Alabama, you remember the overpriced Supe Store πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

When I graduated from Alabama and moved back home, I had to find a new planner.  I can be pretty brand loyal, so once I find a planner I love, I stick with it and I don't ever change.  I was loyal to Erin Condren for YEARS.  It was the best planner I could find, but it still didn't meet my needs.

 When my friend Kelsey contacted me with her idea of starting a planner business and asked for some ideas, I told her everything I wished the Erin Condren would have.

I used a weekly edition of the Erin Condren because my days aren't so crazy that I don't need to plan out each hour of my day.  But some things that the EC lacked, in my opinion, had to do with meal planning.  I try to eat and cook as healthy as possible, so in the EC I had to find a random spot and write that day's meal down.  It worked but I wasn't totally happy with it.

When I got The Essential Planner in the mail a few days ago and flipped through it, it was even better than I could imagine!  It's like Kelsey knew everything I needed and put it in one planner.  

And the best part?  The quality is top-notch and much cheaper than EC planners!

 Each month begins with an overview like most calendars, but if you notice the right side, she's given you space to list goals for the month and any reminders you may need to buy anyone a present or send a special card!

 Before you open to each week (which is the next picture), you get an overview of your weekly budget.  This is more Dustin's forte than mine, but hopefully this will help me have more of a part in our budgeting instead of just knowing how much I have to spend on myself ha!

The right side is my absolute favorite!!!  She's given a space to plan out each meal if needed and also given an area to make your grocery list!!!!  Y'all, this is before each week so if you're a weekly grocery shopper like me, this is amazing!  No longer will I have to keep up with a piece of random paper, but I've got it in my planner!  Woohoo!

This is what each week looks like.  You'll notice that you also have an area to jot down any meals if you want to plan that way or if you're keeping track of eating healthy #newyearresolutionanybody?  You can also schedule in your exercise and keep track of your water intake if you need that encouragement and accountability.

The exciting thing for today?? 


At checkout, you can use the code SHANEYFELT20 for 20% off your purchase!

It's not too late to order one because shipping is fast, so I encourage you to head to her website to order yours now!

This is the blush gingham weekly planner that I have.

A huge thank you to Peacock Paper & Gifts for sponsoring today's post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I don't think I have been this excited about a planner. Makes me even more anxious to get mine with how much you are loving yours!

  2. I was watching Kelsey's live IG last night, and I'm so excited about so many things that are in this planner! She really did think of everything!! I'm definitely feeling like I need to try it out!!

  3. I need to get a new planner for 2018! I really like this!

  4. Oh how awesome is this? I love that it has a place for meal planner/grocery list because I've really been trying to work on that more this past year.


  5. I'm a huge paper planner person, too. I have used the same Gallery Leather planner for nearly 15 years. It's my favorite Christmas gift every year and couldn't function without it. Glad you found one you love. I love that gingham.

  6. Love this planner but the code isn't working :(

  7. I just bought my new planner yesterday from target! Something about starting a new year with a new planner makes me so happy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Happy New Year! Your planner is adorable! I'm like you, I like to have a paper planner. I just can't get into using my phone as my planner. I use Erin Condren and it's worked well for me!


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